Just Released... Another Great Free Foreclosure Tool For Our DG Members!

Yep, you heard right! We are putting together another useful foreclosure tool for all members of the site. Best of all... it's free.

We've heard the questions many times... How do I find out if property XYZ is in foreclosure or not? How do I find out which foreclosures in area ABC are in foreclosure?

We've always offered Foreclosure Alert, which is a seriously powerful foreclosure finder/research tool. If you need serious foreclosure research, that is the tool to use. However, we are releasing a light-weight tool to do simple foreclosure research, for free.

You will be able to ask this tool if a property is on the books as a foreclosure and it will tell you if it is or isn't. You can also get the ten most recent foreclosures for an area, by zipcode, city, county or state.

What's the catch? There is none! Well, almost none... to use the tool you need to be a registered member of the site (which is free - most of you are already, but if you are not, register now). The other small catch is the "recent foreclosure" part of the tool doesn't list the actual the actual house number, just the street. That is the one piece of data we could not get for the free tool. The good news is we can map it on a map and you should be able to determine the house number by comparing the map to a Zillow map, or other maps that show house addresses.

Also on the roadmap is to add the functionality to our free real estate research system, TotalView Real Estate.

Again, make sure you have are registered member of the site AND logged in, otherwise you will get a "access denied" message:

Use the tool now!

Another great tool!

Thanks again for another great tool! You guys are the best!!!

Thanks Dean

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Another great tool for us to locate and help homeowners in distress.


New Free Foreclosure Tool

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Dear Dean,

This tool is wonderful. I have already purshased the AF and the AFF tools but this should help the investors that cannot afford the full version. Thank you on behalf of all of us investors (your students). You are continually giving us encouragement, helps, and tools. Thank you again.


Thanks Dean!!!

Excellent new tool; this will definately be useful for locating properties in the area.
Thanks again Smiling

Works Great!

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Thank you and your team for the additional tool for us. Patrick

Great Information!

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Thanks for the new foreclosure tool. This is a great way to help people get the ball rolling in finding deals! Awesome stuff DG staff...

Awesome tool

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I just gave it a try for my zipcode area and all I can say it narrows down the search and simplifies the work. Thanks.

Great Tool - I just checked it out!!

What a wonderful way to check out properties.
I'm nervous and anxious to get started and looking forward to my first deal. This tool will be a great assist.


What a great way to learn about investing in real estate.

It's Right On!

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Just checked out the new tool & really love it! So easy to use and seems to be right on as far as value estimates in my area. Being an appraiser, this will be a valuable tool for estimating before bidding on a property.

Dean. you always come

Dean. you always come through for us and again you have done just that thanks. I am still wanting to hear from other investors in the Denver area, Please write me so we can talk.


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Not to many people are willing to give out information or create information for free, I love this tool it will definitley help me as a newbie, once again thank you Dean for all you do to help everyone else make to the top. That's why you have been blessed because you are willing to give. Edwin


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Pretty soon all we will have to do is wish a deal and it will come true with positive cash flow and cash back at closing!!!!!....Jan


Thanks Bill I needed to hear something similar to my own situation. Its hard to come back when your health is down and your out of a job . ITS TIME! THANKS 007

Great Addition Dean

Thanks to the DG team for another great useful tool for us amateurs to use ..


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