Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #111 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink in This Blog

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Okay, Dean's done some pretty terrific blogs in the last two years, but this is probably the most diverse to date.

He's got a great exercise to keep you feeling great, no matter what. An advance notice of a really special, never attempted offer.

And a series of video clips I just like to call the "Magnificent Seven" (because it's seven people who all have something you will find magnificent!

Hey, why are you still reading? Go watch the video.

Thank you Dean


About 10 years ago I got up early in the morning to go workout and my girlfriend's son was up early watching TV. He was watching an infomercial and when I asked "what are you watching" he replied "some guy. I can't find the remote". I know you like cars you should watch this" and so we sat together and watched this young energetic guy selling a program called Motor Millions. I have bought and sold many cars in my life and so I found it very interesting. I bought the program and made a ton of money that year buying and selling cars thanks to you.

A couple of months ago I got up early to work out and the exact same scenario played out. This time it was you again. I have been studying what wealthy people do for awhile now and across the board it seems almost all of them have made thier fortunes in real estate. At first I did not realize I was wathcing the same guy and when I did I was riveted to your every word. It felt and still does feel like divine intervention. The last few years have been rough. Really rough. Unfortunately selling cars was not in the cards for me because in the state I live in it's very difficult and expensive to get set up as a dealer so I have been on a 10 year journey of dead end jobs and failed business attempts.

I told my wife that day about you. (She was not the girlfriend from before so she never knew me when I was selling cars) She agreed to let me send off the money for the book even though it meant possibly overdrafting our bank account. To my suprise you sent me 2 books and a DVD. I started getting emails from To make a long story short I am devouring the material. My wife is blown away and says she has never seen me so passionate about anything. We plan to start as a team together full time on February 1st and dive in with both feet. I know its crazy but I just know this is it for us. This is the path that I am supposed to go down and I am absolutely convinced that I will be come wealthy using what I call your "roadmap to success".

However... I am scared. This is a huge leap of faith for me and it's a scary one. I would love to attend the EDGE 2011 but its just not in the cards for me. Not yet anyway. I don't know if you'll actually see this post Dean and maybe that's not important. I just need someone to tell me it's the right decision. I just called and left a message with the Academy folks and even though I have no money I really want to find a way to get the coaching together. I have watched lots and lots of the videos and it seems that the folks who are successful are the ones who figured out how to get the coaching. Is there anyone out there that has done what I'm about to do and survived? I'm sure there is and I hope that they see this. I will be looking forward to anyones response.

Jeff Schnase
Lakewood, CO


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Hey Dean Im hoping to be there at 2011 edge, I look forward to the day to meet you take it easy fella looking forward to your next blog keep uo the good work.


*****Great Job!******

IT great hearing blog.that had to be extra long when you feel that happy about the 25K group you go to or any then that you have to let out of your Cheast it help me learn a little bit more about R.E. investing.

Thank you for all the info.

Great Video

Great video, very inspiring.

Blog 111

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Thank you for your information and ideas and plans of doing these deals. I watched your blog and thought it was awesome. I haven't done a deal yet but I know it will happen.

Thank you again
Mary (e-bunny)

I could feel the Energy

Thanks Dean for another weekly blog. You keep outdoing yourself, the thing that we all should be doing. Five things that easily come to mind about myself are: I am a child of God, in whom I trust; I am a wonderful mother to my sons; I always look for the best in others; I believe I am a good communicator; and I enjoy my job. This year is the year for DG family's successes. Now let's reach out and take what is ours.

Thanks Again!

Thanks again Dean for the positive energy your blogs leave me with every week. So far 2011 for me is moving forward as planned. Just keep the positive juice flowing and it will always spill over to the rest of us. I can't put into words the amount of respect that I have for what it is that you do for people who have reached the end of what they believe to be their last breath of life, economically, and up late at night terrified about what misfortune the next day will bring. You have offered a way out and we will always be greatful to you and the DG family for that, Thanks Again.


Great Blog

Yes, Dean I would love to be at this year's event.Since I live close by only 100 miles not bad, but the time may not be right for this 2011.
I have all your books and I listen to your blogs,
I am also trying my best to copy Greg Murphy in his way of doing Real Estate since I am in the same boat he was. Now I want to be in the same boat he is in now. So I will do all I can and I know it will work. I want to met both you and Greg and the rest of the family at DG. So when the time is right and I can make it and i will --I will be there. So till then Dean
keep those blogs coming and all the motivation you can sent our way. THANKS

Diana VM

Great Blog

Dean you made my day. Your suggestion about writing the 10 coolest things about ourself is the greatest idea. My husband was so down with his job and when we saw this idea he decided to do it and it really brought him out of the slump. We're hoping to come to the Edge event this year. Thanks for all the good ideas.

