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Michael Valler
New Bedford, MA
About Me: 

I'm a father of three beautiful daughters, former Marine and recent Rock Bottom Blueprint participant.

I spend 10 years in Aviation Management working and managing for a Airline here in North East. While doing so, I started two non-profits. I love giving back and today I'm still Exec. Dir of one of one nonprofit ( Teaching at-risk life skills through music.

After leaving a success postion in Aviation Management for something more fulfilling (and taking a pay cut) I currently work for the Boys & Girls Club(s) in Youth Development/Mgt/ some Grant Writing. I also work for a local Hospital Group where I teach in the Prison's, High Schools and within the community. Teaching Youth Development and Prevention Programs. I also have a side Website Business (

Even though I love what I do with the community Youth and management.... I've always put EVERYONE fist. I was living to work... not working to live.

Well it's time I take back the reins and further my own life by venturing into Real Estate Investment.

I have to say that whatever I do... I do it 110% . One good quote I go by is "All it takes is all you got" That might be the Marine in me talking but hey.

I look forward to this new Journey.

All I can say is that whoever said sky's the limit... didn't' know about space!

Real Estate, Business, Aviation, Outdoors, Music, Learning, Helping others...

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Hi Michael

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just signing in your guestbook to wish you great success on your rei journey!
There is so much information on this site and so many great investors right at your fingertips!
I checked out your website- you do an awesome job; maybe you can help me with mine in the near future!
You need to do rei every day to make it work; remember: you get out what you put in!


Hello and welcome to TODAY, Mike

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I see that you have been with the DG' Family for sometime, now, Mike. Smiling

But you have not had a great deal of involvement as of yet. Sad

Just let me say that if you look at my profile, you will see the very same thing of me...except longer! Barf!

Well, it would seem that we are so alike in this way? Evil

I hope that you really take this opportunity as seriously as I am, 'cause TODAY is the day...NOW is the time...and RBBP is the take the bull by the horns! Shocked

If you ever need any moral support, please PM me anytime. And I hope that I can do the same with you? We can't let anything, or anyone, get in the way of our success this time! Eye-wink

Let's really do it this time!

Theo T. Cool

P.S. Saw your website, REALLY COOL! Laughing out loud

Thanks Theo

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Hey I'm sorry for not responding sooner.

I haven't checked my inbox for while and just saw your message.

Yeah, I'm hoping to be more active.. It's all about learning and getting that confidence to finally start putting in those offers. I'm trying to educate myself like crazy so when I'm in front of people, #1 I know what I'm talking about #2 I can convince people to invest in Real Estate

Thanks for the kind works with the Website. I do websites on the it was easy for me to do. Trust me it's easier than you think. lol

So if you don't mind me asking... where are you in the process of Real Estate Investment etc?

- Mike

Thank you Valerie! Wish you

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Thank you Valerie!

Wish you all the best as well. Smiling

- Mike

Nice Website

Hi Michael, just wanted to stop by and tell you what a nice website, I will keep your services in mind. I am in the Brockton area, always looking to network.