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The call is now completed. The replay is available using the audio player below.

Turn off your cell phone, don't answer email and tell the family you need a hour of private time - then click the play arrow below and listen to the replay of an amazing call. Plus learn how you can get some amazing bonuses.

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great call

that was very inspiring - thank you to all on the call

Great Call

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What a great call, thanks Dean. Normally I would be at work tonight but I got the flu. I can say it turned into a good thing because I was able to be on the call. I wish I could be at the E.D.G.E. event this year. I WILL be there next year.

The listener count

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You are seeing the number of people actively browsing, not listening. Most of the people aren't surfing the site right now, just have the player going. It also doesn't update in real time once we get over 200 people on the site to preserve server resources.

There are well over 1,500 people on the site. =)

Let's do it.

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Thanks for a great call and thanks for the insights shared by each of you. Already signed up for the EDGE and can't wait! See you all there!


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It Means a Lot

Great Call

Thanks for what you do. Joe, Stacy, Carol and Greg all have great stories. Its not in the cards for me to go to this years event. However much I would love to go. I am already planning for the Edge 2011.


Conference call

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Dean I was glad I was able to participate in tonight's call. I tried to get in on both lines but they were both busy. Thankfully I had the computer on and I listened to the call from there. I learned a lot from this call and I hope to be able to put some of the tips to work. I would love to go to the Live Event but there is no way I can afford it. I barely have enough money to pay the house payment. So even though it sounds like just what I would need I just can't do it. I am on this site every day trying to learn what ever I can. I have all three books and I am enrolled in the Empowering Conversations DVD's. I hope that by this time next year I will be able to do the Live Event. I set two goals for this year. One is to enroll in the Success Academy and the other is to attend the Live Event next year. Thanks again for sharing the info that you did. I know that if I keep coming to this site and reading what everyone is posting I will learn what I need to make my first deal. Who knows maybe I will do it in time to attend this years Live Event.

God Bless
J Doss
Flagstaff AZ

The Call WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I enjoy the call and I know the conference is going to awsome. I joy the academy today so next year I will be at that conference.

conference call

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Just finished listening to the call and it was great. I had registered for the call but couldn't get through so thank you for setting it up for us to listen on line. Hey, I am already signed up for the Edge Event and after hearing what Greg, Carol, Joe and Stacy said, I can't wait and I hope to get something going before I arrive. Is there a chance that I can get their email info too? I hope so.
Jazzed, Katie


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Great conference call...I am off getting contact information for all the small banks!!!

Hello DG Family!

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It was so awesome to be part of the conference call tonight! I hope everyone got some great tips and tidbits of information. We look so forward to meeting you at the EDGE! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Tonight's Call!

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I am so happy we were able to particpate in tonight's conference call. I hope everyone is motivated to take action with real estate and set a course for the future. Hope to see you at the EDGE! Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

I am so excited to be

I am so excited to be listenig to something to help me make my life better. Making money is what I am about now and I have the desire to do what it takes to learn how to reach my goal.

Late on the call

I logged in late and I am excited to learn on this forum...Currently I am deployed at an undisclosed location and attacking a Florida Real Estate COurse at the same time. I can't wait to get on track with my first deal.

Going to be shaking hands!

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I can't wait to meet everyone at the edge Event! I booked my room ($110 a night!! Thanks for getting the discount Megan!) Purchased my plane tickets and networking for a Thursday night dinner! Awesome Extras from Dean!


dgadmin wrote:Update: The

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dgadmin wrote:
The call is now completed. The replay is available using the audio player below.

Turn off your cell phone, don't answer email and tell the family you need a hour of private time - then click the play arrow below and listen to the replay of an amazing call. Plus learn how you can get some amazing bonuses.

To get in on the special offer for EDGE 2010 that was offered on the conference call tonight visit

Sign Up for future calls!

