Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #111 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink in This Blog

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Okay, Dean's done some pretty terrific blogs in the last two years, but this is probably the most diverse to date.

He's got a great exercise to keep you feeling great, no matter what. An advance notice of a really special, never attempted offer.

And a series of video clips I just like to call the "Magnificent Seven" (because it's seven people who all have something you will find magnificent!

Hey, why are you still reading? Go watch the video.

Blog But the kitchen sink

Another great Blog: Dean you are so amazing. What you share with all of us.From setting goals,to giveing all,a lot of help and inspiration. Staff excellent help,I say from my heart, you have done so much to help everyone,So many people out there with seminars, they are about the money, they dont care about people, like you do. Thanks again. Carol in Texas

This is what I'm Talking about

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Thanks Dean and your staff for such an amazing event and also for giving us such a great thing to look forward to inthe EDGE. I can't wait to see what amazing things are going to be offered at this event.

Im just starting off and this might are ruff but at the same time i look ahead a see a bright and great future so i di not know where ill be but i hope that it will be sitting at the EDGE with my partner learning how to go fast.

I will be successful and i have to thank you for showing and turning on that light for me.

Thanks ahead and God Bless.


Positively Cool

A good start to the week and 2011 Mr.Dean. I as everyone should make a "cool" list and review/revise frequently. I have mine and use it to help me stay positive,focused,and moving forward. God Bless and good investing. Creeper in Appling,GA


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Thank-you again for agreat up lifting from a boring non productive wkend.

I look foreward to mondays,not because I have to go to wrk. but to get me back on track .

What I need to do for the wk. beside work and bills.

Get back to my schedule that I worked out,and got off track again.


Will do my homework that ya have told about also.

Theresa M.

The Blog

We are brand new to the Dean Graziosi family, as a couple and parents of 2 we are excited about the prospects of what we can, with lots of work, achieve. We are definately a little nervous about all this and very green but are sure with the correct encouragement, instruction and support from the academy we will over come any fears, embrace 2011 and succeed in anything and everything we deceide to try. We are so thankful for the opportunity we have with Dean and his fantastic team.... we can't wait until next week to find out more about the seminar and hope to meet those, and many more brilliant people in May. Thanks to Dean and all those who bared their souls for us!!

Weekly Blog

I would like to thank uou for taking the time to post a weekly blog. It starts the week and helps me keep focused but I am still falling of track at the end of the week. Doing to much, to many different things. Still trying to find a happy medium to occomplish everything I need to and make progress in REI.

Again thanks for your inspiration and time.


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Thank you for reminding me what was like to be there last year, it was great and I will see you again this year.

fantastic blog

even though i haven't made any deals yet, i believe in the program and it will happen some day soon.
Thank you for everything you do.

great dean..

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i woke up this morning a bit stressed out.. untill i saw your email i saw that amazing video u put on an all those postive people that done so much to get where they wanna achevie thank you everyone.

Blog #111

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Dean this one equals or tops the blog that I thought was the best . You really connected ! You really got my attention when you said you operated the backhoe . Why ? Because if it was a true larger crawler type backhoe I was part of a team that made the industry change their machines to hydraulic, pneumatic and electric and streamlining them . I use to have people come to me asking how to improve their products . So, I saw how proud you were at being able to run those machines . That made me proud that I did do something to help people . Which also showed your pride in your RE company now . This Blog opened the book of you . Smiling.
Laughing out loud Want to match personal operating capabilities ?

Ditto w/gtrice55

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I also believe in your program, strategies and you. It will happen. I will do it. Thanks for passing on the "strength"!


How to achieve success

How to achieve success when you need to overcome your own fears and preconceived notions.

Dean your blog is an inspiration; but insight on this topic would be beneficial to me and a few of my close friends.

We were having a discussion on this and wanted some input from others here. Go visit the forum I've posted and add your own comments.

Thank you for your weekly inspiration.


Definitely Not!!

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You did not go too far Dean, you always find that fine line between just enough and too far, lol. Great info and I'm going to do the 10 things exercise right now. Thats a great way to build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Anything that comes from a group that costs 25K per year HAS to be good. Thanks for always sharing great wisdom. We look forward to the next blog.

