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Agents not willing to try anything

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I have spoken with a few agents about some of the strategies learned from reading B.R.E.M and from this site. None of the agents I spoke with are willing to try anything. They just dont think it will not work. They feel awkward making low offers on properties. I believe the strategies will work. I hate trying to convince people to do things. So I just said thankyou and moved on. My situation is messed up because I drove trucks for a livng and I got into a bad accident, and I came out without a scratch. Lucky me. But I lost my job due to the accident. So I cant get a loan or else I would purchase some these props myself. There alot of good deals in my area, I believe. But I am still new to all of this. So my plan was to wholesale some props for a while till I get back on my feet. Also I am currently taking a course to get my home inspectors license. I think this would be helpful to me. Sorry for the long drawn out post. Just a little frustrated. I will keep looking for an agent willing to help me. Thanks for all the great info on here guys and ladies.


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some agents are real a$$$$#, but i am trying to find one. My bf is hvac certified and now going to school of his REA license.

hope we both find good rea soon! Also try to find local REI Clubs/investors maybe we can meet in some of the meetings!

So did you find an agent worht working with?

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Just wondering if you found an agent worth working with. I am not looking because I am will be licensed in 2 weeks. I can act as my own agent so I dont have to depend on anyone else. Also I have a new site take a look and let me know what you think.

Let's Partner

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I read your comment. Let me know what you plan on doing? If your buying or lending as an investor? Happy hunting to you!

John A

Justin Your Cool.

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Dont give up Justin,
I am sorry about your accident back then, but you are blessed that you were
not hurt. I work two jobs, and 7days a week, and I am very fearful that I wont get a loan due to my late pymts on my Credit score. I know how to find properties but I just dont know the next steps to take, Thats why I go to Anita's Meeting its a drive for me but it is well worth it, I saw your post about if you could come to it, then I wanted to see how far you live frm Ca.
PA is far, But Keep your head Up.


Agents not willing to try anything.

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Hello juss at least u hve started to do something, i wanted to put the IEE technique to the test but it seems like everytime i find something that sounds and looks good to me something thats clear for me to underestand here comes someone saying that its illegal, help me if u can with the right thing to do.Its been awhile since ive been on the site my internet was down and i really need to get something going on seriously. I'm a single disable mom with lupus and i'm really trying to find my niche in realestate that works for me.Help Help Help!!!!!!!!