Timeline of Events-Never Give Up-Never!

Timeline of Events-Never Give Up-Never!

I am writing this post for the new person that is just starting to invest in real estate. This post is based around the importance of Dean's coaching program and this website. There is a timeline of events that will happen to you as you start this amazing journey. I want to prepare you for them so you know it's coming. It isn't an exact science but it will be close.

Day 1- You just saw Dean's infomercial on TV and everything he said made a lot of sense. You are very excited about a chance to make money in real estate so you buy his book.

Day 5- The book arrives and you start to read it. The information in the book makes sense and you feel it would be possible to get good results. You have a lot of enthusiasm.

Day 8- Now it's the weekend and you decide to start looking at properties. Wow, they all kind of look the same...so you decide you need more info. You read some more and now you are excited again.

Day 15- You go online to start researching properties. You still are confused about what to do. You see a couple of properties you think are good deals so you drive over to look at them. Wow, this is taking a lot of time. Still don't really know what to do and you start to question whether you can do this. You are afraid because you don't have any money and real estate is expensive.

This is where the average person gives up and decides that "I don't have the time to do this" or "I can't afford to buy real estate". It is just easier to just relax and watch TV and root for someone elses life.

Sometime before this one of Dean's people may have called you to talk about a coaching program they offer. It isn't cheap but, the rewards could change your life. You decide to either move forward with the coaching or just keep in contact with the website. Both are great decisions. (The 3rd option is to just quit altogether but, since you are reading this we don't have to explore that option).

Why am I talking about this. Because when I bought the "Think a Little Different" kit there wasn't a website to chat on but the coaching was huge. I was hitting obstacles and the coaches were helping me through them. If you don't have that or this website to force you to perform and people to keep you in check you might quit. The percentage of people that make it is very small. Dean is leading edge. He continues to make it easier for the new guy to succeed. Just don't quit. Do a little bit everyday. Don't listen to a critic and disappear, don't wimp out because you don't have any money, and don't use the excuse you don't have any time. Be involved every day and you will be amazed at where you will be in one year. Be prepared to hit obstacles and always keep you eye on the prize!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

I applaude you CBR

You say what you say so well.


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To all those excited about REI after last night's call, pay close attention to cbr's post. Don't let that excitement fizzle! There is all kinds of support here, right at your fingertips. We want you ALL to succeed!



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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well said, sir (cbr)

i couldn't have said it better myself, aint' that the truth! SULLY.




This classic CBR post with the supergirl's and the hero's replies is simply to good not to bump.

I dive into the past back files to find new gems and motivational stuff. Found this one. It pays to look a lil deeper. Try it!!!



Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer


This probably is the wrong place to be asking this but is there anyone out there who is also in Utah? I am looking for other people who are in Park City, UT to be exact. I would like to maybe work with someone.

We have great properties here and I know of short sales, foreclosures, etc on all of these million dollar homes out here.

Looking to maybe partner with someone. I see all sorts of groups everywhere else but not in Utah.


Great Posts! Very well said...

When you get to that quitting point that is when you push harder through your obstacles.


"You can always quit...so why start now?"

"Don't tell the world what you can do - SHOW IT"

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If Success was easy then everyone would be doing it -

CBR said it so well. Never give up - be persistent. I talk to DG students regularly who have quit and come back, who become discouraged and need a push. Those who push through those hurdles make it. Its not IF but when those challenges will come - that's life. Real Estate is not hard, anyone can do it. Dean has been an inspiration to those who will listen, learn and DO. Have the courage and "persistence" to change your life.

Life is hard but you can do hard things - never give up!



"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

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I have to disagree with the statement "RE is not hard, anyone can do it".

I think it definitely takes a special person. Not that anyone can't choose to be that "special person". I think it is a very hard business. The basics are simple but the work is hard, and frustrating and aggravating, etc, etc.

At the same time it is very rewarding, invigorating, exhilarating, etc, etc.

It is like anything. It is a mindset. Just like losing weight, quitting smoking, climbing the Matterhorn. If in your mind you are not even thinking "What if this doesn't work?" but only "How can I do this to make it work?" or "Well, that didn't work, I'll try ..."

But you are SO right in the fact that to do this, you must NEVER give up. Making the choice is the toughest part.

Another Karen


"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"


"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"

This is so timely !

Good stuff.

I agree


I also believe that REI is not hard, it is hard WORK though! It takes discipline, tenacity, time, effort, and willingness to read and learn new things every single day!

Nonetheless, when you get your deals it is soooooo rewarding!!

If you want to succeed you have to put in the hard work!

Wishing everyone success,




β€œAnd will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

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Taking action

I just would like to say I am proud of myself because I am climbing over some of those obstacles. I had the fear at first of talking to a realtor about property . Met up with the realtor and things weren't as bad as I thought it would be.Didn't make a deal on that property but felt my confidence getting stronger. Didn't throw the towel in and say this wont work, just kept looking for a good deal. I found another deal that looked good on the MLS but after viewing the property it would have been a disaster for my positive cash flow after it was said and done. I haven't sealed a deal yet but a month ago I didn't see myself at this point of taking action.


Can't score if you don't shoot the puck !


Good stuff!!!


