Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #224 - I Need a Hero (Or Do I?)

Do you have any heroes? Most of us look up to or admire someone. Other people can inspire us, move us emotionally or just plain save our butts. But what is a hero?

In this Weekly Wisdom, Dean talks about some people who may or may not be an inspiration to you. Then he offers up something for you to think about. The hero may be hiding in plain sight in your life. Check this one out, it’s a keeper. PS, if you haven't voted on the Send Me Away content please cast your vote now!

Completely New Dimension!

This weekly wisdom, if anything else has taught me the humble person you are. I have been on this site almost three years, and never have I heard you talk about these self-made gents and ladies in their own right in connection with you.
Do you know how many gurus would have used that as a tool to sell more stuffs?
I have a totally new respect for you and I seriously thing joining the Success Academy under a trustworthy person like you is the right decision I have made.
I thank you very much Dean and I will see you in person one of these days.

I Have a Hero

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Hi Dean,

Thank you for choosing your DG family as your hero's....

My Mom Is My Hero........She Always Was, She Is Now, And She Always Will Be My Hero......Smiling



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We all need to learn to dream big and to take steps to see the hero in ourselves; often times that others see already. Then we need to go out and make a difference in our world and then the world at large as you mentioned before.

i agree dean

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i have my family as my heroes. my wife and children teach me things often and i want to be their biggest hero.
keep moving forward, rob


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Thank you Dean.


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As always from the HEART. Much thanks to you...Jan


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So cool meeting so much great people, good for you Mr. Dean.

Shawn T.

When I was 9 yrs old I lost my lifelong hero . My 15 yr old brother lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis . With all he had to endure having CF he never complained nor did he ever have a bad attitude . # 1 hero with me , his name was Tommy , my middle name is Thomas , his spirit goes with me everywhere . Another day another gift , now I gotta get out and shovel some of that 1ft of fresh snow . Have an awesome day all !


Wow, enjoyed it!

My Mom is my hero, she left my father when I was 3 and divorced when I was 5, it was just the two of us for 12 years. We did a lot of great things together, to take just one thing related to this site, in Real Estate, she bought a house with a downpayment I loaned her @ 15 y/o from savings. I had worked hard and saved from babysitting, shoveling snow, paper routes, etc. several thousand dollars. Anyway, she said one day it would be mine and when she passed, it was so. With that legacy, I later sold it and bought 3 rentals, one for each of my kids...what a great thing to pass on to them!

I've been called a hero, after 9-11 serving in the Air Force to pulling over and changing a tire for a lady and her son heading to a funeral for her sister... Life is short, so pass on hero like actions and find a hero to emulate.


A Mover and Shaker

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You are a mover and Shaker! Smiling
Cool, It's always good to be around sucessful people!

As always...

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Hi Dean,

As always your words are spoken from the heart and this is why you are admired and loved by so many of your students...thanks again for a wonderful and meaningful message. Great way to start my Monday!
Angie Novigrod


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Great wisdom Dean! Thank you so much for making it so clear.
"you are who you think you are"

Thank you! It is great to

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Thank you! It is great to hear your insight. We need to remind ourselves that we are unique and can do great things!


Dean, you're so right! We're all on this site because we aspire to be a better version of ourselves. I personally want to leave a roadmap for my sons, and prove to myself that my most outrageous dreams can com true. Hero is a word I really don't believe in, but I have been inspired by others ( Dean, you're one of them ) and I believe that we can inspire others as well. Thanks Dean for what you do.

The Hero Within..

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Hey Dean, you always touch on such meaningful points to bring out the best in all of us, thanks for caring! I think we all want to be a hero to our family, for me it's my kids as most all parents want to be. I know that I will leave them something big and they will certainly know how hard their parents worked for it and therefore they will too.

They are my heros they are doing what others have already told them they couldnt or shouldnt do and for teenagers they struggle with that everyday!As a parent it is my duty to give them the inspiration to do what they love and there they will find what they were ment to be, I know that sounds mushy but oh so true!

PUSH=Persever Until Something Happens!

Strategy within a Strategy - Great Message

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Hi Dean,

Thank you for sharing your story about some of the great people you met. What I get from your own personal experience of meeting these people is a strategy for creating a better me.

Here's what I mean:

Jay Leno: "Cool Dude"
Trump Children:"Hard working kids, not out drinking and getting in trouble, looking for what they experienced growing up so you can give that to your kids since you grew up differently"
Bill Clinton & Mitt Romney: "doesn't matter which side you sit on they've accomplished a lot"
Hugh Downs: Interviewed great people and desire to know what it is like to meet so many great people.
Paul Abdul: The "Come Back Queen" with great things coming this year.

so... have within a strategy of success being each of thsse characteristics: open-minded, hardworking even in privilege, know how to be the Queen of come back when you have to, and be in the presence of others who have accomplished what you want to accomplish to see what it's like to be that person.

.... and look around for more than one hero, they have many things to show you!

