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Brandon Boswell
Conway, Arkansas

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HP Computer Tech
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Hey my name is David and I moved to Conway, Ar. like three weeks ago and have been trying to get my own investing off of the ground for quite some time is there any way we could work together or you could maybe show me the ropes.

Thanks in advance.

like to join group

I have great properties in Hot Springs getting ready to close on two if i can find some help with buying. 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 bath 3 story house if interested holler at me.Got it for 69900. no others for sale in this area great property. comps in area 88 sq. ft. 2088 sq. ft. do the math.Little paint few little things and bam money in your pocket.

3brm 2ba. brick 10yrs. old memphis aear 25k

need about 5 property asap e-mail me if you got the property can closed in 14 days