Jean Jarman


all i can say about this week's blog is WOW and to dean, i had no idea u were an automotive collision tech. i'am also. thats so amazing to me cuz i do see u as someone who just got into real estate as soon as u realized it's potential. i personally wish that i could be at this year's edge event but i really can't afford it. dean u show me more and more everyday that u truly care. u give me the inspiration to wanna do this. at this point in my life i'am so afraid of trying anything new bcuz of fear of failure. i've tried many other investments to improve my future wealth but in the end it's always u making the guy at the top money. i feel like there is no way out of this recession or out of this way of life. all i want to do is to take care of my family and not have to do back breaking work to do it. i always dream of life like that but can't see myself getting there. i seriously feel like when it comes to trying new thing to make money, i'm mentally challenged.

We saw the blog and excitement is brewing

Hi Dean,
Do you want to fix my car? The snow plow backed over it today! Anyway your blog is bringing out the curiosity in us. We are new and have not been to an EDGE event but it does sound exciting. We are getting close to finishing our first deal. We are continuing to persue our dreams and learn your strategies to change our life. Thanks for the inspiration you continously have for us. Many blessings, have a great day!

Karen & Steve

still working on gaining all the knowlege. ready for next step.

Purchased edge 2010 and recently join the success academy and have the desire to make things happen using the know money down strategies. Taking action and continuing to do so every day seems to be my main problem. So this is what I fill I need to work on the most. Putting together my business plan has also been a challenge and I do work on moving through these and will do more action steps. Always enjoy the blogs and thanks Dean and all the DG family. Ralph

how does this work ?

i bought one of your kits awhile ago but never used it. i think i gave it away

#111 blog

I always love your blogs. I listen to them every week, but I never leave a post. but this weeks everything but the kitchen sink was amazing. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.
You reminded me of the ten coolest things about me. I am going to do this list and refer to it whenever I am feeling down on myself.

Edge Seminar

I was unable to attend last year as I had just purchased my first rental for cash and was in the middle of fixing it up, actually putting new 20 energy efficiant windows in.I managed to toatally re-model in less than 3 months and have is rented out for $900 a month! About $100 more than average local rentals as the house is on one acre and 20 min from Carson City Nevada.It was recently appraised for $75K and after deducting the plumming,refinishing hardwood floors and painting I have made $20K already in less than six months!
What other $55K cash investment gives you a return of nearly a thousand a month plus equity.? I am a new student of yours and would like to bring a guest to this years event.
I wondered if you have a special rate for guests?.
I don't need air fare as I have travel bank to use up but a break in the total cost would be benificial.
I look forward to meeting you in person Dean,
Ali Farrage

i'm still pushing foward to

i'm still pushing foward to secure my 1st property and all the advice i'm getting is keeping me grounded&focased,buyers list is getting there i know i'm on the tip of my break through i'm ready the encouragement is great thanks evelynn

New Blog.

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This is a very emotional blog, It's also an informative blog and an intriguing blog. I got really great stuff from the people at the end of the blog that came up to the microphone to open their hearts about the things they're going thru. Seems like I'm not the only one that has setbacks. Wish I could afford the event, but I am just breaking even right now and that will have to wait.
Thanks for the blog though. You are helping.

Great inspiration, even more, great knowledge!

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Hey Dean, thanks for the video blog. Its good to know that when we slow our own little worlds down enough to see all the great things about ourselves it can bring clarity as to why we do what we do in our lives. Like for instance, working so hard and moving at break neck speeds to get things done so that we can make our family, friends and business partners happy. Also making a better quality of lives for ourselves and those around us. Cool things about people are always around to pick up on, it just takes a little bit of pumping the brakes to notice them. And also thank you Dean for the inspiring video of the "EDGE" event. I plan on getting to the one in may.

Great video blog!

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Hello First, I like to give a heads up what I am doing now. I have about three qualified investor\buyers on my list. I have signed up for a REIclub scheduled for the 20th of Jan. My goal is to have 7 to 12 investors by the end of this month.

