Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #102 -

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week you're going to see something completely NEW from Dean.

Now, you're probably thinking, 'yeah sure you tell us that all the time.' well, yes I do, but have I ever lied?

No, and I ain't starting now. So if you want to get really excited about your future, then watch this. And LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS SO DEAN knows his effort is worth it. Eye-wink

Deals and inspiration

This sounds exciting! I am on the Indiana/Michigan line and it is HARD to find buyers or secure renters due to the financial state of the area. Count me in to learn and work in other areas of the country....thanks for inspiring me to keep trying....see you at the Edge.

Susan Christine

How do you do it?

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I mean coming up with such creative ideas. You are definitely spreading more bread upon the water!! Very excited. I am in Bham, AL..I hopefully found a good real estate lady and am just ready to make some things happen. Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement. God Bless you and my fellow DG'ers.

new deals

hello dean
for those of us that have yet make there first deal would love that extra push from behind like most of the folks who have not done there first deal I know once that firts one is out of the way
the second one could not wait so just to get all the (excuses(me)garbage pushed to the side and do the things that make a deal is up to us but a mentor per-say you guys is just what the doctor would order
yes i would like to know what it is you came up with

Private money sounds awesome

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That's what I need more then ever to do deals. Living in Central Florida within a 1/2 hour of Disney and all the theme parks this is one of the hottest areas for buying foreclosures in the USA. I just finished renovating a 4 family home I purchased with a private investor. Purchase price $80,000 we put $30,000 into it and it is now fully rented producing $2400 a month. These are the type of deals I can bring to the table. I hope we can do some deals together. DL

investing in my future

i cant wait too see if you guys are really going to help ppl get into your training program. i feel as though if i had the money i would be one of your top students. i just find it difficult to get a beginning. i read and read and still get overwhelmed!if you get a BANK TO FINANCE ME FOR YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM,not only will i be grateful but one of your best students!!!!!

Thank You

Thank you for sharing your brainstorming session with us and I am very excited to make it work. I am just finishing the book and waiting until I have some extra money to sign up for the Real Estate Academy! Looking forward to being one of your successful students.

Private Funding

Sounds like great news Dean. I have 20 years experience in the mortgage and finance industry for which I estimate I have reviewed over 30,000 appraisals in my time as an underwriter, sales manager, and wholesale account representative. I realized where the market was going several years ago, and pursued other interest.

I am now a massage therapist, spin instructor, personal trainer, and journalist. However, I also want to fulfill my potential and also help the environment and it's sustainability for the future. Not for myself, but for those who follow us.

I have read both of your books and watched the videos to fill in the blanks and get acquainted with the current market conditions and characteristics.
I now have a system in place with the exception of funding, which is available but not on terms I feel are favorable. Many doors appear to be open, but are in reality scams. That is expected and eventually I will succeed as I have in the past.
I look forward to hearing more and great work. You are an inspiration, and I hope to work directly with you at some time. By the by, here is my vision.

Echo Green

A Real Estate Investment Group with a conscience specializing in the rehabilitation of properties as sustainable, economical, and green structures.

Then reselling to homeowners and investors of like minded consciousness for the future, and a desire for lower utility costs. Reduce , reuse, and recycle from a housing perspective.

Echo Green's mission is to make the earth more sustainable one dwelling at a time!

The Echo Green project seeks like minded investors, buyers, and properties that meet our criteria for an eco-friendly conversion.

Echo Green intends to make a positive imprint while maintaining profitability.

* The bank gets an unprofitable asset off their balance sheet.

* The community gets a marketable property with a low cost, sustainable future boosting the neighborhood's value.

* The investor gets a higher rate of return than the traditional financial markets offer.

* The homeowner gets a green, energy efficient dwelling rarely found in the resale market that will save them money month after month for years to come.

* And of course, the Mother Earth becomes a little more sustainable.


Hello Dean,

First let me THANK YOU for giving us variety on

the PHONE SEMINARS, my favorite is the QUESTIONS

& ANSWERS. I would love to have a day where we

could role play with the coach, and also

a day where we could share ads that the students

are using, & have found successful!

Will you guys be finding properties in Maryland?

You will help us students who are afraid to take

that first step!!!!!!!!!


I'M IN!!

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I'm in the Mesa Arizona area and also looking to buy in beautiful sunny So. Ca. where I lived for over 25 years. There's an absolutely beautiful area I've got my eye on. And, I have a house in Sedona that's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! is the only way to describe it, that I've had my eye on for a long time. I want to buy it and rent it but didn't see how I could do that. I would eventually live in it (is one dream I have). Anyway, I'm open to whatever, Dean! You're so awesome, dear! No wonder we all love you here Smiling Tell me what to do and I'll DO IT!!

BTW: I'm in the Academy...

rehabbing Cape Cod

I'm a student of yours Dean. My biggest interest is in rehabbing. I'm a realtor as well as a member of a local REIA (real estate investors association). I'm brand new as I was a landscaper for 35 years!
I haven't made any concrete connections with a personal investor or equity partner as yet. I've found some great deals but with no money to pursue them. Want to help out a guy with lots of drive but no money to get started!
Gary Ralston

Hi Dean

This sound so good I just hope that I can be apart and get funds to purchase deals here in this local Beach area of South Carolina, I move here almost a year now from Californa but no deal yet. Thank you so much for this opportunity looking forward to working with you, with private money. I am still working on my debts and credit and need to make deals that cashflows.

I am in upstate NY and just

I am in upstate NY and just havin a hard time gettin things to fall into place and could surely use a hand to get my business movin. Desperately seeking guidance and funding. Praying your assistance extends to upstate NY.

