Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #170 - How to Find Free Time, Guaranteed!

This week, Dean has another simple and effective solution for taking back time that is either being stolen from you or straight up given away foolishly. If you frequently feel time bankrupt, at a loss for squeezing in the things you want to do, then this is a must watch video for you.

Finding the time you need to make the money you deserve is easy if you use this technique. It's guaranteed to work and guess what - it's FREE!

I love...

I love how Dean always hit these weekly wisdom messages out of the park for me, really resinates with me. Thank you Dean Smiling

Powerful lesson

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Saying no is one of the hardest things to learn. There are so many "good" activities, but we have to choose to spend our days and our energy toward the priorities in our life. Those priorities may very well include helping others. This is one thing I've gotten better at, yet I think I can find lots more candidates for "NO!".
Thanks Dean, for letting us be one of your "yes'es"!

Thanks Dean

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once again Dean you are so right. I turned down going fishing with some friends of mine from work the other day. I used to be a tournament bass fisherman. I would fish all the time. But now I now at this time in my life that time with my wife and daughter is more important than fishing with the guys. I spend more time with REI than I do on hobbies now. Do not get me wrong some day I want to get back to having time for fishing but for now REI and family get my time.

Thanks Dean for more wisdom.

Steve and Veronica.

Excellent Example

Reminds me so much about myself. The mask example surely drives it home for me. Take care of yourself first, which will evidently put you in a position to assist others. Thanks Dean for those words of wisdom.


Perfect Timing !

WOW ! Dean, you must have peeked into my life this past week. Perfect timing on this weeks WEEKLY WISDOM !...I've literally had to practice saying "no" lately because people have become so dependant on me for so many things, that I've put off reading more of your book.....and that's not good. Thanks for another positively awesome reality check ! GETTIN' BETTER EVERYDAY ! GOD BLESS ! Carrie

Great reminder Dean! We all

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Great reminder Dean! We all have the same 24-hours. If we cannot fix (plan and act on) our 24 hours, how can we fix (plan and act on) our better life or future? I have been getting better at qualifying people (Reason, Season or Lifetime) and would like to add this time and tested principle and would like to share it: "Those who do not add to your life, will eventually subtract from it", because it is so true. So we need to be careful who we say "YES" to. Especially if they do not add anything positive to our life. Thanks for your weekly video blogs! I look forward to meeting you at the 2012 Edge Event!


Excellent message and reminder

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I need to always work on time management. I have really learned what to say yes to and what to say no to, but I will be doing this exercise to see if there are any more redundant things I'm saying yes to that I could be more .

I have to laugh when you mention writing down everything for a week. When I did that exercise I was homeschooling and had 2 toddlers. Smiling It was pretty funny to read through what I did every day; I went a whole 10 minutes ONCE w/o an interruption until the kids were in bed for the entire time (average was 3 minutes w/o an interruption (I think I did the exercise for 3 days). Sticking out tongue [And my husband still doesn't know what I do all day] But, even so, I managed to do my 5 deals, and complete my courses at the SA. Not to mention the oodles of deals that didn't work out for whatever reason or another. Time management was the ONLY way I was able to do it! (and God's grace!) Laughing out loud (Oh, and sleep deprivation Eye-wink )

Just another great blog

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We enjoy Sunday evenings listening to your new message for the week. It gives us power for the upcoming week and tips that we take into consideration to improve ourselves and become better investors and individuals. Thanks a lot and have a great week!

Hi Dean!!

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Thanks for another great blog. I've recently hit another wall with my investing and I really want to get over it.
A few months ago, I spent a lot of time and money on a post-card campaign to find buyers in my area and didn't get any results. This was very disappointing and it caused me to stop all efforts at REI. I simply lost my mojo. With the holidays and other large expenses recently, I just didn't have the money or the willpower to try any more marketing.
Now that I'm starting to get my finances back in order, I know that it's time to try again.
It's time to start saying "no" to all the things I've been saying "yes" to for the past few months and get back into my REI groove.
Thanks for always being there for us students and providing that boost of encouragement every week.

