Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #188 - What You're Fighting For

Here's a new twist on the Weekly Wisdom. In this edition Dean does a bit of a movie review and recommendation. The movie he is recommending is
all about what each one of us needs to focus on to succeed. Take a look at this and unleash the power you need to "crush it" in all you do
this week.

PS- Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!

i need help

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Hi Dean this Amer,this is grat i need help with this.can some one help me out her.i am in Nashville TN.

Down and out.....NOT

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I think you have a magicaial conduit to us. My last journal explains it. Your blog hit home for me, (again) and I know my "why" already. Nice work. Can't wait till the next one.

Rick Cooper Investments

Thanks Dean

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for more weekly wisdom. Happy Fathers Day I hope you are spending time with your kids today.

Great weekly blog today Dean. Dean I think we all have something worth fighting for or trying to better our life for. REI is one way of trying to better our life's or to make someone else's life better. Thank you for showing me the way with REI.

Forever thankful

Steve and Veronica

Fighting Til The End

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Awesome blog Dean much appreciated. Got blind sided past few weeks. Trying to do deals with a few of your successful students. Starting again from the beginning looking for another real estate agent. Looking for another area to put out bandit signs. Networking online with people doing wholesale deals in my area. Sent out 10 letters on Friday to Cash Buyer list from realtor. I am going to send out at least 10 per day or more starting next week. Already put out 2 ghost ads and ready to do 5-10 a week now. Have some cash buyers but wanting to increase 10 fold with specific criteria. I got the Expired As Is and Vacant list from realtor so far most not able to get a hold of and some don't want to sell that we did get a hold of. I want a deal BAD no matter how many times I have to start from the beginning and a just til it happens.

God Bless

Happy Father Day Brother

Eric V

Happy Father's Day Dean!!

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Your blog this week is spot on! There are so many people on this website that just have no focus and/or an idea how to get a focus. Until they do, they will just be spinning their wheels. But if they take an honest reflection of themselves and decide that they are willing to actually make the sacrifices necessary to make it in this business; there will be nothing that can stop them. Education, knowledge and experience is a winning formula.

Thank you, Dean

Your Inspiration really meant the world to me.

Thank you.


Dean, you are such a blessing! I am so grateful that you are always striving to raise the bar on our behalf.

Love these weekly wisdoms and the golden nuggets of wisdom that you deposit into us each and every week.

I'm inspired again! Thank you!

A Happy Father's Day to you and to all the great Dad's out there.

Happy Father's Day Dean!

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Happy Father's Day Dean! Thank you for taking the time away from your family today to do another blog for us.

I have to say....this is one of my favorites. Both blog and movies! Smiling This was one of the most powerful and moving blogs you have done (in my opinion) It definitely sparked a fire! maybe it's because of where I am right now. In a 'ring' of my own.

Heart will beat talent! Especially when heart out works talent!

We All need to SHOW UP for the fight! Take the fight to them!
Hoping, wishing, sitting on the couch want pay the bills. Sitting on the couch want change your circumstances.
Dean you said "you'll get off the why and onto some education." I'd say, you are addressing the issue. Techniques and strategies haven't changed. Most every single person on this site knows what to do, at least enough to stumble through a deal! If you're reading this and have read Dean's books....guess what? You are ALREADY equipped. You KNOW what to do. But it always comes back to the fundamentals. Every single reason or excuse we make for NOT doing the basics, taking action all come back to US. Our thought process, our mindsets, our own limited beliefs. It's the recorded message we keep telling ourselves as to why we can't do it.

What I do know is that there are two forces that move any human being to action. Pain or pleasure. It's so crazy, we will actually forego the potential pleasure we can gain by taking action, doing the work and changing our lives. But it's our driving force to alleviate/avoid pain that we fertilize and make the pain 'bigger' than the pleasure. I firmly believe and can attest to in my own's when we make the pain of NOT doing it greater than the pain of actually doing it that you will break through, break out and then break away.

