Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #111 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink in This Blog

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Okay, Dean's done some pretty terrific blogs in the last two years, but this is probably the most diverse to date.

He's got a great exercise to keep you feeling great, no matter what. An advance notice of a really special, never attempted offer.

And a series of video clips I just like to call the "Magnificent Seven" (because it's seven people who all have something you will find magnificent!

Hey, why are you still reading? Go watch the video.


I saw the blog dean and i need that to keep me going was a lil down but i'm back on track waiting on a call,one day i will be able to attend one of ur meeting,keep doing wht u doing dean,my hat goes off to ya,i'll be lookin for the next one.

Thanks Dean!

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Thanks for the inspiration Dean!

Smileling with tears in my eyes.

So here I am at work in the lounge on my laptop watching your blog in a room full of people. Big mistake. Having to hope no one see's my eyes watering up. Don't want the other guys tease me for being a softy. But pretty touching video at the "Edge"! Thanks; Layman

Great Blog

Another good "can do" moment! I have missed 3 calls I have signed up for, must mean I have to work on my timing. Again, good job!!!


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Awesome, remember moments you were really in awe. Like you had just seen something truely majestic. I remember when I realized that I had been basically flipping cars, I would buy them as low as i could, fix it and sell it. When it clicked in my head that I could play the same game, different rules but mostly same concepts, it was magical. I know that i can do it and the continued support help me get through all the hardships and negativity. Thankz Dean, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you

blog 111

The I am cool is a great idea to get you feeling better about yourself. I use it to get out of ruts. I still can not get a buyer no matter what I do. The flyers I put up at laundry mats and grocery stores disapper as soon as I put them up I guess other real estate people take them down. I keep my creigs list and all the other lists current and I might get 2 calls per month if I am lucky and they are wrong numbers or to ask who am I. Fake it till you make it and use the I am cool list.

Great Blog

All your blogs are great and very helpful.i just wish that could afford to go to some of your live events and learn from the best but as i've told you before i am disabled and my husband is unemployed and a skeptic,so getting him to these meetings would show him that this is real and that you are real and upfront because with my condition i need hid=s help. b=But until i get him to one of your live events to see what he is missing out on i feel like i am stuck in this rut and always will be. I know we can do this together and make it work but the key word is TOGETHER without his help i can't do it alone because of my disabilities and until we can afford to get him to one of your events i feel doomed to this life of being homeless and never having anything.

working hard to get there

Love the brog. Fired up and ready to come


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i loved it

Another fantastic blog man.. I loved it. I don't think you went too far at all, the way i see it; because i'm 24 years old and just starting out, i can never have too much info. I'm in your success acadamy, and even with the help from your coaches, i still incounter road blocks, mostly just fear because i'm young and inexpierienced; so i sometimes feel a little out of my leage you know.. like "can i really do this?" but with starting out the week with your blog quickly gets me back on track. Thank you for what you do. Really, thanks, if i wouldn't have come across your book i would still be lost..getting eatin alive by life. So don't ever quit what your doing, you change people's lives. Thanks again, Tony.

Am I That Cool?

Dean, to be real honest with you I have never thought of myself as very cool, but I took you challenge and have come up with 10 things that make me cool.

I guess I'm a little bit like George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life" and never realized how much I have impacted the lives of other people until going through this exercise.

I have never really been successful (in the way that man measures success) in my life but I do have 10 things that make me cool.

Having arrived at the 10 things that make me cool, I am now considering 10 more things that I can work on to make me even cooler; ways to improve relationships, service to others, and building confidence in myself.

If I can graduate to 20 ways to be cool success is in the near future.

Thanks for your dedication and compassion for your students.


Thanks for Caring and Sharing Your Knowledge with Us


Thank you for caring and sharing your knowledge with all your students, DGers. You are always thinking ahead and finding ways to lead and motivate us in making our dreams come true, as well as to improve our real estate investment business and moving it to a new higher level.

Thank you in advanced for planning to provide discounts for DG students who attended a prior EDGE event, and for those DG students who can enrolled early for the 2011 EDGE event. I hope I can earn the money to participate in this event. If not this year, maybe next year.

The 2011 EDGE event would be a great opportunity to attend for networking with successful DG students and investors, finding more and better sources for funding deals, finding new potential partners in future deals, learning from the successes of other DG students and experts, learning new techniques and approaches in fast-tracking real estate investment business success, acquiring new successful business models to adopt and implement, gathering new industry intelligence, sharpening our business vision, focusing and reshaping our business goals and objectives, sharing our refined vision with our business partners, and making our dreams of success as well as others come true.

Our sellers offer to sell us unwanted properties in their inventory in exchange for cash at a discounted price which will provide us a great safety margin and strong potential of making money. Our business partners help us find new deals, organize, finance, rehab, add-value, and sell our properties at below market price with speed and short turnaround time, and we reward them well for their services. Our buyers or investors buy bargain properties from us, so they can realize their dreams of success while we earn our net profit. Everyone is able to win or realize their dream of success in all the business transactions!

Thank you Dean for making our dreams of success come true, one plateau of success at a time.