Deshone - Mr. Real Estate

I am still impressed !!!

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I am still here and I am still just as impressed with how down to earth you are. You obviously care about all your clients including me. I am just having difficulty building my buyers list. I can't seem to move forward because of that. I know how to find houses. There's pleanty of them out there, especially here in central Florida. My Ah Ha moment happened while watching this blog. I just realized that you are for real and you really do care about me.

High, high, high

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The motivation that you create by your insights and those of (successful)others keeps us high. High on life, high on believing, and high on achieving and moving on to the next plateau. Thanks so much for sharing those clips from the last Edge event. You just filled my tank, again!!!


great blog

It's a great compliment to Dean that he continues to replace his goals and recharge his energy with having the "consistant willingness to learn" attitude. When we see individuals come forward and express their desires to make a significant mark in their lives, it helps us all to redefine what purpose in life we are all here for. By being a positive influence, Dean, is setting standards by being a walking example of what he believes in himself and us.

We will be there !

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Lots of inspiration on the blog this week--we are signed up for the edge 2011 and can't wait for it ! We have LOVED watching/listening to both the Edge 2009 & 2010 dvds over the last year and a half or so, but can't wait to BE THERE this year !

Dean Keeps me in REI ...

Thanks, Dean - My girlfriend knows that I'm a student in your Success Academy and she believes I've wasted my money because I have not made my first deal yet. I will do my first deal this winter. Thanks for your encouragement and blogs. I bought the Edge 2010 DVDs and they are inspiring and give me the capabilities to do deals. I play The Edge DVD over and over again and I took great notes. I am contacting my buyers in person because of what Rina said on the DVDs. Your blog was NOT too much.

Sharon from Hamilton, New Jersey


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That blog was truely inspiring, thank you so much for being so dedicated to us. Your words and students have encouraged me to go to the next level. I cant wait to see you live at The Edge 2011! Thanks again.


The Edge Is Great!

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I didn't go to last year's edge event, but did buy the home study course! It seems like an awesome experience to be apart of in person! Looking forward to the day I'm in that crowd attending!

Thank you

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for always being so transparent with us; not only about RE, but sharing of yourself with us. There have been MANY times I've been down in the dumps and have come here to have your blogs speak right to me just where I need it, and I thank you SO much for this community. The many wonderful people here who have been instrumental in bringing me past the negativety in my life; any time on my journey I've needed a lift I've come here! I can't wait to meet the many people I am so grateful for on this site, and of course you Dean! I will be there, and we are trying to gather others with kids to go in on childcare together. I've already bought an EDGE ticket with SFL system, so I will be there one way or another! Looking so forward to it!

I am having a tough time with 10 cool things about me! I have 4 and then I get stuck! Thanks for all you do for us Dean (and your staff). Smiling

latest video

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Very inspiring.

great blog

another blog full of inspiration thank you....

Thanks Dean

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For another great blog. Like going to church on Sunday to get recharged in our every day life, Dean your blogs recharge our REI life.

See you at the Edge Event 2011.

Thank You

Steve and Veronica

Great Dean

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I loved this week special blog...and i want your autograph as well lol...and im gonna use the exercise you gave and apply it...i really wished i had the money to go because believe me i would if i have great blessing coming...have a good one...your youngest student.

Javon Lowery

Latest Video Blog

Dean - this is another great blog and by the way my name is Christina not Christine.

Thanks for ensuring all future emails are updated .


Once agin I find myself beating my head against the wall things seem to be going someone elses way and I open my e-mail to find your latest Blog.!! it has inspired me many times again. Thanks Dean I've been to many R/E seminars over 20 years but you give more up to date info then all that I've been to. EDGAR

Dean, The event sounds so

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The event sounds so awesome. Thanks for the weekly blogs!

Can't Wait

Thanks for all you do for us. I am looking forward to next week's blog.

Never Too Much!

Dean, you have to understand dude! To alot of us, this is the only positive motivation we get! Where I come from, doom is part of your DNA! The blogs, events, comments from DG members, the RE Academy,'s all we have. Negativity rules everyday and everyday we have to fight it. It's hard to jump off of a moving ferris wheel! You and the DG fam have to keep it coming or it's over for a guy like me!

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