It's the playing hurt. It's having no backup. NOT having a mentality that well I'll TRY it or I THINK I can do this. Heck NO! With that attitude you've already been defeated, now your just waiting on the clock. (Try, Think and Can't are the most toxic and cancerous words in the human language!!)
You have to hold the line! It's leaving no avenue for retreat. It's getting off the dang fence! Going all in!! Fighting to the death!
You are already in pain....GET A REWARD FROM IT!

We could ALL learn many lessons from that movie. From passion, from heart, to unity in relationships.

whew, k...I'll dismount from my soapbox now. lol

Thank you Dean! You're awesome!

Hope your day was terrific!

God Bless,

Dean-what an incredible message!

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Happy Fater's Day!

I think you hit a home run with this blog; definitely one that everyone will relate to in one way or another...

Great movie, great message, and how it resonates in our rei life!

Thank you so much for coming up with these great blogs for us... I can picture you, watching the movie, and then pausing it, making notes so that you can share it with us, then continue watching your movie, but not without thinking how powerful your blog will be and how it will motivate so many of us here... well, you did it! And, I personally, can't thank you enough for everything you do and give up to help us achieve our dreams and reach our goals that you have taught us how to set for ourselves and our loved ones.

Forever grateful, and learning and progressing every day,

Great blog and great movie!

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That is a truly inspirational movie and you are a truly inspirational leader and teacher. Thanks Dean!


Never too late

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It's fabulous how whatever you do, you manage to relate it to us. That confirms that our success is your passion, and I am to grateful for that. Hubby Nick is a huge Rocky fan - the last one, Rocky V (I think) is a similar theme to Cinderalla Man. If you haven't watched all the Rocky movies, I think you'd love them.
I believe life offers opportunities over and over again until we finally pick them up. It is never too late to walk through the door of success and enter the life the Lord intended for us.

Thanks Dean again for

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Thanks Dean again for reminding us of the "WHY". Yes its something about the WHY inside of us that will drive a person to where failure is not an option.

I've got to put this on my queue

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On Netflix. Thank you for sharing this movie; I did not know about it. I am not much of a boxing fan; but I do like stories of triump especially during the depression, so I think I will enjoy this movie and I will be thinking about how this relates to REI as I watch it. Happy
Father's Day!!

Thanks Dean

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Another thankyou is in order,for some reason I
got goose bumps just listening to your wky wiz.
As usual you continue to inspire.It sounds like
a good movie,I'll have to rent it even though I
know the ending,but you have a very good point
about people not doing certain "things" until
push comes to shove.Happy fathers day gent's!!

Happy father's day Dean!

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I have not watched this movie as about the only movies I get to watch are Cinderella (the original Eye-wink ), Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Brave, and a large assortment and variety of Disney/Pixar and other cartoon related movies. Sticking out tongue

I love stories of triumph over ourselves. There's another one I think you would truly enjoy; if you haven't seen it, its called Facing the Giants. But it covers overcoming limitations we put on ourselves and I think you could totally relate it and build it into another blog. Laughing out loud

I found you after a very low time in my life; a time I am still striving forward from and overcoming; one day at a time. I thank you so much for all you've offered through your weekly blogs and helping to push me past my limitations and overcome the limited beliefs I've had placed in my life. Sometimes it takes coming to a low point to light a fire under our butts. Smiling

The new and improved Tammy Cool

Still motivating me, without the book yet.

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Happy fathers day Dean and every other father out there.

I am slowing down due to not getting 30 days to cash yet. I should be able to take care of that tomorrow though. I don't have a drivers license due to money issues. I don't have a ride. I don't even have a car to drive when it comes time for me to drive!! Why am I telling you this? Because I want all of this to be documented when I am sitting down with you and telling the world my amazing story on how I made it! I know I can do this and you do give us everything we need to get the job done. I hope you read this one Dean, because you fire me up when the rest of the world tries to drown out the flames. Thanks Dean and members.

You can do anything

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Thanks for sharing about the movie, I haven't seen it, but I will because you recommend it.
I can remember hearing my mother say "You can do anything, if you try hard enough, long enough". I am still convinced. That is why I am following your "Words of Wisdom", one of the most important things a person can have is a diet of positive input. God's timing is perfect, and I am patient, but someday these words will have a lot of meaning. Because, one of these days it will all fall in place and I will join your success circle. Just keep doing what you are doing. You can't even imagine how many people you are helping.