Rudy Aguon
Long Beach, CA

On hold but still going

Dean, Times are tought right now and my wife and I had to put your Success Acadamy on hold(you guys totally helped out with that) and our plans on hold right now, but we still are excited about what our future holds. Listening to your blogs is great and I still get totally pumped. I only wish I could go to the Edge event, but I can't this time, maybe next time. I am a believer in you and your staff and it may be in the future but with your help I know we will be successful.

Amazed and Inspired

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Hi Dean,

You never cease to amaze and inspire. I almost forgot
that you worked on cars,and ran heavy equipment. Those are on Rod's cool list too. We'll have to wait til we make some Big Deals for we get to the Edge. You sure would have a lot to talk about. I know those deals are right around the corner. Thank you so much Dean for everything you have done for us. The small steps take on meaning for me once again. So glad your work days have become shorter. Thanks for all your encouragement. Big Blessings are Ahead!!! P.S. We are proud DVD owner's of 2010 Edge.

Enjoyed all those posts above.

Having a hard time convincing the convinced but wont stop trying

I want to say another up lifting and positive blog Dean. There is one thing that is for sure and that is if you didn't have Real Estate you could and would still make it as a Motivational speaker. For a long time now I have wanted to get in to Real Estate and one night I was up late and couldn't sleep (due to worries on my brain) and I saw your show on TV. I never buy anything off those shows because I have always viewed them as scams. But there was just something about you and you seemed so real. So I bought your book then the next one and now I have four books and as well as your personal secrets book. I have believed for a long time that it's for me and that I can do it but as many I get so over whelmed with life and the fact that I do that well with retaining everything that I read (more of a hands on guy)that I get lost and just don't know where or how to start doing it. I look forward to your blogs and positive messages and try to watch every one. By the end I have that positive thoughts and feel I can do it and ready to make it happen. But what seems to happen every time in between each new show and blogs I get lost or over whelmed and lose that confidence again. It's so easy to think to myself that you are already there (comfortable life style, wealthy, successful) so it's easy for you to say it and you can do it and be just like you. But watching this weeks blog and hearing the stories from those at the end was great. It said they are just like me regular people. And if they can do it so can I. If I have to read every book twice and take notes or read every chapter twice back to back with a yellow high lighter and high light every inspirational line and every line with a how to, way to, where to I will. You are great Dean and I thank you for your words, knowledge, blogs and just sharing and being real. I am convince to keep watching the blogs and listening to you until I have convinced the convinced (me) that I really can and will do this and change my life for the better. I want to thank the others that post because they feed and help Deans words. Thanks for sharing you with us.

On another note is there anyone in the Hampton Roads VA. area that might be willing to take me under their wing sort of say to maybe work with me or guide me. It would be appreciated to the up most. If so send me an email and lets talk and meet and see if we can do something together or guide me on my own. Thanks again Good luck to everyone (not that you need it with dean on our side. Thanks again Dean.

Blog #111


Thanks for the encouragement this week. First I want to say that you didn't go to far, you said what needed to be said and I love your honesty. I hate that I will missed the Edge this year because of finances, but I'm hoping things will be better next year so that I can attend. Thank you for all that you do.

I haven't made any money yet, but I'm still motivated to do what I need to do and I'm writing down the 10 cool things about me. I must say, it makes you think, its hard talking about your self.


Thank you Dean! I did the

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Thank you Dean! I did the exercise while listening to you and it helps to build up confidence by reminding me that I am more than just someone learning to do real estate investing. I look forward each week to your blog.

It's not too much

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Your blog was perfect... not overdone or too long. The encouragement you give us week after week is what really keeps some of us going. I look forward to it every Monday. We forget how 'cool' we really are and how fortunate we are to be who we are - we don't appreciate what we are capable of and what we already do. Thanks for the reminders and 'the homework'. I'm trying to make it to the EDGE this year. I've dreamed of it the last two years and someday I'll make it. Your blogs and everyone's sincere encouragement is amazing. It's wonderful being a part of something so great.


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I love the Edge, I can't wait to get my first deal so I can go to the edge 2011...


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The end of your video sure brings back some memories! Who is that handsome guy to the left??? LOL

Absolutely PHENOMENAL Dean!!

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Wow, seriously....if this blog out any of the 111 blogs doesn't open up anyone's eyes in ANY way, then there is seriously something wrong there. Dean, once again you've absolutely amazed me and have really dug deep inside me. Not just on a mental level, but on a spiritual as well. I know this is hard to admit, but I have no problem in saying that even though I've had your books and material for about two years now, I have not gotten any results unfortunately. : ( BUT....However....that's all about to change VERY SOON, Dean! Not only cuz it's a brand new year and 2011 is definitely my year, but I really feel that everything and I mean everything I've done at this point is getting me right where I need to be: TAKING ACTION AND MAKING MONEY!!!!

