Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #111 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink in This Blog

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Okay, Dean's done some pretty terrific blogs in the last two years, but this is probably the most diverse to date.

He's got a great exercise to keep you feeling great, no matter what. An advance notice of a really special, never attempted offer.

And a series of video clips I just like to call the "Magnificent Seven" (because it's seven people who all have something you will find magnificent!

Hey, why are you still reading? Go watch the video.

2011 is THE year!

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I am excited to hear about the EDGE event, and am really looking forward to it. I met so many wonderful people last year, and plan to be there for sure. I also want to have made enough deals by then to be able to bring my husband with me. He has ALWAYS been very supportive of my goals and dreams and whenever I have an idea he is always ready to back me 100%. I do realize what a blessing that is!! I am making my 10 Cool Things List and will put it somewhere where I will read it every day. I know that will help me move forward with confidence. Thanks again for a great message. I am waiting patiently for the DEALS you are finding for us. Soon, I pray!! : )

I am very glad you are making sure your children and wife know they are a priority. Money is great, but love trumps all! Have a wonderful week. I will look forward to all the info coming our way.

Thank you!

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Thank you! Thank you for caring about us. Thank you for great content. Thank you for sharing with such passion. I hav just become a member of the Success Academy and with the Lord's help, I will accomplish my goals. Thank you!


its sounds great

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I cant wait to attend this event. love ya Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

First speaker at edge 10 in the is vid...

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He hit the nail on the head. I have been doing REI for several years, and STILL I get no support, and no positivity from family & friends. Its not as bad as it was, but I get no support.

So I know how you feel!


Edge 2011??!!!

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I would love to attend, but my husband thinks that I should have a deal done before I spend any more money...I'm currently enrolled in the Academy, attended an Edge workshop, bought the SFL system... but still no deals ;(
It would be awesome to be surrounded by DG members who have such a positive energy that helps me to keep believing in myself.

Dean - thank you!!

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I can't wait for The Edge 2011. Last year was an awesome experience in so many ways.

Thank you for all you are doing for us, and all the passion you continue to share with us each week.

It keeps me going!
Thank you!!


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Great Blog!

My Ah ha moment from this video was the last speaker who reminded me of my purpose by making the statement, "what will you do today, for your family tomorrow".

What I want to achieve is not just for me, but for my family and so many others. So, I have to keep pushing through.

Thanks again for the inspiration!


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I have had such an amazing journey so far! I am making huge progress each week and I know that EDGE 2011 will push me over that edge. I plan to have a few deals done before May so that I can afford to go. I am watching EDGE 2010 now. Thank you so much for all that you do!

wow another great blog

today i was felling down cus i been doing the training success academy and seems that i can't acomplished anything yet, but this week blog give me a little push to go on thanks Dean!

very inspirational

That was very inspirational to hear especially after a tragic weekend here in Tucson. It sure does put things into perspective and makes you realize the importance of family and goal setting

Great Energy

Hi Dean,
Great energy in this blog. All your blogs are positive and upbeat but this one really pegged the needle. I got excited myself. It was very clear and very real how excited you were about your 25k meeting and your live event. I can't be there this year due to the fact I am flat broke, but I am going to be there for the next one (or die trying). With your strategies I am sure that I will have a great year and be there for the event. I can't wait to tell you about my first deal. Talk with you soon. RW.

Video blog about 10 things

Great job, Dean, it means alot to know that you are normal and focused like so many folks who are doing active things to progress and help people in real estate investing.





You are truly one-of-a-kind! I thank God for your awesome WISDOM. I have gained so much knowledge from your books, blogs, and website that I don't know which one to try first. They all are awesome; but I promise, since I have completed my books, that I will take my first step to accomplish a deal using one of the unique strategies on or before April, 2011. FEAR NOT; right? I also want to attend "GAIN THE EDGE 2011" event and thank you personally for all that you have given to so so many.

I really need to GET BUSY! So, until next time, to you, your family, staff and fellow students continuous blessings for 2011...!

You Keep Me Inspired!

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Hey Dean, commenting on your e-mail and the weekly blog, I'm just impressed and really thankfull that you are as inspired as you are. Did you go too far in your blog about the coolest things about me? Heck no! Everything you come up with, be it techniques or ideas to keep me/us/the DG Family focused is just peachy with me. You know, when you're starting out and coming from some tough times, you don't have much money and you're just getting by, plus you're vesting your time and energy into building this new business/new life, well, I need all the encouragement I can get. It's good to have you and your eceltic energy working your business the way you do. I've been known to search "paid programming" just to catch a new infomercial by you to keep my energy going. Only I can do the work, but having the support of every aspect of this web site, your energy, blogs and confrence calls (I've only been around for one), and the feedback I've received from others through the site is just tremendous. So I just hope YOU stay inspired because IT IS infectious and that's what I need and get from all that you do. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to meeting you and shaking your hand in the future.

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The Edge

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Hello Dean,

I can't attend the Edge event this year, but I will attend next year. My real estate business will help me get there. I am still in the process of completing the Success Academy, and will attend your Auction event in Charlotte, NC tomorrow. I look forward to hopefully meeting you there.

Thanks for all you do.


blog 111

today is 01/11/11 - hmmmmmm! Look forward to your blog every week. It is always inspirational and always makes us THINK!
I will tackle thinking of those 10 things tomorrow with a clear and fresh to go mind.

