Alabama Investors!

So I have got the plumber back and he is done but I decided to tear out all the old sheetrock and rewire my $180 house!It will cost me 2 rolls of wireand my time which I have a lot of that!hahah!So I have 2 more rooms to tear out and then rewiring begins!I just decided if I'm gonna do it do it all right!So I am on my way!In the mean time I am getting more tax liens to let them start curing!So by the time I get done with this house I will have another one ready to go work on!My goal is to have 10 properties in all!After that 5 more!After that vacations!!LOL!Good luck to all Sincerly, Darrell


3 bd/1 ba
900 sq ft

Repairs- $5,000
FMV- $50,400.00

Property is ready to go, CASH ONLY!!!

Deal for Alabama Investors, Before I Post for California investors

Hello Investors

If you are interested or know someone that may be interested. Email or have them me immediately, because I have access to a Prime deal!

I have available and direct to the seller a 1st Trust Deed note for a contemporary
single family home located in Beverly Hills in a Multi Million Dollar location.

Built in 1978, the property is a 2409 SF Tri-Level 3 bedroom and 3 bath home located on
a 6,882 SF lot in BHPO above the Beverly Hills Hotel on a quite serene cul-de-sac.

The property offers spectacular unobstructed city and ocean views from all rooms
as well as from the gorgeous sun deck with large swimmers pool!

The note is in default as of April 2011 and the note holder is willing to sell the

Good Starter Home for Cheap

Great Investment Opportunity
$17,000 Cash Only
Single Family Home
3 bedrooms
1 bath
1056 sqft
Built in 1930
Jefferson County

Repairs: minor Updating under 10k
ARV: 70k+

Under FMV: $30k+

Rent: $500.00 - $900.00
Great Potential for Cash Flow

Comps: $31,000 - $80,000
Neighborhood Average: $67,180

Tax info: $250.93

Contact me asap: 2010reinvestor@****
Serious Inquiries(Cash)


Now I have a lot the size of a football field!Its suppose to have a septic tank on it already!Need to have it surveyedso I will know my boundries!Then go look for my tank!I bought this for $363 at a tax sale!That will be a good place for a trailer once I get that done that will be another income!So......Here we go!Sincerly Darrell

Low Price BULK Deal in Alabama

Contact for more info:
EMAIL: 2010reinvestor at gmail or
pm: Real E. Investor2010

Hello Alabama

My name is Darren and I live in Tuskegee. I am new to Real estate and trying to get started. Any helpful tips on getting my feet wet and getting started will be aprreciated. Hope 2011 will be the year for me and my family, my Alabama family and the entire DG family as well.

213k home for 119k!!! Single Family Home in Great Location... Birmingham, AL

Unbelievable price on this 3 bedroom 3 bath home. 1881 sqft with formal living, separate dining, 2 dens and great, level yard. Conveniently located to everything!! Must see this one!
Comps Range: $189,000 to $260,000

Tax Assessment: $213,200

Contact Immediately: Real E. Investor2010

Alabama Investors - 3 mo right of redemption

Hi to all my AL DG family. My broker told me yesterday that there is a law going thru the AL legislature to shorten the R of R period from 12 months to 3 months. Anyone have an update on this?

Ya'll have a crazy day, Smiling


Looking for Investors with cash buyers in their lists in Alabama!!

Hi my name is Alex Rubio, I am from Houston, Tx
I have a friend of mine that has a property in Mobil, Alabama and wants to get rid of it. He is selling it as-is so is a perfect handyman deal.
If you have cash buyers and want pay me a referal fee if one of your buyers close on the property send me a PM and I will give you all the property detail.

Alex Rubio

My $180 house!

I bought a tax lien 3 yrs ago! I am now the owner of the property. I have rebuilt the floors for the price of the wood!Got most of my free plumbing put in 2 weeks ago. Going back this weekend to finish up the plumbing and to finish building the kitchen floor!The reason it is free plumbing is because a friend of mine could not cut this big ole pine tree down!So I, use to cut trees,told him I would cut it down if he would do the plumbing in my tax sale house!Now its getting close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Alreaady have people in the neighborhood wanting to rent it!Either way I'll be making money!Now on to the next tax lien!!Who loves monopoly more than me?? NOBODY!!LOL!

The funny times out of this

from time to time we all need to get the stressors of this just out I'm sure that I'm not the only one that will find this group to be most useful for our new and for the one thaqt just need someone to say hey I here you here is my funny or not so funny moment.

Guess what happen to ME today!!!

Well fans and friends I am getting another deed to a property Worth about $15000. This makes five deeds in 3 years of paying the back taxes . Right next to some townhouses!!This is what happen.........First I Had bought some tax liens 3 yrs. ago now its time to collect my money or get the property. So I sent out my notices Well the next day the owner of the property called me wanted to know what this was . Well I explained it to him that I have being paying the taxes for the last 3 years. He said he gave it to a church they never filed the deed. Then he said let me see if I can get you that deed! How Much Fun was That!To sell or build on!!! Thanks for reading... I'll keep you posted!!

Does anyone have any Alabama Questions?

Welcome to Alabama where we are the champs of our own future! Tax sales have come and gone! But you can still buy properties from the state!To learn more drop me a line!!!With your questions!

First Thing

Go to the assigned web site and buy a tax property through the mail! Make Sure you look at it and do some research. If you have any question I am here to help! This it not as hard as it looks! Good luck!! Post your problems and your success you are having Here ! If you did not get the assignment please E mail me as soon as you can!

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