Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #195 - When Being Smart... Isn’t

Sometimes we think we can take shortcuts and still get the same results. We think we have a smarter way. Sometimes that's true. But when it comes to using time tested things that have been developed through hundreds of hours and many years... trying a shortcut is shooting yourself in the foot.

That's the opposite of smart. This blog talks about three how you can get in the way of your own success and how to avoid making that mistake.

Thanks Dean

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Everything you teach works, all we need to do is to be result oriented and everything will fall in place. it's all about offers.

I just had to laugh when...

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you put your head in your hands in frustration. You/we do give out such amazing step-by-step strategies THAT WORK. I've had moments like yours already with Boots on the Ground. When someone says it doesn't work and I ask how many offers they've made and the answer is 4 ... well need I say more? Or when they say they have used Bandit Signs and I ask how many and the answer is 3 - once. Ugh! I preach not-reinventing the wheel. I talk about how I read instruction manuals when I get a new appliance and follow the directions. Really - DGFam, you have a recipe here that creates a splendid meal - that is, real estate success. Please use it!!
On the positive side of the hill, I heard the best comment this week in Ottawa as we had the students introduce themselves (got to teach with John Graziosi!)
A student said he has looked at many many business propositions from Amway to REI to all the get rich quick stuff and has immediately been able to find the flaw in each of them. He then said, "but the only time Dean's program won't work is if someone just doesn't do it. That's the only time it doesn't work." Yeah Baby! I wanted to rewind the moment and play it back again and again. Please folks, use the strategies exactly as they are proven to work and call the Hotline for support if you have access. Success is yours for the taking - it is not difficult, but it does take perserverance and work.

great post

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Hello, I read all your material, and followed this site every week. Now I never got a deal closed, but I had two people think I I'm an expert at this because of how I tell them what to do and how to do investing based specifically on what you teach. I have no doubt your stuff works. Thank you for being active and sharing every week for te benefit or your user

Keep on keeping on...

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Jill & I have have doing this for 14yrs consistently, & since 2000 full time with no other jobs. We have rehabbed 55 houses right here
in Beverly Hills, Fl. & have averaged 20% to 48% return on investment.
BUT, after finishing the last rehab about 6 weeks ago hit a dry spell; despite putting in dozens & dozens of offers with no results.
We have recently partnered up with a fellow DGer & Have Signed 3 Contracts This Week!!!
Face it, if this was easy & required no work, everyone would be doing it & making a million.
YOU MUST FOLLOW THE TESTED STEPS, they will bring you to success!

That hit the spot

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Hey Guns
First off look better in short hair than I can relate to what you said this week about people not doing what you teach!!! I have had a few just do the total reverse of what i showed them...ahhhhh.Keep doing what you do no matter what anyone says or does because I/We know that it works.... As for the spamming...OMG I got knocked off the system for three week because the new software flagged my welcomes to new people as spam...I hope we can find away to keep it off the site..I don't even want to risk flagging it now because something could happen to my account which is now fixed..thanks Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!NOW GO GET SOME

Hey Dean, Your Right!

Dean I know I am guilty of getting off the path and doing things out of sequence.

From now on I am going to follow the steps exactly!

Thank you for the reminder. You really are a blessing and I'm very grateful for you.

God Bless!

Great Reminder Dean!

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you are right again! we always try to find shortcuts and expect the same results! only to find out that it does not work! It's like baking a cake, and changing some ingredients, or the time it needs to be in the oven, and expect the cake to come out tasting and looking exactly like the one in the recipe!

It takes a lot of effort and patience to follow your recipes, Dean, but I know from my own deals, that they do work!!

Thank you again for another great Weekly Wisdom!


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i agree totally with your frustration, but you can't make everyone do the right thing. you will have those that say this doesn't work no matter what you do. you can't do anything about that except agree....all the way to the bank. if your own family members don't get it and you know they know you're successful, well it's gonna happen. i myself am very thankful for your teachings your inspiration and your weekly wisdoms.
keep moving forward, rob

I don't know how you do it Dean

That is keep your cool. I do believe your program works. It is just me that is not working.

It's like the insanity infomercial...

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It won't work, if you don't do it, and if you don't do it and do it exactly to a "T", you won't see the results!

I agree with all the other posts on here. When you go changing things up from the tested and proven recipe of rei success, and don't get the results, we can't blame anyone but what was changed.

Dean, I like and appreciate all the weekly wisdom's ~ They're exactly what we need to see and here, sometimes more than once, and the fact that you care about our success, is icing on the cake.

Thank you!

Action steps to the T.

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All the posts match your truth Dean! As for me i am still struggling mainly due to life stuff that gets me drawn away from the dream that i can have. I really need this. Thank you Dean for the reminder to stay focused. I would like for you to be proud of me when i make this work. I will follow the action steps to the T. Smiling

Bottom line is

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FOLLOW instructions!


Thanks Dean

Information please....! Thank you!

As a newbie - I'm slightly overwhelmed. I appreciate all the weekly wisdoms from Dean and all of the "family". It keeps me from going backwards. Just out of curiousity, how many bandit signs do you put out? 50 - 100 - 150???? Where's a good place to get them? Also which of Dean's books (they all are informative and good reading) does one start with. Guess I'm not sure where to start. Help! Thanks!
Also, who's on the East Coast?


