Using The New Analysis Tool

Some people have mentioned they would like to see how others use the research tool ( We built the tool for anyone who looks at a house as an investment first - so that is us, or even just smart home buyers... but I will briefly share how I use some of the features to drill down.

We all look for flat out deals, but the small things can be important also. Consider this... are you renting? Perhaps a low income area? Then Walk-Score is really important to be able to commute by walking or bike for many people. Also, it is an all around good indication of convenience, how close every is for anyone, just not those without cars.

On the demos, are families with kids more apt to live there? If so, the schools information is one of the important factors parents weigh when buying a house. Having good schools that are both close and in their district are big selling points.

Renting it? Use the the rental rates to know what competition is charging. Try slashing your target rent price by 10 or 15% (so you have a great rental opportunity for people to flock to), then calculate your mortgage payment based on the price you are willing to offer for it + monthly est expenses. Does it cash flow the amount you want at that rent price? If so, it could be a great deal, if not, move on!

Maps... we have tons of mapping features for you. The built in map allows you (for most properties) to pan around the property. No more looking straight down, you can get a view from every angle to get a view of the exterior without being there. To pan around it, just click the letters on the compass ("N","S","E","W"). If you prefer large maps, or other provider's maps, just click the "Launch in X" links under mapping.

The list goes on, but these are some little things I know are helpful for me.

Go ahead and share the different ways you research, using this tool specifically or not. The more we know about how others research the more we can improve our tool to meet your needs.


Great Tool...

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I can see this would be a great Tool , But I live in Rural Alabama.not much help here . I love all the great resource's you give!! Keep it up it all works.

thanks Dean

Awesome !!

Dean, This new tool is going to be awesome when we are on the road to do properties comp and have it on our laptop if we have wireless internet. Would be great when we meet clients at their house and we can give them an idea how much the house is worth.
Dean thanks again and you are BRILLIANT !! Just remember that no one can take that away from you and we do believe in you ! Smiling

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

two things that i do not understand...

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REIT Charts
US REIT Index - VNQ ETF Price

Residential REIT - EQR Stock Price

How do i benefit from this info?

Thanks in advance!


Awesome Tool !!

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This is an awesome tool, the only things I would like to see it have at this point were already requested by others; adding any/all of the public records, the tax docs/reports and/or title records for the prop would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for all you do to equip us to do our best. Now we have NO EXCUSES - Just do it ! All the best to you !

I agree, video demo...

A video demo showing the features would really help a newbie like me to take the full advantage of this excellent tool.
Again, Thank you Dean and Staff!!

the new webstie

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what a great new tool , we truly love all the support and effort you and your team give us.
we are taking action and we will succeed thank you so much dean!!!!!!!!
bob@sandy Topaz solutions,inc.

Mr. Graziosi

If someone can"t profit from real-estate from your books and website. It cause they don"t want to. You basically give us everything on a silver platter. Like I was so amazed when I was reading your last book and you set it up where we could use a free website with information already on there. Then you lead us to a site where we could get our own 800# with extensions where callers could leave a message.Plus you have contracts on this site that we can use now this. You make it so easy. There"s is no other Real-Estate Guru out there that makes it this easy no one even close. Than I didnt even mention the Success Academy which I use all the time. Mr. Dean I look at all this that you are giving us to make great wealth in real-estate and when you started you didnt even have 1/2 of the resources you are giving us to use. So If you made it over 20yrs. where you are today I can just imagine what (Us) your students can achieve. I know you make a great profit off selling your material. But I can tell you really care also unlike others who only want to sell make a profit and leave people hanging. Plus alot of your material is free anyway. Which we both know greedy people dont give much away free if any. Thank You so much May GOD continue to Bless you and yours.

Looks great

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The new tool looks great, but I'm not getting any info on several properties that I've tried. I am in a rural area (town of 5500 in Maine). Anyone else having trouble? Ryan

Great information

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Sure beats alot of the other sites out there. These are just the kind of tools us investors need.

Thanks Dean

totalview: totally awesome!

Who da' Man? DG is da' Man! Love the new website and all the tools. I no longer have to search all over the web for this info. Some of this info I didn't know where to find. Love the comps and the rental info.

The only thing I don't understand is the REIT info at the bottom. How does one use this?

Otherwise, can't wait to see it when it is fully functional.

Great tool

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I think that this is a great tool considering that for a lot of investors, we would either use recent comps and one online tool such as zillow. But the fact that you have zillow, cyberhomes and eappraisal all in one place, that is very powerful from a strategic standpoint. Because then with additional information all in one place, it leaves us with a stronger position. Needless to say, I think it is awesome!


