Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #191 - Courage to Play in Traffic

Most people will never spend 10 minutes in the middle of a busy city street dodging cars. But if you are serious about your success... I mean really serious, then you will understand why Dean did just that and possibly risked getting injured or killed. When things are hard or scary, it is often a clear indication that you need to press on. This blog explains how to power through the rough times and gives you a simple exercise you can do every day to achieve what you want, leap over obstacles like a superhero and find the courage to overcome.

Thanks Dean

Another great Weekly Wisdom Dean!!! I'm having a difficult time getting started but I will remember my why and I MUST make this work!! I am scared but if I don't do something to change where I am today then nothing will ever change and I MUST change!! I'm so grateful to have my DG family for inspiration and motivation and I will do this!!

oopsie guess I have to go

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Make an offer this week. Okay, I've decided and have several in mind. One good one, so I will likely make it early this week.


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As always THE WEEKLY WISDOM is great.I am constantly inspired from your Wisdom and experience.Thank you for all that you do.Glad you got your grandmothers ring back.GOD Bless you and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

thank you DEAN

Thanks for taking the time every week to speak. and l think you re right im scared to death,but at the point where I gotta make it happen Ill let you know Smiling

Love the hat. NEED HELP

Love the hat! And yes, I can completely understand why you went traffic diving!
OK, so- I've made offers, I've made about 50 so far, (All of them rejected, save one- and that turned out to NOT be a deal, so I let it go-) Still trying to move forward, networking with folks, spending time on the computer, reaching out to other investors online, (there ARE NO active REI clubs here, at ALL, and I don't qualify to start one.) ANYWAY- the point it, I and my dog are about to be homeless.
Please, I've called the coaches, I've followed their advice, the courage to make an offer on a place is not lacking...

But I'm still out of money, out of time, and totally don't know what options I have left. Please, For those of us who have the courage, and are DOING, just not quite making it- for whatever reason, what advice would you give? I have no place to go, no place to land when I jump from this place.

Drilling deep!

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Thanks Dean! Awesome blog this week.
No, it's not crazy to take off in traffic to 'save your why' it's a MUST! I get it. When you have a dream, when your why is so crystal clear, embedded to deeply it's part of you, protect it at ALL cost! You allow NOTHING to take it! And to what I feel...we MUST be willing to fight/die for it!

Couple of weeks back you had us do (re-do) the 7 Levels deep exercise. Well it was also suggested to me to go 7 Levels Deep on each specific goal I have. I've just finished this in preparation for my followup call with this person this week. Not only is it extremely powerful to know your why for even being involved in this business, but knowing your why specifically for every single goal (& making sure they are SMART Goals = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) from business, financial, physical, spiritual to family/social. OMG, you want to talk about clarity! I was truly amazed at the true purpose of why I wanted to achieve each of these specific goals. Nothing to do with the goal itself. The goal was only the specific measure of success (outcome).

The fear action items....a must! Action cures fear! It's only when I realized that at every level a 'fear' was always present. Fear is just an emotion. Something we give life to. We just can't make the fears more powerful than our dreams! Accept that fear is present, a fact, but NOT as a force to hold you back. Instead of replaying the video in our minds of what can go wrong....flip the dang channel. Start seeing it as what could go right! Dare to step out! Dare to take that risk! Realizing that we are worthy person and that we deserve to achieve our dreams and goals. Dare to be great! There's no justice in shrinking to fit. No reward in playing small.
Strengthen our courage muscle! Let go of the wishbone and develop a backbone! Your dream is worth it! YOU are worth it! Take the step....

God bless,
Jen Gray


What is that hat all about?

OM GOOOODNESS! So much here, today!

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Yes, again, the P-A-S-S-I-O-N! Thanks.

side note: C'mon guys, we GOTTA all wear fedoras to the Edge 2013, hah! Love it.

Tammy, you GOT this, make it 10 offers, start today!

Jen, you are AMAZING, and so eloquent. Thank you.

Jeff, mkessler, and David-- DO IT SCARED! Do it with a headache, do it for your why, do it for us, do it for Dean, do it because you have the knowledge and the tools and all of us right beside you.

Susan, find me and call me, email me.... I know you're hours away from me, but you can do this in Ely, Ruth, and Elko! I will help you.