Right as always

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You mentioned conference calls.

It has been some time now since you have done one. Is there any coming?


Perfect message for the newbie

This is such a motivating a newbie I have found that there are two many "busy" things keeping me from spending the time I really want to spend learning how and taking action in the real estate business. Thanks Dean.


Time management is so very important! Thanks Dean.

Thanks Again

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Great message again to keep us focused on what needs to be done.
Look forward to additional information and getting money together for the Success Academy

Yes and No system

It is a good thing to track. I am pretty sure most people can be easily distracted and start saying Yes many times when it should by NO.

so, getting back on track, checking your track should be done more often!

thanks Dean!


Time is a big issue for me I always wake up 6 AM and booom all I realize it is 10PM already. When we set up our daily schedule i do believe we will manage our time better. Thanks for the info DEAN

Time Management - Great!

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Logging down all that we do each day and each week will show ourselves exactly what we are choosing to do and what we are prioritizing. Thank you for the suggestion to record each activity. This should hone our choices to be more productive and achieve the things we really want.

Managing Time

This is a weakness that most people share in, the 97%, so be wise and start now! Putting it off is the key to never getting Started, "Just Do It".

God bless
Sandy and Nathan

Awesome Reminder

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Thanks Dean for the reminder that I am in control of my time and it is ok to say no.

Thank you!

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I look forward to your video blog each week. It is always inspiring to me and I don't always post but plan on posting more. Last week after your blog it made me think of a blog you did a while ago about time management that really helped me where you make a list, then pull the most important ones over to the next page, then you pull the most important things that need to be done right now and you focus on those etc. Then you did this blog with another amazing strategy.

I just want you to know that all of your blogs help me tremendously!! In the beginning of March I will close my 5th wholesale and make 5K!! Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement!! I truly could not have done this without your 3 day seminar the end of last feb and your success academy that is there whenever I call with questions.

I really look forward to meeting you in person very soon!!

Thanks again,

yes or no

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Thanks Dean,
This is such a great reminder to take action and do the things we need to do,to become successful in REI. I am probaly the number one "no doer" in this scenerio because of all the little things that I let get in my way.
I just lay down and take it..
I must learn to prioritize and take care of my business needs first.
Thanks again.
Have a wonderful and blessed day Smiling

Great Reminder

Thanks Dean as always encouraging advice and words

weekly blog

Thanks Dean Excellent Blog: I like the plan of doing, A yes and a no.I do a few yes during the day, call a few buyers. If i get no responds, I think where are all buyers. Thats not good. I took your advice and will write everything, down have a plan, i feel as though that will be very helpful,I work before in sales, every week we had to turn in itenary. Thanks Carol in Texas


Very good. You hit the nail on the head.

thank you

re blog 170

as usual you are right on the money with time management Dean..thanks for the reminder to be more vigilant with time.

#170 and Seminar in wakefield

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the oportunity. signed up for the Seminar in Wakefield mass, printed the tickets and will be there.
I am ready and my life is changing this year-hopefully with the DG family behind me helping. Some times a person just needs that one break in life to help himself and pay it forward for others..

Tony Nashua NH


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Yes, Time management is so very important. I wll improve mine starting today! Thanks again for the weekly wisdom Dean-You Rock

Precious Time

You are Briliant. You always say the things I need to here at time I need to here it. I was saying to myself I need to do something diferent with my time and here it is. I can see the areas of mismanagement of my time with the time I am willing to find out.
Thanks Dean


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Thanks Dean
for another great weekly wisdom! I look foward to implementing this idea into my weekly schedule to actually see where I can make changes for the better.
As always thank you so very much

Matt B

Simple but powerful

Hey Dean,
How simple can it get but time has a way of getting away when we are not alert. Thanks!!
Chase Your Dream!!

Thank You Dean

I like your weekly blog, managing your time, thank you for the time management... I`m going to work harder, from now on!

Thanks. Always,

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