Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #225 - How Can Inflation Help You

Inflation and interest rates affect us all. They can be confusing topics and it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about them. In this edition of the Weekly Wisdom, Matt commandeers Dean’s whiteboard and delivers a powerful explanation of how to set yourself up to profit based on the way inflation and interest rates move.

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Thanks Matt!

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You are one of the clearest thinkers I've ever known. Very, very helpful presentation. Glad I'm buying real estate! And thanks to you for training me in that regard as well Smiling .

Thank Dean and Matt

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Thank you Matt for your explanation on inflation. Thanks for all the information you share with us.

See you at the Edge 2013.

Steve and Veronica

matt and dean

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thanks for the breakdown. your explanation makes perfect sense.
keep moving forward, rob

How Can Inflation Help You

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Hi Dean and Matt


I always thought there was just Inflation, and Deflation....Now I know......Thanks Guys.....Smiling


Dean and Matt

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Thanks for another great weekly wisdom video! and thanks Matt for explaining inflation Smiling


Thank you both for sharing

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Thank you both for sharing your wisdom on inflation. There is always a positive in Real Estate Investing no matter how the economy is!


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Thanks Dean and Matt great stuff as always! I'm pumped you guys are pretty much roomies this year!lol. Great tactics on handling inflation. The other thing thats inflating that I see is as a contractor is building materials. Everything seems to be going up in the remodeling world so be aware. Rehab numbers may be going up a little this year.



Thanks, enjoyed the lesson, but frankly think the inflation and interests rates have to rise significantly based on all of the printed money from uncle sam and borrowing our gov't has done. Would love to buy you lunch if I am wrong... I believe interest rates will be over 7% within next 5 years.

Thank You Dean and Matt

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Thank you for the lesson of all the flations! I too thought that there was only two inflation/deflation. You guys look great! Keep up the awesome work!

Thank You,

Sheila and Victoria


Great explaination Matt! Inflation is what keeps smart investors in the money! Real estate, gold, and silver are the real monies of the world.

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great topic,awesome explanation thanks Matt.

Thanks, Matt!

The inflation review was helpful, but I heard an even better tip. I'm delighted that most of my homes are free/clear, but I have one nagging mortgage. I'd talked with my bank about a modification, but the cost was quite high. When I called and said you indicated the cost should be in the $45 range, they hemmed and hawed, but reduced the cost. THANKS! Mary S.


Not Sure but I think Mat has just Invented two new terms , good for you , he did complicate the info a little but i understand what he was saying better than i did before i heard professional speackers explain the info like Mat Edgar

Cool Vid...except for one thing...

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Matt said you can just pay 45 bucks for a modification.... isn't that considered the same as a re-fi and runs into the thousands; closing cost, fees etc..??

If anyone can clear this up that would be great.
Thanks DG Family!


Thanks Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the fact that I can rewind and watch and listen to these videos over and over if it goes to fast for me or I don't understand. I also love that you take the time to help us out. Awesome video look forward to meeting you in person one day this year. My dad and I met Dean last month at The Buying Summit in Vegas he's as nice and friendly in person as he comes across on the videos and I assume you are too.

Suzanne from Miami


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Matt, Thanks for explaining all the different types of FLATION. We have not done our first deal yet, but with the housing market inflating it does put a fear if you don't have the knowledge of what is going on and what to do next. Thanks for being on top of things.


Thanks Matt for your explanation on inflation. It was helpful in staying in the game through all markets...

Thanks Matt

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Thank you for the informative presentation. I have wondered which affects which. Keep it up.
John hervan

Thanks Matt

This made total sense! Nice!


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Thanks Brother. Great Explanation


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Thanks Matt for taking time out of your busy day.
Dean thank you for getting us to move our butts. I had a feeling we were running out of time and this just let's us know we need to speed up our actions on RE cause the window is quickly closing.
All your hard work is appreciated on this end.
This is precisely the reason why I joined the DG Insider Elite community, because I needed an edge and I will get my first deal done soon. It's coming!!


Thanks Matt: That was an excellent blog, great education. You explained all the markets. Inflation and Interest rates. I have noticed building materials has went up. Carol in texas

Interest rate is controlled by the FED, not the Government.

Hi Matt,

FYI the Government does not regulate the interest rates, that is done by the FED that is not a Government entity, the FED is a private corporation that has the ability to expand and contract the currency supply creating inflation and deflation.

Explanation Of Inflation

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Thanks for the explaining how this works as you always do a great job of it.
Keep up the great work and look forward to next weeks wisdom


Interest &Inflation

Hey Matt Great weekly wisdom.Thanks Sam

Interes & Inflation

Hey Matt Great weekly wisdom. Thanks Sam.

Thanks Matt - Great Information

This helps in the concerns of where the market is and how it will react over the next few years. Great information. We appreciate it.

Great information!

Thank you, Matt, for explaining the correlation between inflation and interest rates. Good job! Very informative.


One brick at a time

Thank you Matt for the explanation on the inflation and deflation. I found very interesting the topic on interest rate. That subject i am not familiar with but i think that will be another subject in the future for a W W.

J. Cruz


Like watching the weekly wisdoms.I'm just now learning how to post comments Thanks Sam.

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