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Roger A. Bray
Wis. Rapids,Wi.
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I am just a plain oridnary try to be honest guy that fell ill to stage 4 colorectal/liver cancer in 12/2009 they took afew internal body parts and gave meachangeable external one, had 3 bouts chemo came close to mortality and the lord said get up off your butt and do this am in survivor mode since march 2011.I went to a 3 day boot camp oct.14,15,&16 in Green Bay Wi. it was absulutly an incredible learning experience. I purchased yourtown&thinkalittlediff. and am energized,postitivly focused regardles of brain cell killing chemo can't keep me down. I would like to do the success academy have to pay back boot camp $ first.I am trying to work on a fsbo now. I'm reading all strategies and then execute procedure.I love the support from dgfamily and moral support from Dean. Absulutly 110 percent energized education.Iam currently on ssidisability and thank GOD but is not paying my bills

watching G.B.Packers/look for realestate&constantly trying to improve myself

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retired carpenter/by medical reasons/will be R.E. Invester
Have Child(ren)
Some High School

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Mainly Just This One


Working on #1 + Education!!!Thanksforcourage

Been online for awhile medical statusforgot to log off.But studying and listening to dean's Blogs.The dgadm makes me feelenergized,enthused,creative about myself,thanks guy's.Working on 1st property the road's bumpy but you guy's give me strength regardless of my health status Roger B Wis. Rapids Wi.


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Hey, hang in there and just take each day thankfully. I've dealt with chemo issues through my father and my step-father. It sucks. My heart goes out to you. It's a terrible thing to have to go through. How are you doing on it. Are you getting really sick. My father got really sick with it, but my step-father wasn't too bad. Anyway, that's a lot on your plate and I give you praise for your strength to keep focused on life. It's hard when you're faced with what you've got going on. You will be in my prayers and I am so proud of you for your motivation. Keep at it. Good luck, God Bless and Happy Investing.

Roger, I've read about your

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Roger, I've read about your health issues, and just want you to know that I am a cancer survivor as well. Please check out this website: People have been getting healed from all stages of cancer and every other health issue there is by following the things on here. God Bless!!