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which part of Oregon are you from

Sorry that I missed this

Sorry that I missed this posted. I'm from Eugene Oregon and love it here just wish I could find some DG family in this area to network with. Where are you from?

Hi Kay

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I did the same thing, had a message in my in box for over a Month, have been so busy getting this ball rolling, setting up an LLC, Business plan, Reading the book, was just down your way taking a test for my CCB license, twice, best of luck and do drop a line every once in while to let me know how you are doing. Michael J

Hello Kay

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My name is Eric and I also live in Oregon and I'm just starting out. I'm so glad there is a web site and service like DG on the net. As with being new but having a clue, could you give me an idea on what the Oregon housing market has to offer for REIs? I know tax properties are a wash....Anything????



sorry for the last reply

So many directions one could go. The market here has alot of great deals to be had if you put in the time to find them. What part of Oregon maybe I could be more specific. Kay