Awesome call! Really enjoyed the energy and success of everyone!!

first confrence call

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Well i used the internet to listen live, and i was excited... got some great info, but was disappointed when i realized that i wasn't going to be able to attend the 2010 Edge event unless i make a sale really fast. See i just received my book a week ago and right now my g/f and I are barely getting buy in every sense of the meaning... we have 4 kids between us and i am already in the dog house for running with this program. she is working 60 hrs a week in an egg plant. I'm on unemployment, and our credit is very poor. I'm joining the success academy this coming wed. so I am trying to get the books read.. hope to hear more from everyone... And i pray that i achieve a really short term goal here to close on enough in time to afford a open seat that the event...

thanks again for the call it DEFINITELY was a great opportunity in itself!!

Stephen Bowman

2010 EDGE

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If this was a preview for the Edge event, we are in for a treat!

WO dean!!!!

I truly believe this event is going to be outstanding just like the call was. I plan to be a part of the event in may keep on changing lives my friends.

P.S. No struggle no progress

03/11/2010 LAST NIGHT CALL

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WOW...thats all I have to say

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Last night call was AWESOME, and I'm so pumped UP for all this month and the up coming month. Thanks to all the speaks for giving us some insights on how they are profiting in there own backyard.

my first call was last night

Last nite was indeed awesome,and learned a few things in listening to carol, joe.sacey and greg..would so love to be at the event in May, and the only way i will be is if we can pull a deal off, or more before then....want to much to make it in a big way for all three of us, and fully certain we will...i'm proud to be part of such a close knit group of good people who stand up to be counted and help their fellow members too....thanks much, and hope to give good news soon on our first deal!! lena richardson

emails of members as Carol stated

Forgot to add...Carol said she would help with info, so need to know how to reach her..lena Richardson

The call was...

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The call was "AWESOME!" I really enjoyed listening to Greg, Joe and Stacey, since I'm re-reading their chapters in the Your Town book.

Unfortunately this year I'll will not be able to attend the EDGE event unless some miracle takes place. I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to join the Success Academy either, but that's another matter in it's own.

I do want to thank Dean, Greg, Joe, Stacy and Carol for sharing this information with the rest of us that are out here learning something that will change our lives forever.


I was busy the night of the call and just listened to it. Thank you all for sharing with all of us and especially you Dean. I truly wish I could attend the Event but will look forward to being there next year once I apply Carol's techniques of "Virtual Assignments". You are a true inspiration Carol! I have a full time job that keeps me extremely busy but I know I can get started on-line and apply some of your techniques.

God Bless all of you!!

conference call replay

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I can't get it to play more than a few seconds on my the problem your end or at my end?

conference call

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I am so happy can't wait for more!!!

conf. call

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I'm looking forward to the call.
Thank you so much, Dean for doin that..

What is your question about the assignment.

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The assignment is a fairly easy strategy to you. YOU lock up a house with a purchase and sell aggreement. When you sign your name on the contract you sign and/or assign. That makes it assignable. The trick is to have a buyer's list before hand. Build up your buyer's list through at Real Estate Auction. back tracking the MLS and look for houses that needed rehabed work, because more than likely the person who bought that house is a rehabed investor. You will have to access through the MLS through a Realtor and ask him to back track the MLS 4 to 6 months from now of houses that needed rehab work. Get the address of the properties and next go to the Tax Assessors office and find out who purchase the property. Next you will call them and introduced yourself and asked them if you could place their names on your buyer's list. build up your buyers list. When you get a property on contract you'll then flip that contract with an investor. The contract you use to do that is call an assignment of contract. That will be all I'm sharing with you for now if you want some more info. You know what you got to do.

Be persistance in life and remember that a close months don't get fed. With that I remain.

Preregistering to recieve sripts from flyers, emails, and signs

I was in on the call and it was AWESOME. A huge THANKYOU goes out to DEAN GREG, JOE, STACEY and CAROL! At the end of the call Dean menetioned a way to recieve scripts of the actual flyers, emails, and signs that Greg, Joe, Stacey and Carol actually used. There was a number to call so that anyone that wanted to preregister via phone could do so. I called the number, left all of my info, and no one called me back. Does any know how I can receive the actual scripts. The EDGE Event sounds awesome and I can not wait to attend.

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