My partner and I currently have one short sale negotiation going on. We unfortunately were turned down on 2 REO's we bid on, but will watch them in case they don't close, and we have 2 more offers being prepared tonight. It's not easy, but persevere is one of the answers.

Cool - oh to be cool!

Saw Blog # 111 Almost Made Me Cry!!!

This was such an inspiration to me, because I need postive people around me. I hope this next trip I can attend,and it is affordable for me:) looking foward for my income tax to pay for it. Let's see what happens Dean, I want to move foward and leave my job, been their for 15 horrible years!!!!! please keep the emails coming to my box.

Blew Me Away!

I am really impressed with Dean's blog # 111. My emotion and courage was carried away with the testimonial by few attendees in the previous EDGE seminar. I am really looking forward to be there this year and experience the live atmosphere with all the great people!

All the best to you all!

response to blog 111

I do not think you went too far. it is good to see non scripted remarks and responses from seminar attendees. Honesty is always the best policy

I am cool

I went to edge 2010 and came back from the event got me a real estate agent had her pull all houses bought in the last 90 days pulled all cash buyers got ready to send a letter to them. Then I found out my daughter has late stage of ovarian cancer, my 23 year old son has lung cancer, which gave my wife a nervous breakdown spent 30 days in the hospital.I allowed these situations to stop my momentum. I needed to be reminded how cool I am I built a Marble restoration company without any training and became the one that all the rich people including mario lemiuex fought to get me to thier house. One thing I have to overcome is my lone wolf syndrome, I paid for the success accademy and I dont call themm or talk to any of the dg family. I am going to call and blog as often as I can to get into this habit so i can make deals to get myself to the edge 2011. I needed this to motivate me and bring me out of the deppression I have been in thanks dean and everyone sal

About time!

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I just want to thank you for your very honest comment. I have succeeded and failed at R.E. for a number of years. What you said is very true. This is not for the faint of heart. This is very hard work with people who love to make it harder!(Being an Ex-Landlord myself). It's comments like yours that give folks a splash of water in the face. But the rewards do out weight the risk. Again, Thanks a lot for your honesty.

2011 will be Fantastic!

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Thanks for all the insperation. I cant wait to see everyone from last year as well as meet new friends for our new year. Have a great day!

Thank you Dean

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I want to thank you so very much Dean for taking the precious time out of your busy day to do these amazing blogs for us!!


You're Good My Dude!

In the spirit of transparency and authenticity, I comment. I was tremendously blessed by the magnificent 7 as well as challenged. You see, I haven't done a deal yet. I have purchased your books and AFF system, got informed and inspired, but took little to no action. All that's changing because I keep getting these emails from you, kickin' me in the butt and letting me know that it's possible. I have been a "student" for almost 3 years. Thank you for not giving up on me, and with the Lord's help I will close 1 deal by March, enroll in the Success Academy and be a blessing to many people! Never apologize for being "Dean"; Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Keep Moving and Sowin "Seeds" of Greatness! Thank God for the DG Fam!

Latest Video

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sounds good...

The answer is yes....

I have to share this with everyone and you Dean... I began watching you whenever I could find your programs on. Yes I'm one those "I got to go home think about it and then go back and get it the next day types of peoples". But I did begin to look on your DG and posted a time or so. Then things really started getting more direct....

We sleep with the TV on, yes I know bad habit but with fibromyalgia its alot of company on those nights I cant sleep and don't want to wake my partner. Wouldn't you know it, everytime I woke for probably the last couple of months, Dean would be there talking just as he does on his blogs here. That's when I began to think someone up there is talking to me and I better listen.

Of course I am feeling unsure (just a little.. and waiting for another week til I can order your books). I was secretly wishing I could figure out how to do some creative business manuevers but it was like I was stuck. Then comes your email today, what a gift I was evaluating me and life already. When I finished your assignment of reflection, it dawned on me I already may have a start waiting! I have an office manager waiting, perhaps a straight across sale on a 50 acre ranch (maybe two) and opportunities to set up rentals with a lil more effort than preset homes but done it before (no covered wagons but did settle land in West Texas)...and I GOT EXCITED!

Sorry this is long but thought you wanted to know, yes I want to come, yes I'm all in and need help with organized what comes first tho it may be week or so before i can order the books but will by Monday! Thank you for being the light that opened my eyes to what is possible. Oh and Randy, LOVED YOUR ADVENTURE!

Can we start a REI Club in West Texas? I wanna come!

Hi Dean

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11th cool thing about you: Sharing your list of cool things! Cool

Way to go on the parental improvement! It's something all of us need to keep a close eye on. Eye-wink

new blog

Great and inspiring. Loved all the comments about you Dean. I am determined take action this year since joining your success academy and making money to come to your edge seminar next year. Who knows i might make it this year. Thanks dean for all your help.

2009 Edge

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Hey Dean - we were at the 2009 Edge event. It was great to see the students come up with their aha moment. It reminded me of our aha moment. We said we wanted to be up on that stage. Well we didn't get there last year because we were just too busy. We are trying to rearrange our schedules so that we can be there again this year. Seeing your students talk about the event reminded me of the synergy we got out of being there. Hope to see you then

Debby and Tom

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