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I've tried RE for yrs but never had the support system in place like My motivation to do REI is not just because 3 other family members have been or are in RE now, but due to the fact that I have no retirement and I have no plans to compete with the younger crowd in the work force for the rest of my days ahead, I have no choice.

Fear, like all of us, has been a major deterrent over the years, but I've been delivered from fear. I want to have the life and freedom that I've only been dreaming about for years.

I want to start out wholesaling and then work into every possible RE transaction out there at the right time and place, but I'm just getting set up now. Been sick these past 2 mths Nov/Dec and that's like being in the pit and trying to get out. I am determined and motivated...may take a bit longer than others, but I will succeed and achieve my dreams.

I also have 2 family members (not blood) in my household who both have varying degrees of ADHD and believe you me, it can get to you when they can't get basic everyday things straight...I have to constantly keep my eyes on my dream.

I will come through this no matter what!

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Hi Jerry,

You'll learn alot here on this site and have support from other members to help you along the way.
Read and learn as much as you can and then ..repeat


welcome Jerry !!

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as mike stated.....STUDY this site and ask questions and share what you learn will be amazed at the support you get here !!