I started a while back 5 to 6 months ago. I have learned a lot in the PMI education classes and the Advisory line has been helpful. I am happy and excited that I had made the right choice to invest in Dean's Real Estate Success Academy. I know I haven't made money yet, but I know I will very soon. I asked myself -"why I hadn't made a deal yet?" Well, I learned that it was my negativity level, my fear of rejection and failure, and lack of time management. These were my biggest obstacles. I took the time to think how I can organize my time and stay positive and communicate with my manager about my schedules at work. After seeing Deans video blogs, reading other members uplifting comments on the DG site, and reading some self help books, to my excitement and confidence, these gave me a clearer picture how I should be and where I want to be. I know obstacles will always exists. The key words in my mind right now are: burning desire, faith, focus, Persistence and most of all, ACTION!
I am taking one step at a time. I know I will be calling my coaches too and getting my first deal or even just a bird dog fee. All in all, the PMI Education Center is very helpful. The advisory line is very helpful as well. I really want to make as many deals as I can! Thank you Dean and Team for helping the little people to become bigger in life!

This weeks blog

I am really jazzed up about this years Edge and meeting Dean and meeting others using Dean's program I hope I can afford it.

The Kitchen Sink

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All of your blogs are very inspirational to me.
This one is such a great way to begin 2011.
I enjoyed every moment.You did not go to far!
I love the suggestion of the 10 things about me.
All of your staff are great as well as the coaches.I enjoyed the AHA moment.I have read several of your books and have the SET FOR LIFE SYSTEM.I have not been to the EDGE.This year will be the year.
Also in closing,Dean you (DG.COM) are the Home Page on my computer and my cell phone(when they come on,so do you).Keep it up Dean,many of us out here need your inspiration as well as your expertise.

EDGE 2011

Dean, My husband and I would consider it an honor to attend the 2011 event. Thanks so much for all your blogs and we will be checking this site continuously for more information.

Great blog - looking forward to Edge 11

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Hi Dean! Just returned from 4 amazingly COLD days of camping (in Florida) and just got the link for this week's blog. Definitely worth coming home to! We can't wait to meet you in May, and to add our encouragement to those "newbies" and those who haven't yet enjoyed success. We haven't done an $80,000 deal like the guy you talked about first, but we have had 3 very successful deals with OPM and are launching with warp-speed and new enthusiasm into the next phase of our DG career. I just pulled out the Probate Finder and all the supporting info and can't wait to really learn how to call these people to see how we can help. I've always heard it said that the teacher arrives when the student is ready, and we keep finding that to be true with your material. Just when we need something to ramp up our business, we find it in past Success Academy courses, your books, on or our Edge dvds. Thanks SO MUCH for giving your time and energy to help us succeed. You're at a point where you truly wouldn't have to do it if you didn't want to. That's one of the "cool things about you" that we appreciate most!!!

edge 2011

do not have the money but I can not wait to see what deal you have for former edge2010 event.Iwill do whatever it takes to get there. this also is getting me the drive to put deals together to pay for my trip look forward to seeing all of you sal

Aha moment

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Thanks for the great blog Dean!! I just had the aha moment that made me realize that I've lost my momentum for doing real estate investing. This gave me the spark, to find it again, and I will. Thank you.

10 Cool Things about ME

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Wow,that really made me realize that how I thought about myself had changed. Because of my personal relationship and the lack of support. I always say "I used to _____" or "I used to love to _____".
It is going to be really hard to find 10 cool things about me, because my spirit has been broken. I have lost site of the things I am good at or love to do. I have been emotionally damaged.
That is why I love to watch your blogs. You are always so positive and encouraging. So, because of your blog, I am going to find 10 cool things about me. Everyday I am learning more from your materials and tools.

Thanks Dean,
Lisa Cook Eye-wink

Thanks Dean, I needed this

Thanks Dean, I needed this and all the blogs you post! I am truly blessed to have you and DG family has apart of my life!

Super Blog!

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I've been missing in action for some time now but, I'm back. Made some changes that would make life better. I am excited to get back into the swing of things for the New Year. I am going to do everything I can to attend the next Meeting. I am about to close on my first deal. $13,000.00. Thanks Dean. Dirk

Sensei . . .teacher

Dean, watching your videos have certainly made me take a closer look at myself. From the 7 Levels Deep goal setting exercise to this blog of listing 10 cool things about me I have sharpened my focus and strengthened my determination.
Like those who shared their "ah huh!" moments, I extend my deep gratitude to you for being a person who sincerely wants to see others become successful individuals via the avenue of real estate investing.

See you there!!

I'm so glad to be able to do this. I feel like I've been standing at "the edge" for too long, dipping my toe in. The positive surroundings and strategies should be all I need to dive in. In fact, I'm putting money on it.

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