Northern AZ

I would like to start a real estate group that confines their investing in Northern Arizona. I know that this will be a challenging task but I beleive that we can make it happen. I would like to have real estate brokers, money lenders and lawyers involved to help us create a group that will be successful in the Northern Arizona area. The area will cover from California state line to the New Mexico state line. It can not go any further south than the Campverde area. I know that this can be a profitable area the problem is the prices will be higher than you could find in like the Phoenix area. I am talking about the $250,000 range and up. If interested please let me know and we can communicate by email or phone at least once a week.
J Doss
Flagstaff AZ

Can't Let This One Go Un-noticed

Perhaps many of you have seen this chance to birddog and locate a buyer...
But just in case you didn't ...★

Check it out. Contact your list, put your thinking caps on, possibly use partnering and split it. As the sale completion is noticed, this note may be either taken down, notification of sale posted, and/or it may be replaced with yet another opportunity for birddogs as they come along.

Keep in touch! Let's make money in 2013, no excuses.

And.. you could help
If you know someone or come across one in your travels while speaking to buyers and sellers let them know we're looking for partners who want to:

New Group

This one is for birddogs to stop by and list their desire to help investors from their areas of interest. Be a BIRDDOG for investors, get paid.

Plz refer those you see who are willing to be birddogs. Please be aware that your email addresses are not showing as written.

The group name is now called "300++ BIRDDOGS" and, it's still growing!!

If you still want to reply here, great! Just remember to back out of here to the group home list, find the group named "300++ BIRDDOGS" and join! That way everyone looking for birddogs can find you, since sometimes the replies get lost in the mix of all the postings. Thanx.

Dean's AZ Investing Events

Anyone here attending one of these like myself? Just curious.

$500-Bird Dogs--$500

Private company and investor group:
Looking for serious bird dogs who can help to find newly purchased homeowners, and those who want to own (lease options ok), both that want to own the home free-n-clear in just ten years, vs. the typical 30 or even ----never..if you know what I mean.

For every one that closes, $500 to the one who brought them. Increases with positive track record. Will work with multiple bird-dogs.Serious inq.
PM with info. Homes purchased with loans up to 450K.

File Attachment - MailBox Money

Added a File Attachment
Read it, use it, ask questions of us!
Share it with others.

Happy Investing and Leveraging!
Best Regards,

Looking for Great Properties! All existing Loans, Sales, and Purchases

*Ten FREE-N-CLEAR in Ten*

Check it out, Join, participate, invite others!

(FYI for all Multi-Group Attendees)

Short Sales

Hey, anybody know of short sales and need to
get through them. I am connected to a ready cash buyer and will work it through. Get the finder fee and move on.
Specifically interested in AZ, but will work other markets.


If help is needed, take note that attorneys can help get through them faster. PM for more info!

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