I think if I were to name one cool thing about me and add it to my list of 10 cool things about me, it's that my best quality that I stand by everyday....Is that I DO NOT GIVE UP!! And to a lot of people who are reading this and are thinking "Man, two years!? What has he been doing all that time, living under a rock?" lol Well for one thing, we all have things that happen in our everyday lives. And for me, it goes above and beyond that. Long story short, the one thing that has been the obstacle that has stood in my way has been "fear". Whether it comes from negative people who instil it in me or even myself, it has always dread me back to the same place of dark, utter nowhere. But guess what....I'm still standing, and I'm still in the game. So Dean, and all my fellow DG family members....LOOK OUT!! Cuz this young buck is going places and he is going to be the next succssful superstar of Real Estate Investing!!!!!!!!!!


"Knowledge + Action = Results"


I always like your approach of challenging us to do new things that we normally would not do. I may have to think long enough to come up with ten things that make me cool. Don't get me wrong, I'm full of good stuff, but my weakness is that I don't most of the time give myself some credit.
I will try and list 10 things about will be interesting.
The convidence I now have through your program will undoubtly push me to do my first deal very soon. If I'm unable to attend the conference this year, I'll work toward attending next year.
Please keep up the good work. You are making a difference. Thanks for all you and your team are doing for us.

Thanks Dean

It does bring back memories for sure. I let some things mostly between my ears get in the way but will never give up. I love the 10 coolest things about you action step. It's something I need to work on... I am looking forward to the EDGE 2011! I love how you and you're team are always improving things. Thank you for being so transparent. I have to say I feel as though I'm part of that 25K group:)

With many blessings to you and your team,
Cathy L

Dean, I remember getting an

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I remember getting an email from you last week saying "20 year old Chase is watching, are you?" and I thought to myself "Hey! I'm 20 too!" haha. I've been following you since I was 18 and my partner and I have done a few deals since August 2010.

I heard somewhere that the EDGE this year is in the middle of May, which my 21st happens to fall on the 11th.. which excites me AND saddens me. I really want to go to the EDGE more than anything, but the celebration I planned (and paid for) for my birthday falls on the week of the 15th to the 22nd. I'm not sure if it falls on the same weekend yet, but I'm still not even sure if I can get the extra paid vacation from work.

My partner wants to come with me on my vacation, but I'm seriously contemplating paying for her trip out there to go to the EDGE instead (against her will if it comes to that! hahaha jk)

So please update us with more information when you are able to!

I also wanted to say thank you for all the inspiring videos you post weekly. I currently have been EXTREMELY busy working 60 hours a week for a trading firm, while also owning 2 businesses AND going to school... But my partner has been kicking arse and taking names out in Kansas City Smiling

I regret to say that I haven't been able to get on the website as much as I wanted to recently, but that's one of my goals for 2011!

Best of luck to everyone and keep up the awesome work Dean!

It is great.

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Nothing is ever over the top for me. The more over the top the better. I am still new to this and look forward to really getting started. I am almost divorced, so that kind of puts a hold on me, until then I am going to do all I can, so when the divorce is final I am fully prepared. God bless everyone and their families.

Wow!!!!! Again

Wow Dean,
These blogs just keep getting better and better.
I had 2 "ahha's" tonight. One is the home work of makeing my list of "10 coolest things about me",(I think most of us forget to look at the positives about ourselves, we hear so many negatives around us every day, and I think we need to remember that God doesn't make any junk).
And the feelings that the last person in the video expressed and the words to think about that she mentioned (What will you do today for your family tomorrow? I think that's what she said.) Any way, their stories are all amazing and that really connected with me tonight. Thank you again, Dean, to you and all of your staff. You all are amazing.
Very sincerely,

Hey Dean...

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I have to say first off thanks for being real and transparent when it comes to both yourself and running the site.
Now more then ever we need people like you that are open and up front when running a company and supporting its members. It's THAT very thing that keeps me positive and glad to be a member of
Here's to cracking into a deal hopefully soon with the support of the site and your open and honest blogs.


What do i think

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No Dean you did not go to far. You hit on the nose. I need help Dean i just can not get myself to do anything I need you help im stuck since 9/2010 school said to find buyer's well im still without buyers i real did not think this was gone to take this long. I feel along on the blog and forum nobody does not answer anything i have ask. It just make me feel nobody is here at all. Maybe that why i don't come on here anymore and i feeling the way i do it does make someone turn away. Each month the shool i pay my schooling and i just see what iam i getting out of it since they told me i can not do anymore schooling till i find buyers. I hope you read this i and hope everyone else does i feel alone with all this. Sarah


My honest thought is this; in my 8years in the States, Dean's team is the first team to ever break through me via infomercial, stir me up, and get me all charged up to making my success goals a reality. The "seven cool things about me" exercise only makes Dean more down-to-earth and keep guys like me more focused and motivated to succeed and be down-to-earth as well simultaneously. Smiling

Ndifreke Amama.

Ten Things Blog

Your children are blessed to have a Dad that wants to 'be there for them' while growing up.
They will one day 'be there for you' when you need them in your old age.
Life is short and our families are so precious to us. Nothing accomplished is as important as family, yet they are the reason behind so much of what we 'do!' We want to help, assist, and 'be there' for them.
All that we accomplish will be a benefit for our families.
I am making my list of 'Ten Things' about me that are 'COOL' and reading them daily. Thanks for the INSPIRATION!

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