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I am a very recent newbie as a DG member This new tool is a real time saver. Before i would have three or four sites pulled up to get all the info that is provided. Not sure how to use it all just yet, but real time saver. Plus if the county records and other public information is added to it, all DG readers would have a huge edge over other investors and Realtor.
Dean, you really know how to keep members going. Looking forward to the first deal.

Keep up the good work Dean!
Your doing an awesome job!!!

To everyone's success,
Garry C.

P.s. An instructional video would help.

I like it

I enjoy using it..very useful tool for us. Thanks Dean for all the real estate innovations you are doing for us...dom

This tool is absolutely awesome !!

I cannot use this tool enough !!!

Thanks so much -- incredible tool !!


GREAT Time Saving Tool!

I can tell you, it saves me so many hours in doing research on properties, neighborhoods, rentals, and so much more. Now, all I do is pull up my county sheriffs foreclosure sale listings, bring up this tool, and see what's available and what can make money. Fantastic. I'm confident to make offers that are within range. AND it helps me identify REAL $$$ deals.

Dean, thanks again for bringing yet another great tool to us.

DMD Ventures LLC

Love it!

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I spend a lot of time on the total view site. Being an accountant I just love all the data. I've practiced on my friends houses, etc. It's fun to get the scoop on houses I'm just nosey about too. I can't say enough good stuff about this tool. I'm presenting comps to a friend of mine tomorrow about his parents house that he wants to sell. I'm trying to figure out how much he should ask versus how much he should spend for fix-up and all that. If Total View has a price $10000 less than Zillow and the price per square varies by as much as $10 in the area on the comps shouldn't I be able to calculate that his fixup costs shouldn't exceed the $10 per square or he is losing money on the rehab?

thanks for all the cool info-I feel empowered!

The Right Tool!

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You must have the correct tool for the job. This is the perfect tool for what I am doing. The Job!! Thanks Dean and your Expect team at the Success Academy. You guys make it happen!

I can tell, by the simple fact, that you've included this invaluable tool, as one of the many resources on your website, that you are full of love, compassion and sincerity about helping your fellow man. This tool not only saves one, hours of foot work, but also has most of the features relevant to win-win negotiations. I Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being such a great role model. You are certainly one of God's Angels on earth. May your spirit bless all of us and cause each one of us to step up and accept the challenge of first transforming our financial future and then to share it with others less fortunate. Thank you for Blessing my life.
Real Estate Broker/ Investor

P.S. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you were a ....Saint... for you have shown us "only what you do for Christ will last."

1st TIME

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YES, yes, yes, this tool is GREAT !!!
My thanks to DG and all who assisted in getting this to us. It will save plenty time guarnteed.

New Tool

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I'm new at this, but this new analysis tool opens you eyes


my first sale and I need some help!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I made my first purchase today. All I have done so far is write up the "Agreement to lease with option to purchase." What is my next step? Do we go to a title company now or at the end of my 30 days. Sorry for sounding stupid, but i really dont know what i should do next.



If someone was to answer my questions, will they automatic pop back up on the forum, or do i need to put a email address? I keep typing, but i dont know where to look for the response.

By the way Dean, the new tool is great. I used it with my this sale which is my first. But I still need some more help.


total view

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thanks dean i absolutely love this tool.i started testing it by pulling values on homes i knew about but my main target area is 350 miles from where i currently live.this makes life alot easier and helps any of us to get a handle on our respective markets quicker.even though i was playing around trying to get used to the application i found myself LEARNING.rob

Excellant tool

Love this new weapon, great info. Thanks

What a Toooool!!!!

Thankyou Dean, for all the tools you provide for your DG family..You never cease to amaze us.

Lots of helpful info found

I have been using it and especially like the, see more details by
The monthly payment helps to see if it will fit into a possible rental situation. Thanks again for all this help.

Amazing tool!

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Totalview is totally cool! It has such great info all in one place. Thank you Dean! I love it. I use it every day. But I too don't understand the REIT #'s.

Problem with Total View

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I have tried many times to use Total View and cannot get it to work properly for me.

I registered when it was 1st introduced and referred three other people who registered so was told I received "lifetime" membership.

When I enter a property address, it will start loading and come up partially. My cursor will start spinning and continue to spin and spin and spin. After 5-10 minutes of spinning it will just totally knock me off line!

This does not happen to me on any other site and has happened here EVERY single time!

Please help!


another computer

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Have you tried accessing it from a different computer to narrow down if the problem is with the site or your computer?

Total View

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Hi Karen . I called customer support awhile back about it as I was having a problem with it . I didn't get kicked off though . It just sat there with the sideways spinning barber pole in a snow bank (blank white page). Anyway they acknowledged that it is broke down . Programmers are trying to fix it . Took weeks for me to get anything out of it . Now I at least get , there is no information available for your area/request. (not an exact quote). Hope it isn't a case of unfriendly to/with your computer too .

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