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When you have something good going on, there's always going to be someone trying to ruin it. That's life. I can tell you from an outside point of view that this is one of the best opportunities on the market, and one of the best run blogs I have ever seen. There are many things that could stand in the way of a person getting started in real estate, each person has problems they have to overcome. I have been able to viusalize it happening in my life, I just haven't been able to have the time to make it work. My time will come. I had to take a job that is eating up all my time, but I had a brainstorm this past week how I might get involved. Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to buy tax certificates?


you are so right. The key is to follow instructions step by step by step EXACTLY. Its just like in kindergarden when we started to read and write.

Keep reaching for the stars

Follow the directions

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Like the saying...If it don't work, follow the instructions. Your training and education works! You have to follow the instructions.Is it work? Of course it is. Its work that pays off with great rewards.
Thanks again.
John W.

Riding the Wave

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Good Morning Dean,
Great blog, and boy do I know what you are saying. Do not follow the same path over and over if it is not working. Make a shift, no matter how small and you will be amazed how things can turn around for you. Dean, I am now full time in the real estate business and I would be glad to help in any way.
All it takes is action and persistence along with guidance.
Have a blessed day!
Donna Smiling

Thank you Dean

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For addressing these issues. I do hope that people will be more free to speak openly on here. I also thank you for addressing the spam issue and glad to know that active measures, are in place, to hopefully reduce the spam.


It works,i don't know if they remeber what Dean shared in his book but,he did say that he needed a cover to cover reader and that i did and i love a challenge and i remember what DG family share with me @ the EDGE EVENT and i will say this might not be for everybody but anyone can do it.Got a busy day THANKS again DEAN and tell your family memeber failer is not an option and i share with mine the samething.i plan on RIDING THE WAVE.

P.S. Got to show one of my properties today and see what happen thx go to go lil ones calling later.

Thanks Dean

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For more weekly wisdom. This once again was a very good topic. So many times in the past I would try to help a new DGer out with a question that they had about REI. I would find out that the person did not read your books Dean or research this DG site for answers to the question that they had. A lot of new people do not want to take the time to do the basic steps to start their REI juorney. I tell most new DGers to read Totally Fulfilled first then read the books on REI. We have to be in the right place in our mind before we can be successful in REI. I think the why we are in REI is more important than the houses.

Like anything in life it takes time to get good at it.

Everyone that wants to get into REI needs to step back and see what it takes to be a successful. Long days of studying,research, communicating with others. This is NOT a get rich quick program but a life time of wealth program.

Join the Success Academy, read and reread Dean's books and hear what Dean is saying on his weekly wisdom.

Thanks Dean for all that you do.

Steve and Veronica

Thanks for the positive

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Thanks so much for the positive and filtering out the negatives (including the spammers who just want to sell stuff that has nothing to do with RE).


This is just the world we

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This is just the world we live in, everybody wants something for nothing. People have a microwave mentality and think they can just do a little bit or cut corners and expect extraordinary results but it just doesn't work that way. Then they get mad at everyone else but themselves. Isn't it also funny how it is often that are closest to us who are our biggest naysayers and doubters? Just like you Dean I have had family members who doubted and still doubt me, including my very own parents, and friends as well, but you can't allow them to get to you. Love them, but you have to love them from a distance because if you continue to listen to their negativity it will eventually affect you and you will never achieve your dreams.

Half-Donky! my donkey!

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I love it!

Thanks, Dean,



Thanks again for always caring about the DG family so much. I needed to hear what you said about starting again and doing it right this time.


Well Said

Nothing more to say.

DEan's wisdom blog

Hello Dean,

I know your teachings work and I follow your wisdom. I strongly believe I am very close to make this happen. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. Everything works 100% if we work on it. Just follow the system!!

Negative Comments

I think most of us can see through the negative comments and see that they are not applying the strategies...It's their loss.

Thanks Dean!

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I know for a FACT that what is in your books and what the Academy teaches works. Not everything works in every market at all times however!! Just like you and the Academy TRY and teach. It takes work and research to find what works in your area.
I know that if a Success Academy student will actually DO the action steps listed after each lesson there is NO WAY to fail. You have to overcome the fear, step WAY out of your comfort zone, put in a lot of HARD work and above all, TAKE ACTION.

What you teach is ALL that is needed to get started in REI. It's the best stuff out there.

Thanks again!

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


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No Doubt!!!!!

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Hi Dean,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have been successfull following your strategies. I never would of had so much confidence and success if I would have not tried the 25-1 strategies. I faxed 10 offer in one day in June19,2012 had 1 accepted the same day, closed on that property July 20,2012 on this property I used insiders cash and OH MY GOD they were AMAZING to work with. On the same week had 2 more offers accepted am closing on the second property August 15th,2012 and closing on the third property September 30th. I am filled with confidence that I can see my self ending this year with at least 4 or 5 properties bought and sold by the end of the year. never in my life would I have thought I could see the light at the end of the tunel!!! I have been doing these deals while going in and out of the hospital and surviving and beating cancer!!! Your strategies work but it is just like when your are learning to ride a bike you need training wheels and a little guidance from someone you trust. When you are confident and ready you take of those training wheels and continue side by side with the best.

Thank you Dean and Darren (insiders Cash)

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