Happy Father's Day

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Thanks for sharing about the movie, I haven't seen it, but I will because you recommend it.
I can remember hearing my mother say "You can do anything, if you try hard enough, long enough". I am still convinced. That is why I am following your "Words of Wisdom", one of the most important things a person can have is a diet of positive input. God's timing is perfect, and I am patient, but someday these words will have a lot of meaning. Because, one of these days it will all fall in place and I will join your success circle. Just keep doing what you are doing. You can't even imagine how many people you are helping.

Morning Dean

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Morning Dean and Happy Fathers Day to you Too. You've got the heart of a Lab, the spirit of a pitbull, and the nose of a hound. You sure can sniff out any trace of motivation there is to try and help catapult others to do better for themselves. Leadership is born, not bought. You remind me of the fighter. You fight so hard for us because of the experience of the fight from your own life. Thank you just doesn't seem to express our gratitude enough. Following your lead by becoming like-minded helps.


"It's all about the fight"

Thanks again Dean,you are such a wonderful speaker and you alway's pick me up when I watch your blog's and this is it. It's "all about the fight". I wake up every mourning and say thank you. As you know I still have cancer and I know it is not going away,but "it's all about the fight". It's not just the education,you also need to know what you want, why you want it and what it takes to get it. I realize I need to keep recieving inner energy to "execute the procedure". I will get my first deal, I have it inside. I am wrestling. It will come with persistence, perseverance and strategy!!!

Thank's Dean, You and all your staff are wonderful thank's again.

Roger B. Central Wi. And Happy Fathers Day


Enjoyed, truly each of us has a driving force to achieve more than is humanly possible and with a desire to make it better for our kids. Through Christ I can do more and how I do it shows who really accomplished it. Thanks!


what a GREAT movie. Thanks Dean for sharing. Hope you had a GREAT Father's Day Smiling

Keep reaching for the stars

Right on

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As usual, Dean you are right on.
I don't get to watch much tv either, but a couple of weeks ago I caught the last part of that movie. It was fantastic. I need to watch the whole thing. Thanks, I needed that reminder.


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Thank you Dean!


What a great blog this week Dean.You are my Why! i keep going and listening to your weekly blog and help not only me but everyone that you come in contact with an one day i'll be able to give back as well. Happy Father day.

Thank You

Thank you! We'll watch the

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Thank you! We'll watch the movie. Hope you had a nice Father's Day!


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I like a comment above saying you have a magical conduit to us!! Fits perfect as these blogs from you are the spark that is continuously needed to KEEP us on track. You KNOW from experience that we NEED this and you DELIVER!! The more we hear about how important our WHY needs to be .... It should start sinking in that this will propell us to STAY LASER FOCUSED on the path that you have blazed for us !! Your awesome Dean!!! Thank you !!

Thanks for always thinking

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Thanks for always thinking of us. It seems like whatever you are doing during the day, you never lose the passion to help us, give us ideas, and be our cheerleading team. I can't wait to watch the movie, but in the meantime, I'll apply the principles. Thanks for caring. Hope you had a nice Father's Day.

wisdom #188

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Happy Father Day to ya Dean,and all of your staff.

Will try to see movie,But most times when we get down around here lately we think of how hard it must of been for our parents,back when we were growing up.

We both remember our parents talking about the depression,plus me doing alot of genealogy of both sides,for us and others it takes ya back to that time of there struggles.

So now it seem to us alittle easier to push foreward.

Again Hope that ya had avery Happy Fathers Day Dean.


Happy Father's day!

An awesome weekly wisdom once again! I personally love this movie and I can see where it would make a person cry. The little to no food in the fridge is something I am sure most of us have experienced at one time or another. To never wanting to be there again is something that I'm sure will be a part of what's driving us to do our thing and making real estate work for us! Thanks Dean for another great one this week! I hope you had a great Father's day!

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