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Sarah Bolden
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Hi everyone my name is Sarah I come from Delaware i was born in NJ for 32 yr and move to Delaware 1994. Married to a wonderful man we both have five wonderful kids age start from 30 to 24 yr old. I love to go fishing,camping,go to the beach. I have work differnt jobs and seem that every job i had i had to run the work place all the time and i never seem to get anywhere with any job i did work. I stop working ten yr go to take care of my kids and my husband work and now works two jobs. Then i started quilting that when things seem to go down hill for me because of the economic is now. I just do quilts for famiy and beast cancer i have a quilt forum too that are quilters. There are some i have meet in person since i started quilting and i have a best friend i meet on line she quilts too.

I have been in diffenrt things to make in meat it just seem nothing was working for me to make more money for me and my family it seem i was putting out more then i putting in i got out them. One night i was watching TV and on the computer and was listing to Dean Graziosi at first i thought it one them sales u get in to and there nothing for you to make. So my Daughter came in the room and said mom he been on CNN and other shows. Then this can not be one of them money takers were they take your money and run. So here im at on Dean Graziosi blog and to know the in and outs of this Real Estate Investor. I Thank you Dean for being on TV that night when i did not know were me and my husband was going next. Sarah

Quilting,Fishing,Camping, Going to the beach.

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Be Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


Welcome to

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Welcome to! This site is full of great information and even greater people. Feel free to private message me at anytime, if I can't help you I will certainly point you in the right direction!


Give u

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Thank you for the warm welcome Chris. Since im new im taking my time on the blog. I joun the Dean's Academy class. There is alot to know right for me. And Thank you again Chris.

Well today was my first time

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Hi all, Today i did my class and what i had to work on was power team to get the ball moving. I had to look up Real Estate Agent and went thow website for them. so far i got one email from a agent asking me things. What i did was call the school and ask how to i answer this email when they are asking me what are they getting from this. What i did was send them a email back to asking them some things i like to know from them.

It is alot of work right now getting started and to know what to ask from your power team.

All i do is read somethings you have writing and see where u are at right now. Right im doing this on my own and ask my husband will he work with me with this he said yes but he has not pick up the book or into the school i can tell he dont wont anything do with this job. I have sit down for days thinking about this and im gone to keep going no matter if he not willing to work with me to be in business with me.

Private Message

How do you chat privately with a member?

Im not sure how to chat

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Im not sure how to chat privately.

Chengmary i just click write

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Chengmary i just click write to author and then it take you to a page u can send a message to me.

iI like to know if anyone can answer this please

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I notice that there is people coming on here and posting about sell or buy proerty.

I take it anyone can post if they are not DG Family. And when they seen it on TV then they come on here and post things it making me think about all this. There nothing on there profile and i look and see when they sign up on DG Site. Can someone tell what is realy going on? Thank you for your help Sarah

Welcome Sarah

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I wanted to drop by and welcome you to Deans family of investors. I know you will find much information right here on this board...there is enough information to actually do deals. If you have questions ask those who are doing deals. They will be glad to give you an answer. Again welcome and I look forward to hearing about your first deal.

Thank you sistreat

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I want to say thank you Sistreat for the warm welcome.

Aloha & Mahalo!

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Aloha & Mahalo!

Welcome Gift!

Follow the link below, download, leave comments, & enjoy!

May You have Great Success on your Journey!

Thank You for All that You Share.