Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #102 -

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week you're going to see something completely NEW from Dean.

Now, you're probably thinking, 'yeah sure you tell us that all the time.' well, yes I do, but have I ever lied?

No, and I ain't starting now. So if you want to get really excited about your future, then watch this. And LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS SO DEAN knows his effort is worth it. Eye-wink

I am ready to participate...

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This is exciting Dean!!!
I am ready to roll in Houston Texas.
I would like to know more about what you guys are coming up with!!
Let me know.

Alex Rubio from Houston.

I'm hoping this is true.

I'm hoping this is true. I've already invested money my family didn't have to get the education but can't find private lenders because I'm a newbie. I find the deals but because of my hours of work (6am-7pm or later) and my wife going to school at night, (sometimes I'm a single parent) I don't have the time to do anything with the deals I find. I need private lending because our credit is horrible. This week I'm on vacation so I'll be spending all my free time trying to get my business rockin.

Brain Storming

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Hi Dean, Matt & All,
I'm just starting out and I think it's great that you are helping soooo many people. I would love to brain storm if I had any ideas. Guess I better start learning more quickly so I can do this real estate business and help others . I can't wait! Hope you come to my area of MI (The thumb). Love you all and hope to see you soon.

Annette Bates


Hey Dean, Thanks for the information. We're really exited about what you and your team are doing and can't wait to get started. See you soon.

Talk about Kicken tha Chicken to the next level!!

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A W E some! what else can be said for a guy that came from nothing, had nothing, and surpassed belief of those around him by launching not only himself into a new world of possibility, but those that dared to be different and followed him.

I am new to RE after a 15 year career of being a trauma nurse. Dean has a nature of inspiration and gratitude that he shares with those that would not only listen, but hear and act.
I am in a podunk little town like so many others, but I am hopeful,positive, and assured that I shall find the deals. The thought of you Dean potentially private funding a deal blows me away! AWESOME!

Getting Started!

Hey Dean I'm very open and trying to get started, I would love to be a part of your next group that you are mentoring or finding deals for. I have found deals yet the next steps are a little difficult for me so I guess that where I would need the help...looking forward to a great and prosperous partnership!


Dean Sure Can Cook!

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Sounds like another super recipe from Dean, et al.! You're putting all the ingredients together for us to whip up!

Sounds awesome!

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We are in Illinois, so we are excited about this! Hopefully, it will help us all out.

weekly blog.

Hi Dean, Im very interested and looking forward to more info on this great adventure. Thanks Sesa.

The Lone Ranger

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Do you feel like the Lone Ranger. Sometimes I feel that way, and when I do I just come to the DG website and there's Dean with his latest blog coming to the rescue. And with more than just motivation. I can't wait to be a part of something like what Dean's proposing.

Our economy in Houston, Tx. has been better than most of the rest of the country and the really low priced deals (less than $50K) are few and far between. And when you do find them, they're usually in areas that are not good for investing. The other deals are in the really high end of the pricing spectrum and aren't selling very fast. Houston has so many investors that it's been hard to find the great deals, so I'm really looking forward to the possibilities of taking my re business to the next level having the hands-on guidance that we beginners long for.

Hi Dean

Your message sounds great.Im very interested in seeing what you will have to offer.


I am ready and you can count

I am ready and you can count me in. I am willing to learn everything I can about real estate investing so I can live my life the way I always wanted. Thanks for any and all the info.

Great Opportunity

WOW! Thanks, Dean! This sounds like an amazing opportunity. I can't wait to hear all the details.

I'm determined to make a go of this despite the challenges that keep appearing and detour my own goals.

Dean, you a unique person and a terrific leader. Thanks so much for all you share.

At a time when I needed a boost!

Absoltely I am interested in the new endeavor! I am a single Mom with kids with health issues and am down to my last dollar. I have not given up the faith and am looking for deals each day. Your blogs, products, books etc. keep me going. I know it's going to happen and maybe this new idea of yours is the key to opening the door for me.

Thank you for all that you do for us!


Please Count Us In With Your Private Funding Deals

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Yes Dean,
we are INTERESTED and excited. We live in Newport News Virginia and can't wait to hear your good news and be a a part of it. Please count us in!!!!!!!!!

hi dean

hi dean,i found a deal 35%below fmv.i would like to wholesale it,can you help with that?i will not make an offer until i know i have funding in place,time is wasting please help!thanks,tim:)

Let's Rock

Can't wait to hear more. We are ready rock.

I'm Buying Properties For You

This is the kick in the pants I need to get going!!! of attraction

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Hi dean... Im at work and not able to see the video cause they blocked your site... Like i posted last week, i just finished getting trained from matt larson here in miami. I told him that one of my goals is to do deals with both of u guys. It's only been a week since matt left miami. I have been doing everything he has told me to do verbatam and im getting 2 - 3 calls a day from people wanting to sell there house.. Thanks dean...thanks matt... Im getting closer to my goal of doing some deals with u guys


I would like to hear more about another get together soon and keep the great info coming!

Hi Dean, This sounds very

Hi Dean,
This sounds very interesting!
Hopefully you and Matt will come up with a way for the average investor to start making money in real estate.
There are deals out there, but sometimes seem to tough to land.
Perhaps with your backing we can make them happen!
I will be watching very closely to see what you come up with.
Thanks and keep up the great work.
Tom Palmiotto

If we all work together then the market recovers and we all win.

Dean Thank You for all your videos and your belief in all of us. I think if we all help each other as you help us then we all will make lots of money and we can help our country. I know that the people that are the most desperate will do the most to bring the Real Estate market back for a little help a lot of times is the best i wish to tell you Thank You for helping those that can least help themselves for we all know that what we give will come back to you in 10 fold happiness. I hope you come to Texas so we can do some deals and i can pay it forward too to help others to be a mentor for your organization.For what we give freely will help all in what we all want.

God Bless


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I'd like to hear more when you're ready. Put me on the list.

I am very interested

I want to participate, please include me. thank you so much


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That is incredible Dean. Of course we are in! Looking forward to the unwrapping of the program. Thanks AGAIN for changing lives...

Works For Me!

I am ready to get moving. Need the deals. No, I need the money! I live just east of Kansas City MO and would love to work with you and Matt Larson and the group in this area.

Then, can we work in Florida for the winter........?

Your the best Dean. I havent

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Your the best Dean. I havent done any deals yet but Im on the ground looking.Im anxious to find out what you guys have come up with at the brain storm at your home. Keep us posted!!

I Have to be at the next one Dean..!

Well it always feels good when I check my email and see your post for the weekly blog. Im always open for what ever you bring to the table and I hope to study with you at the next two day study course... Thank you Dean for helping me , move towards the right direction...

Very cool stuff Dean

I think that you are the most thoughtful person in the biz.... Looking forward to working with you and your students.. I live on the East end of Long Island in new york.. I live in the Hamptons , one of the richest parts of new york... there are deals here to be had, I am a builder looking to increase my income with real estate, I am tired of the physical labor and would like to put my building knowledge together with your knowledeg and make some dollars... If I come up with some good deals I will let you know , maybe you will be interested in checking them out... Thanks again Dean you are the man !!! Mario Gerardi

i am a newbie no deal yet

i am a newbie no deal yet working with a coupleof investors having some roadblocks but not giving up love your blogs looking forword to the newest one would love to be in the success academy but just cannot afford it.. keep reading the books and really helps alot

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