Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #102 -

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week you're going to see something completely NEW from Dean.

Now, you're probably thinking, 'yeah sure you tell us that all the time.' well, yes I do, but have I ever lied?

No, and I ain't starting now. So if you want to get really excited about your future, then watch this. And LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS SO DEAN knows his effort is worth it. Eye-wink

Your Money

That sounds very great. But like the other person says about to be homeless. Show us how to use you alls money with out haveing to pay a price to attend. Have all kinds of great deals here in MO. But need investors to sale the property. You leave a message on the site and no one seems to be interested

Wow, Dean!!

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All these comments are right on target! I can’t think of anything else to add.You have been such an encouragement to me, not just in real estate, but also in Life.

your new video

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If I understand what you are trying to do with this brainstorming session, it is certainly "above and beyond", and exactly what I would expect of you.
Thank you.
I have yet to do my first deal, largely because of me letting "life" get in the way, but it does need to happen soon!

Awesome ...

Sounds good. Count me in once I'm fine with the details.


... to hear more!!!




Your blog posts are what keeps me going even though I have yet to achieve success. I'm ready to know more about these partnerships. Please Keep it coming!

Don Reynolds

Hello Dean

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Your inspiration and encouragement is monumental and my interest is sparked to learn more of this fine tuning fork in the road to success. Tell me more because I do need your help. Many blessings to you.


I'm Looking forward to hearing the details and opportunities. Thanks for your help and concern.

Las Vegas, NV

Hey I am looking foward to

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I am looking foward to hear anything that will help me get to the next level.


I'm very exicted

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I am very intrested with what you have to offer, I just started my class rooms lessons two weeks ago and I cannot wait to close my first deal.
So if you have anything more than you are already providing I am willing to learn and apply.

My thanks to all of you.

Mary Kucharczyk

George Parcels

Hello Dean, You always provide some very good information. Would like to hear more about this new program you are doing.

Looking forward to it!

We love your weekly blogs.... so motivating to us. We became part of your real estate success academy recently and also purchased the SFL system. Those systems, along with this website, has given us the direction we need to get started in real estate. We have determined our initial investment strategy (fast, short term gain with assignment of contract or bird dogging) and have built our buyers list. Now working on the sellers! Our long term strategy is to purchase properties for rental or to buy and hold. We are excited to see what this new program you are initiating will be. Your brief introduction today sounds like something we would be very interested in.

Thank you again... your story and those of your students are extremely motivating to us. Hearing stories such as Matt Larson's is pushing us to do the same so that we can become motivators for others!


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Hi Dean...I think it would be great to do something on the east seems as though there isn't much for NJ/NY area...I did join the academy and I have my 3 day on site coach coming out in a few weeks, but I still feel a bit lost as far as making an offer and finding those great deals....please help. I really need to start making money soon so I can help not only myself, but my elderly parents...the pressure is starting to get to me...what else can I do, I'm willing to work hard and do what it takes.
Thank You,
Linda L.

Guest at the table

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I would love to be at that level with you guys. I realize that this will take time and effort, but one day in the next 2-5 years I will share my experiences and learn of yours.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you've come up with...


What I look forward to.

Hi Dean! Great video blog. I always look forward to your blogs. They have become a great source of inspiration and knowledge. There is always something to take away from them. You are an amazing teacher and giver. Thank You!

Hi, teach! :)

So many thoughts, but mainly, thank you -- all, but especially Dean and now, Matt -- for looking for practical ways to help us newbies. My thoughts still turn to trying to figure out how I might actually buy one of these properties with no money and no credit, and I am hoping you can address that... Oops! Just thought maybe I can flip a flip? Smiling


Really looking forward to learn from you guys!!!!
thanks for all your help and support.



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Dean, this is GREAT
I'm looking forward to this.
Having YOU Fund our deals. I need all the HELP YOU can give me. I'm still trying to do my first deal.

Thank You

Moving to a new state would love to have help finding the deals

I am very interested in finding out more.

Need all the help I can get..sounds great.

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I'm really looking foreward to your new financing for your students, and hopefully those of us who want to invest and for what ever reason do not have to funds to join your sales acadamy, but have been working hard on their own and may need help with financing a deal or two to get started. I live in FL and in the "eppi center" of the foreclosure market..Cape Coral there are lots of deals, but having a hard time finding investors/buyers who want to put up the money for a deal and alow me to collect my fee and start building my buisness.
Any help in finding or getting into one of your RE funding programs would be awesome, thank you sooo much.

Deals For Projects

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I will be very interested in you really help me fund this 1 particular deal here in GA. My thirst for being involved in the RE. Bus. has sought of dried up, However I'm not ready to give up! if your real about this, then lets make it happen!! I was sure i was going to get funded for this deal about 2mths. ago, but i was caught in a online scam and lost almost a grand. Now I'm very skeptical about doing business at all with anyone over this net.

Very Excited!

great news cant wait to hear more! Im in too. Thanks.

Wening will like to Be Part of it!

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Thank you Dean, as usual just a great Video/Blog. I see you fell better, Good!

I appreciate all the challenges and motivation you have presented to us. I have use some of them and some of them no so wisely done. But, I have realize that I am scare of success. BUT! I will love to be part of the new success Team work. Please Count me in.

Thank you! Dean/Team for creating a road map for my family and me to follow; and for been there when I most need help and guidance.

“Imagine and enjoy your new (position) (Product) even before you have found the path to it”
Who have move my cheese by Spencer Johnson

Have a Very Successful Day! Happy Investing!

Wening Cintron

Love your Blogs

You are so upbeat but yet there are a lot of us who just can't seem to make that leap. I can't even find time to read your book. I am in such desparate need to make money and support my family so my children can have milk for supper that I can't understand why I can not make this work....what is my problem...why is it so easy for some and so complicated for others.......I am not a stupid person....I am extremely driven and hard-working and very outgoing but buying these properties seems so far out there.

My credit is in the gutter due to my ambition of trying to save a floundering family business. I lost my home in order to keep my mother's nest egg in tact.......please help me figure this out. Why does there have to be such a cost to be mentored......why can't there be a cost on achievement after the mentorship?

I Can't Wait!

Thanks Dean for helping all of your students go to the next level!

You're amazing!

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I believe you are going to blow the competition out of the water!
Everyone out there is out for themselves and all you can think of doing is - "how can I help others succeed?" You're an amazing guy-- no one would believe how hard you work, if they didn't see it with their own eyes. We all do, thousands of us can attest to your goodwill toward others. It's like Christmas every week. You just keep giving out new free stuff! All those parasites out there will never get close to you, you are in a class all by yourself.
I am grateful.
Looking forward to what's coming. You can count me in. I love to travel so maybe Chicago is in the mix?

Video is interesting excited about starting

I was a real estate investor made good money loss a lot and it took me out of the business more interested and motivated to start back and to share my sucess

Looking forward to details!

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We're in St. Petersburg Florida and have plenty of investor money at our disposal, but we need to really learn how to find deals that are not on MLS with investor "bidding wars" in process. We just put our 3rd and 4th rehabbed properties on the market and are ready to move to the next level. We signed up for Edge 2011 - would LOVE to get a jump start before then! Thanks, Dean!!

Great Idea

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Great idea guys would love to be able to go to any meeting to learn more from all of you keep me in the loop please

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