"Persistence Pays, Procrastination Delays!" - smurfy

"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

"He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee" Isaiah 26:3

"Those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

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3 keys to success

Wanna know the secret to success?
Here are 3 of the most important things you can implement to become successful in anything that you do.
Number One:
As you are getting started, be patient. Find the right deal that will make you money. Don't do a deal just to do a deal and not make the money you deserve. Losing money or not making money is not the way to get off to a good start.
Matt Larson who started this string of messages years ago hit the nail on the head. He is a perfect example of being persistent. Coining the phrase that we all hear "1 in 25" is what it is all about. Having the persistence to make 25 offers expecting to have one of those offers accepted defines persistence.
This, as with any business worth changing your life for will take work to build successfully. Any entrepreneur who has had any kind of success is not afraid of hard work. Real estate is one business where you will receive rewards, and results directly from your hard work.
Keep these three things in mind as you are getting started.
Happy investing.

Thank you

Matt. That helps so much.


The timing will never be perfect for you to pursue your dream, so you might as well start now.”

~ John C. Maxwell


bump.. another great post! (Still applies today! Smiling


I'm another in the Newbie category, and still totally fired up at the possibilities to be reached, 2 weeks after getting my tickets in the post! Laughing out loud

Seeing this post added another jolt of enthusiasm. I find I'm hanging out here more than I am at another regular forum I have belonged to for the past 6 years. Guess it's a sign that this is the life for me Smiling Counting down the days till the actual Event!


I Love What I Do

Glad you all are doing great.
This business is so awesome and I truly believe what Dean says all the time.
I too believe that this is the best time that we have seen in our LIFETIMES to be real estate investors.
Take advantage of the momentum that this website helps you to gain. Dean's video blog posts are always motivating to me, and they make we want to be better in all aspects of my life. Seeing peoples lifes change on a daily basis gives me even more motivation to keep doing what I am doing. Motivation, and momentum are very underrated and are both very important to your success. Ride the wave and support each other every step of the way and we all will become successful together. More heads are better than one, and there is plenty to go around.
Let's all Rock!
Thanks to all you for motivating me as well!

Happy investing!

Matt W

guilty! guilty! Guilty!!!

yes i am guilty, i faced the obstacles and i chickened out when i got more critismn from friends and family.... but funny something deep down would not let me completely forget... it kept nagging me, i thought about it everyday... it just would not let me rest ....ahahah so here i am again. i just came from Dean's 3 day workshop...im inspired and ready to try again and this time i better come back with gold!!....but i refuse to quit... you guys are doing it... and it works... what kind of proof am i still waiting for!!!

so here we go again... brand new start!!

Thank you so much for such inspiring words

Nkanyezi Star


Star Prosperity


for motivation

Thanks Cris!

I needed this!



As a man thinks in his heart, so is he!

Think on these things: whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy- meditate on these things

Great post

and so true!

There will always be obstacles to overcome, things that will be discouraging, things that bring us down, people who criticize us, time issues to overcome, things that don't pan out, deals that fall through. How many times will you have to get up again and again? As many as it takes! Each failure is stepping stone to success. NEVER give up!

I am from Sandy, UT

I am from Sandy, UT. I would like to network with you.

Litia N

To Les/ (lalong)

lalong wrote:
Thanks Cris! I needed this!


Don't thank me, thank Matt!! Smiling

It seems like there are a lot of us who need these types of positive reinforcement and first hand experiences graciously shared by those who have gone before us, through the "hard road" and made it!

Good luck to you and Happy investing!



thanks matt

Matt Larson has an amazing journey and transformation!

Make sure you read his posts! Laughing out loud


it is by the master himself !!!!

Your simple drawing...

When you draw that simple circle on the whiteboard in the beginning of the recent Total Immersion class, that really explained everything! Remember, Matt? There was the major circle that you drew which was referring to the Real Estate Education from Dean, and the two arrows pointing down (one on the top heading to the circle and the other coming out of the circle after being educated for the Real Estate journey. The first arrow on the top of circle was me for a long period of time .. where I was constantly saying to myself, "Hmmm~ I think I got it" for the past three years and getting no where until I finally dive into your current training sessions!!

Thankfully, the unexpected-"Dean's 30 Days to Thrive" really got me out of my inner villain and now I am really busy trying to apply your packed of information to do the first homework that you have assigned to the class. ^^

Thank you, Matt~ for always being there to prepare us for the wonderful journey of our lifetime!!


This is exactly how it goes. This forum is amazing with all of the people sharing their struggles and successes. It is empowering to know that I am not the only one on this journey!


kareng wrote:
I have to disagree with the statement "RE is not hard, anyone can do it".

I think it definitely takes a special person. Not that anyone can't choose to be that "special person". I think it is a very hard business. The basics are simple but the work is hard, and frustrating and aggravating, etc, etc.

At the same time it is very rewarding, invigorating, exhilarating, etc, etc.

It is like anything. It is a mindset. Just like losing weight, quitting smoking, climbing the Matterhorn. If in your mind you are not even thinking "What if this doesn't work?" but only "How can I do this to make it work?" or "Well, that didn't work, I'll try ..."

But you are SO right in the fact that to do this, you must NEVER give up. Making the choice is the toughest part.

Another Karen


always great to hear...

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