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How to make an offer without proof of funds?

Hello everybody. We are just starting in this business and have a lot of questions. There a lot of good deals
in short sales, but most of the banks
even for cash transactions require proof of funds with the offer. So the question is how can we make an offer without the cash and later assign to another investor? Thank You in advance for any help You can give us.


Just stopping by to say hello,and May you Have Great Success On Your Journey!Cecelia

Welcome Jane

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I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Deans board. We are all like one big family here on the board. We help each other and ask many questions.
If you will fill out your profile and let everyone know all about you and where you are from...chances are you will find someone living close to you that you can network with and give each other support and knowledge. That is what it is all about in this business.
Dean has provided a great tool here for each of us to become wealthy and several here on the board have became very wealthy...I have watched them go from nothing to where they are today. Personally I have wholesaled 21 cash deals since I started a couple years ago. Get in here and take advantage of all these great resources and new real estate friends and make a drastic change in your life too. I look forward to hearing about your first deal. You can do it! I am cheering for you!


how or where do i go to find the fmv of this home? this 4bdrm home 2 baths 32acres.asking 247.000 i offerd 180.000 without seeing told me let him sleep on it.this morning his counter was 187.000. im so excited.did i mess up or wat ?