First (1) Deal

I would like to hear from people who have done there first (1) deals.
I have been reading everything that Dean has sent me along with several other gurus without any success but Dean always kept saying don't give up on your dreams, mind you, I'm 66, giving up on dreams was never an option. I have spent a life time in the sales field and never made as much money on any single deal, like I did on my first (1) REI deal.
find attached my first deal commission.

Talking about being excited

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Great job of sticking with the program. You now have the most difficult deal behind you. It will amaze you how much easier things will become.

At 50 I love your attitude about meeting your dreams. Keep up the good work and you will be able to do the things in life that are important to you. With the attitude you have you should be able to live until you are 100 with all of your faculties and physical health.

I have seen this program change lives. It only takes place by fully following the steps in order to accomplish your goals.

Keep up the good work.

Roy Voeks
Dean Graziosi Real Estate Coach

Congrats to you !

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Congrats on your deal ! I am inspired by your article. I am always happy to read about success from others in our age group. (I'm 56) Continued success ! ~Bob in Cleveland

Way to go!

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True inspiration! Thank you for the motivation.


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Thank you for sharing!

You may want to also post on the "Member Journals" area to get more exposure for your articles and if you want to hear more from people who have done their first deals. Just click "Post a "New Forum: topic". and start an "mgmtexas Journal". It is at:

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Good luck!



Vicky and I just closed on our first deal feb 2d 3bd 2 bath


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Great Job!

Hey, you may want to blank out some of your personal information, unless you want a lot of junk mail!

Keep it up!

Black Out

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GOOOD IDEA, what was I thinking ?

Agree With Chris

Confidentiality is very important. Congrats on your first deal. Please post details for information sharing. God Bless.


Now that's exciting!

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That check is such a motivator to all who have been told it was not possible... GREAT JOB!!!

I did my first deal in 2008 and I have done over 200 deals since then. My dreams are getting bigger and better every day and every day is a challenge to meet my own expectations.

My mother always told me " If you can dream it you can achieve it"!


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Know that's what I am talking about. Showing
A real check is what get my blood moving.


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That is awesome man. I am so close to my first deal also. I can feel it. But I just can't seem to grab it. But reading this really helps keep me going. Thank You.


Whoo hooo

So very proud of you! Such an inspiration. This is the first of many, I hope you like money. God Bless You!



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Congrats on that first deal!!!!! Gives us such motivation!!!(: thanks!

Great Job!

Great job on your deal. I just saw this posting. I am from the Pharr/Mcallen area. It looks like we are neighbors. Keep up the great work!

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