No days off, no do-nothing time, stay healthy, stretch, breathe, be well and make every once of your why be your energy. It is hard work, long hours and oh so satisfying-- the small rewards along the way are fruitful and can buy groceries!
No excuses, guys-- none.

Never, Never, Never Quit-- N3Q

Love to the DG Family

Do it! Got it!

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Thanks for yet another bit of motivation Dean. LOVE THE HAT lol Makes you look like a true GURU Smiling

Game on! I accept the challenge and will do something that I have been putting off in REI for a while because I doubted it would work in my market... you have encouraged me to do it and see the outcome Eye-wink

With your encouragement and my WHY what have I got to lose? Thanks Dean!

Courage to Play in Traffic

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Hi Dean........

Another great wisdom video....." Courage to Play in Traffic " we can compare that to :

" We Fear the unknown, We fear what we don't understand."

My Question is: what's the alternative, for not acting, or following through?

Thanks for sharing......I like the fedora....looks good on you.......

Kindest Regards,

I will not give up until you response !!

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Hi Dean,

I wish you a nice day!!

just imagine that this is you when you were almost in my age, what would you feel if you get disappointed by a person whom you trust??

We all know that you are very generous and a kind person, and if anyone needs your help, you well not get him down, right??

so I'm gonna explain my situation to you...
I and another two brothers are getting our learning in high colleges, but we barely can live, finding every difficult obstacle can be on earth in our way of grabbing any chance to continue our education.

My father's job was ended many years ago, and he can't bear these costs of living and education for his colleges sons, not to mention others, who still learn in schools.

After all these talking, I believe that you understand what this case is...

So, my hope in you is so much, my question now is, can you help us in getting all these costs, and be beside us to move on our lives? PLEASE!!

PS: we need an instant help by giving us a particular amount of money,
investing will not work for us for many reasons, and we are not willing to try it.

I know you well not disappoint me, May God bless you,


My Best,


Go Giants!!!

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Dean-thank you so much for doing these Weekly Wisdoms! They are short, but so powerful!

I love the idea of writing down What we don't want to do and Why we don't want to do it! It will make ourselves accountable for taking action! No excuses! I cannot think of anything that will justify me not taking action if I truly know that I am doing it for my most important WHY.

Hope you enjoyed the game here in S.F. Smiling

Learning and progressing every day,

The courage to play in traffic

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Thank you for sharing your story and words of encouragement. Having met you at the EDGE 2009, I know you are the real deal and sincerely want each of us (i.e. your students) to be successful. I plan on being one of your success stories (just letting you know in advance!!).


Email on it's way, phone #

Email on it's way, phone # enclosed there. D*mn straight I can do this anywhere! That's part of the appeal, I'm NOT tied to any one place with this, like I would be with a J.O.B.
Anyway, watch for e-mail! Laughing out loud


I think your spot on with a lot of us. But, one thing for me WAS, SILENT NUMBNESS to SETTLE. You know... when every one is telling you that u just can't do it-- it's the SILENT NUMBNESS to SETTLE.

I also think that people put too much thought into some things, when they really shouldn't.

Thanks for everything....and I'm happy u got your g'mas' ring without getting hurt.


P.S. We don't have wait for the best to come..... IT'S ALREADY HERE !!!

Do It Anyway!

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Thank you once again for the Weekly Wisdom. Once again an encouraging word. So write down why and do it anyway.

Just made the firm decision today...

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To do something I have been putting off, fearing, doubting. I'm hosting a cook-out open- house and inviting everyone I can think of. I'll be telling of my REI adventures and offering the opportunity for private money investors to get their capital working for them. Seems like your advise just confirmed my decision. I'll be writing down more items this week I'm certain.
Well, I'm sure glad you survived the ring hunt without injury. Remember your Why is actually within you and only the symbol is around your neck.
The hat's pretty cute dude!

dgadmin wrote:var blognum =

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I feel like you posted this weekly wisdom with me in mind. it's very helpful

Great Message

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Great video Dean!


The devastation you must have felt!

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Seeing you grandma's ring falling off admist traffic. I admire you so much for going out there and chasing after it. Its so great that you don't care what people think of you.

This triggered something really personal in me today, and I shared it in my journal and will include the link to that particular post. (

You are a bright light in a dim world, keep on shining and inspiring us every week.