I appreciate your video blogs - your consistent interaction makes you one of my people to meet - it is a trait important in every relationship!

Debbie Fletcher

Always act like the hero

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Because, whether we are aware of it or not, we are being watched, studied even. I've been astounded by things my adult children tell be they remember from childhood. Things I've said, things I've expected from them. They remember and they now model how they were raised. Your children look at you as a hero. Coworkers, friends, siblings, students - everyone is observing how we live - so live the truth. Be as "worthy" as you can of being admired. Don't be embarressed to have your behavior, your beliefs reflected back at you - because they will be - good or bad, so let's be sure to "Do all things heartily as unto the Lord". One of the life verses I taught to my children.

Characterics and Values

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Wisdom to live by.

When I look at someone as a role model or "Hero" I look at the person's values and contributions he/she had made to make this a better planet for everyone.

These are the things I want to instill in myself and hope to instill in my son. We all have failed at something but life has taught us that it's the things that we succeed at that most remembered.

We all recall the person who won gold or placed first in a event, but we seldom recall all those who made it to the event in the first place.

I want to be remembered as making it to the event, succeeded at what I had hoped to accomplish, and passing it on.



Thank you Dean as usual for your inspiring words.You have a way of making people feel like they can do anything.



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Dear Dean, It's so good to remind ourselves of the people who have inspired us to be the best
we can be by who they ARE or were.
Thanks Again,


Thank you for your reminder that we can all be heroes who inspire others.



Your great

Thank you Dean, You are a great with the ideas that you can come up with to keep us moving forward. I thank you alot. Keep your self up and stay positive. Its 'the Slight Edge' of the life we are living.



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I am so glad you put up this weeks weekly wisdom Dean. I know I am my Daughters hero and My Dad is my hero. My Dad is not known by the DG family but he is the true hero and this is the reason why. My Dad raised 6 kids and all of us turned out petty good. My dad worked hard and still does every day. I never seen my dad drunk and he never took drugs. He takes care of my Mom and they will be married for 60 years this year. That is my hero Rex Kibler Sr.

Steve and Veronica.

of those otherThanks Dean

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I was one of those other kids(without the fame). I have fallen to a number of things
(Alcohol being one) I have been sober for 9 years now and I have been a hero for my oldest son. Funny because I have been told that your developement stop when you acquire an addiction, and starts from that point when you treat it. So I should be about 21 now but my son is 32. I Have built one business (Serenity Lanscapes) a design business. I am hoping to use it with what I have learned from you in Real Estate Investing to further it as well as my investing.
Today I thank God for allowing me to be the man he wanted me to be.

Right On! Dean

My Hero's are my parents GodBless them I struggled to keep them alive almost killed me, five years both ill anyway a 24/7 job but I Would Do It All Over Again miss them. but now I try to give my son all that was given to me and more and will at some point ill get into your class relearn in getting back into flipping.Love Ya! All everybody is a HERO!
Thx Dean!


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We all have unique stories. We all have unique souls. Because of this, there are certain problems in the world that only one of us has the cure for. We are all in this boat together and we all need each other to be the best we can be. Until everyone gives themselves permission to believe in themselves, the problem that their unique story and soul could have cured will exist forever. How's that for a burden to carry. To know you are the only person that will ever exist that could solve a specific problem and you decided to pass by not becoming the best you.The patterns we use to carry us in this world are not unique. We can use role models to help us set our course by utilizing the same patterns they use that we find admirable. Once our gauges are set and our anchors are pulled, all we have to do is stay the course and adjust as needed. I didn't have a clue which direction I should be heading in until I started investing in myself by investing in Dean's programs. I know exactly which way I'm heading now. I would hate to even think of how long I would have been spinning in circles if I hadn't chosen to believe in Dean which ultimately gave me the ability to believe in myself. The reason Dean is so great is because he knows exactly who he is and sticks to being that. He is the best Dean he can be and that is what I admire most. Now go be you and thank you in advance for making this great world even better.
Jon England

One brick at the time


You always make us look at things a little bit dipper. I want to be a hero. I want to be a hero for brothers, my son. The thing is than you do not chose to be hero, Other people chose you. When you do thins write. This make us be a better human being, accomplish goals in life and make other people do better in life. That's why many people have chose you.

Thank you

Cool Dean

Thank you Dean for those wonderful words, once again. My mom was and is my hero. She always saw the best in everyone. I try to be like her. Smiling She could talk to anyone about anything. Thanks again

another excellent blog

Hi Dean: I am so glad you shared with all of us, all those great people you have been meeting with,I have seen them all on TV. Hero: I am taking all your education, I want to be a great Hero, also. Thanks for sharing. Carol In Texas

Being a hero

Thanks Dean for this week wisdom. I was feeling worry about what I have to do next and my taxes but I have to believe in myself do the things that I can create the better for myself and my family. A Good Hero never gives up providing for his family. This week I will always Believe that no matter what they throw at me I am THE HERO. Thanks Dean for this week wisdom. I am the happy hero. Timmy 2458

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