PML & Deals?

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Looking forward to the time when I can submit the details regarding my deal and get funding from your company!! I'm a member of the success academy, closed my first flip in 2010 and have another accepted offer for 11 units, 2 buildings with none of my own money!! But bank is beginning to look at the leverage and hesitate on my deals Sad

I would be making money much quicker if the money source was there! Thanks.

Who wouldn't be interested?

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Hi Dean,
I was just re-watching the 2010 EDGE this weekend and wondering if you had started these sessions yet. Very cool, I can't wait to be part of it. I think it is a great idea and very bold move on the part of your company to start branching out past just teaching. Can't wait to see what come next, thanks Dean and keep doing what you do!

Home Again

I just came up with an idea to rehab homes and resell them to people who have been displaced by this terrible economy If they can't afford it, lease-to-own would work. Offer work to local people at a reduced rate so as to not run up the cost of the rehab but give skilled out of work people the opportunity to make something and contribute. I just want to help out my community as well as myself.
All I need is money and a plan other than that, the skies the limit!

First Time

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YES,YES,YES! Count me in, private money, a bank on our side, and investments that cash flow is a no brainer. I pretty much mastered the finding probates and deals slide right by me because of not having funds on hand to make the deal go smoothly.

Help with financing my deal that sounds nice !

I have a deal in mind REO and possible partner dont want to give to much info but will like to here more about what exactly you plan to do. Thanks for all you have taught me so far and always eager to learn more Rick

just listen to vedio very

just listen to vedio very excited driving trucks now but can not wait till i get that infro so lets get it started

I'm a hard worker, working

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I'm a hard worker, working at my family business. I have read "Profits for Real Estate" and it really inspired me. I need help with getting the ball rolling. I don't have any money or credit. I'm really need this for my survival and I'm willing to work hard.

Dean, YOU are the MAN ! We are Excited !

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COUNT US IN ! Oh We would also like to be at one of your Brain Storming Sessions. Any chance of coming to the Raleigh NC area ? I can gather a few of our business friends and come out.. Please let me know.. Thanks..
Frank G
Sanford, NC

Sounds like a big help

Hey Dean,
I listen to all the blogs, read all the comments, I know I am not alone with this. I have been out of work due to an injury, my paycheck was cut badly, my wife has been laid off for 2 yrs, she has been sending resumes out weekly, nothing yet. I don't want anyone to think I am whining, just letting you know where we stand. We decided to go out on a limb and participate in the SFL system. I see the amount of potential this offers, but I am still having a hard time getting things going. I am sure my state of mind is not helping, with the amount of stress involved in our situation, but also when talking to banks and private money lenders, I think I am just so nervous, I am not getting any help. I would love to attend a VIP brainstorming meeting. I would be very interested in seeing what you have in mind, for lending private money. I will be watching and listening. I need to make this happen Dean, and again, I would like to thank you for giving us some direction, and some hope.

Amazing Stuff

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Great blog this week! Today I close on my first deal and have my eyes on my second. Thank you so much for everything - mainly the inspiration to get out there and do it!

Your Efforts ARE Worth It!

Way to think BIG! I'm starting the think, with the help of people like Dean, this economy can be turned around! I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to wait for the goverment to "bail" us out. I am beginning to see that real estate has the potential to solve some of the problems in the economy. If we all work together, then we can make a difference!

Thanks Dean and Friends!


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Looking forward to what you guys put together. The financing will surely help shortening the journey to financial success.

Take care...


Dean, How about South Florida??

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Hi Dean and Matt! Thanks for the information and the video's, really helps. Very positive and energetic.

Can't wait until you start the private money funding, and the deals of the week....looking forward to it! Let's work together and change some lives.

I recently became involved with HOPE of South Florida....helping people/families who are homeless. Did you know there are 2 new and different classes of homeless? Going to concentrate on those 2 groups and help others get back in the game of life.

Until the next video!



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I've been trying to find out how to go about getting the SFL system, to no avail. I was never offered it when I signed onto the Academy in early September and I wish it had been. Any hope for this? Please? Smiling Thanks,



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To Sandy Kline. I feel your pain my friend. I and my family are in a situation much the same. I started this venture 10mths ago and still am looking for my first deal. I invested in the Academy but have not been able to succeed yet. I WILL i KNOW it i just need to be succeding now. I know how difficult it is when you have no money we have accrued so much credit card debt trying to get our future movin. It is scary. But Dean and this site always help me to keep movin forward. Everyday i tell myself as long as i am moving forward and take it step by step i will get there. I hope it is before i lose my home and the life we have worked so hard to build. Thanks Dean for being my inspiration and for all the work and effort you put forth to help all of us.


This is great! Thanks to the team for your effort and time. Dean Matt, Patty and everyone. I'm behind you all.

Thank You!

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Thank you for all your help and motivation. I'm still working towards my first deal and sometimes I get down on myself but when I do I always visit your website or refer back to your books. Even though this is my first time posting something on the site I'm always reading great motivating remarks, comments or stories from all the students and watching all your blogs. So in that case, a big THANK YOU to the entire DG Family as well. You're all a lot of help and you might not even know it.

Mike Space


AWESOME plan is all I can say. I haven't closed yet but got my 3rd deal under contract from a bank all 100% financing with no money out of my pocket through Joe and Stacey Jurek's technique of contacting banks and working with the asset manager. Since I live in Matt's area all I can say I've made it way harder than what it's supposed to be, haha! I can do this thanks to you Dean and all of your students!!!
Cathy L

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