Keep reminding us that our WHYpower is greater than our WILLpower! I think we all need to hear it repeatedly! Laughing out loud


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so true. thanks
keep moving forward, rob


July 2012: Florida Realtor magazine online

Cover Story

Look Out! You Could Lose Your License



Love the hat

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its gangster!

Good Wisdom as always, Thanks Dean!

Looks like you're training for MMA

Nothing else matters when you get to your "Why" !

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Thanks as always for your inspiring words and after a "day off" yesterday when I found excuses not to do real estate, your Weekly Wisdom is an energizer and motivator to get off the couch and get it done!
So glad you were able to retrieve your G'ma's ring-that must have been crazy playing in traffic!
Keep the wisdom coming-life is good!

Hi Dean.

What a great story! Smiling

I am sure this week's blog will inspire people to take action, either for the first time, to try something new or to just hang in there and to remember 'The Why' that keeps each of us going.

Thank you as always,

Glad you were not hurt

You know you are very lucky that you didn't get hurt...and glad you found it also. hugs

hi dean

Great video
Game on! I accept the challenge and will do something that I have been putting in REI for a while because I doubted it would work in my market... you have encouraged me to do it and see the outcome

I do not know...

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Hi Dean,

I am not sure if you actually get to read our responses I hope you do. I know that many guru's do not even know or care about there students in my experience from going through many of their courses, and I know you are very busy. I do not know if I will ever get to meet you but WOW!
This blog came just in time for me and oh so true. Just something about your reaction and attitude that makes me say "He is different from the others" Any I want to say that I am still new to the DG family and the level of fear was so overwhelming I think it made me sick. I wanted it so bad and had a strong why to do it. Every day I tried to start the 25 to 1 I felt nauseaus, dizzy and short of breath and filled myself with doubt and fear of failure and could not do it. So I got up one morning after watching your why video blog again and decided to fight through the fear and sickness to my stomach. I thought of this quote " Any one who has never made a mistake never tried anything new" Well let me tell you! I sent one offer in and by the time I was completing the paperwork to send a second offer the first offer was accepted! Now I was so excited I still made my self sick to my stomach. I sent in 9 other offers the second one was accepted it's a shortsale but that is ok a future deal as I see it. I currently have 8 offers pending acceptance that I could assign keep or flip! I know it is not 25 offers but for someone who got sick to her stomach every time she tried it I would say that is Awesome! That is not all I felt like the energizer buny I could not stop my research. I kept driving by a home that was being rehabed and I remembered one of your points. Looking for cash byers I decided to look up how this home was sold and I found out it was a cash buyer. I looked up the company who purchased the home and contacted him. Well to my surprise he responded back to me the next day WOW! The sick to my stomach feeling dizzy, nausea everything came back. I just jumped to it and started speaking about his criteria, and found out he is also a PM lender. Well we have been speaking every week since I forward any deals that he might be interested in and he has shown his appreciation by offering the opportunity to partner up in some of my deals. He will fund 100% of the deal plus repairs as long as it is a good deal. He walks away with 25% and I walk away with 75%. I will take that all day long! I guess I am so excited that I am speaking too much. Back to the first deal that was accepted we are closing on the 20th of July, and I went through Insiders Cash. Wow! I have to say the most amazing staff patient understanding and helped me every step of the way. I could not believe how much confidence they gave me through the whole process Darren is Amazing! I have so much to say I can write a book. I apologize Dean you just wanted a comment on the video blog. I hope you do get to read this and even though I do not think I will get to meet you I wanted to say that "Yes you are different"

Have a great day and keep them coming!
Maria Smiling

You Nailed It Again Dean!

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This is great wisdom as it always is! I read a quote one time that said courage is not the absence of fear, but moving forward while you still feel the fear, and if you do that, then confidence will come. As another one of my favorite speakers always says, some things you just have to do afraid. I think too many people wait until the feeling of fear leaves then say they will take action, but thats deception because you may always "FEEL" fear, but the only way to erase that fear is to act and once you act that is how those feelings of fear disappear and confidence builds. That doesn't mean a feeling of fear won't ever return, but since you have conquered it one time, you know now you can conquer it the next time when those feelings arise.

Oh and I am also glad you

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Oh and I am also glad you didn't get hurt!

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