Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #198 - Score a FREE iPad from Dean

This week Dean talks with a couple who just completed their first two deals and are totally jazzed with the results. They share how being a part of something bigger than themselves made all the difference.

But it gets even better. Post a comment under this video and tell Dean what it means to you to be part of something bigger than yourself, or how being part of a likeminded group is helpful to reaching your goals. When you do that, you'll automatically have a chance to win Dean's iPad. Want to increase your chances... share or like this on Facebook, Google+ or tweet it on Twitter we'll add an extra drawing for you for each one. At the end of your comment list what sites you shared it on (type "Facebook", "Twitter", "Google" depending on which one(s) you shared on) so we can add your extra entries and verify the winner's "shares". Watch and get in the drawing now. Winner announced next week.

Always Inspirational

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You are the MAN, you keep us all up beat all the time. Whenever I get down on myself , or things just aren't going the way they should, I come here and go back through stories and posts.It always works, this is such a great group of people and glad to be a part of it. Thanks for everything.

Curtis Fillers


I love your organization. thank you


"Work the plan and plan to work" good one!

Being a part of something bigger than yourself is huge! It keeps you going, keeps you learning, keeps you together!

Go out there and do it!

Thank you Rashida & Tom for sharing your story Smiling

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Being part of something Bigger is stepping outside of your head and swimming with the Dolphins as opposed to swimming with the Sharks. Love your energy & grateful. Have the Best Day Ever!

It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great blog. Love the couple you interviewed. My wife and I have a lot in common with them. We will be adopting 2 children from China later this year. Once this is complete we will also have 8 children. WOW that is hard to belive. We have been blessed beyond measure. We purchased our first property on June 05. Did the refab and sold last week on August 23 for a net profit of $12,800.00. I am closing on second home today and will start refab next week. The profits on our first deal and future will go toward funding our adoptions. Thanks for all you do and the best to you and your family.


I was skeptical at first, but this is great.

I've jumped in with both feet!

I just watched the blog and as always.... Another home run. I just joined a REIA in my area and I'm meeting people who are tearing it up! I can't wait to tell you when I received my first check!


Loving all the positive

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Loving all the positive support on this site dean the weakly wisdom is amazing

This website is PRICELESS!

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I've been a member of this website since June of 09. Though I don't post as much as others I'm always on here getting information and supporting where I can.

I've asked questions before regarding certain situations and usually one of the more seasoned investors steps up to give me guidance. The support from the DG Family is amazing!

Dean, thanks for the website and giving all of us the ability to 'see the light.' Thanks to the DG family who are out there doing it everyday and sharing their stories.

I believe

What does it mean to me? Well first i have to define what that being a part of something bigger IS. My family is what i am a part of, and its the only thing that matters. I have worked for several companies that would preach about the whole "team" concept, and taking part in something bigger than myself. None of those companies ever showed me that they were willing to reward that team effort, or reward you for going above and beyond. Bottom line- they are all buisnesses lookin out for themselves and your an employee. This is America, and the only way you can truely get ahead or be happy is to do for yourself. Make it happen on your own. You can't expect your boss of 10 years to reward you for all your time and effort anymore. Those days are gone. You may be one of the unlucky ones who works right up to retirement and your company lays you off.<-------new trend to get rid of people about to retire, seen it happen to family member. Anyway, that makes me think that Deans ideas might be a step in the right direction. Going to give it a shot.

Thanks Dean!

Thanks for the inspiration and another great blog! We have not done our first deal yet but my wife and I have made the commitment today to make the best of our time (from your last blog) and to put everything we've learned into action! Thanks to all of you on the blog for sharing your experiences, I know we can do this we just need to put our words into action.

Your key to success is within the pages of the DG website!

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The day after returning from Dean's first ever Gain the EDGE Event in Arizona in 2009 we became Members of the Dean Graziosi Website (

As we were brand new and just starting out we encountered so many people in our daily life that were negative and even told us we could not be successful in real estate. Unfortunately, most of these people were family and friends.

When we attended Dean's 2009 Gain the EDGE Event we discovered a whole new world. There were so many like minded people out there that would tell you all the reasons why you could succeed and even share with you how they did it. These DG members nationwide willing to inspire and share what they learned in real estate on a daily basis. The knowledge, the information, the tips, the techniques that were working for others were as easy as a few clicks away. Many of the DG Members told us about and why we should become members.

Not only was it a place to inspire and share but to educate and motivate others. We were hooked! Priority One was to join the website as soon as we returned home and that's what we did. is an on demand daily EDGE Event. It is continuous flow of great stories, information and a supportive family of investors. It is daily and the content continuous to expand every minute of every day. It is at your fingertips whenever you need it. It is just like Las Vegas, it never closes....24/7! Whenever you need it for information or inspiration members are there for you. It is a place where people share and are happy for other member's success.

It has been wonderful to be part of something very special for the past 3+ years. If your new and not yet a member of, remember if you want to make a change in your life it all starts with your daily actions. Priority One is become a member and part of the family today. There is always room at the table for new family members. So pull up a chair, be heard by others or just sit back and enjoy the conversation. Welcome to the DG family. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

P.S. Thank you to Dean and all his staff members for making this website possible. This website has helped thousands of individuals become better real estate investors as well as better people in life. Their dedication to helping others is appreciated by thousands of members and the countless lives they touch.



Not only is the information you provide inspirational but you create a unity within real estate investors that help give confidence and focus. For myself, although new to the group, have already completed my first deal where I was able to buy a condo at a substantial discount for my elderly parents who live in cold San Francisco, California, so they can relocate to warmer climate and be nearer myself and their granddaughter. Now my next goal is to continue this success and buy 3 investment properties by year end and know with your inspiration will achieve it. Thanks for all the support and words of wisdom, you truly are one of a kind.


Being a part of something big

Being a part of something bigger than you can be great when you surround yourself with positive people interested in the same things or may have the same goals. This website keeps me motivated to completed my first deal. The encouragement from individuals to not give up helps me move to the step.


The great thing about being part of this site is the extra little nuggets of information that people share. It creates a synergy that complements the training materials.
Have a great week everyone.

Thanks Dean !!

As always, your inspiration keeps me going. I'm terrible with computers, but I don't plan on giving up. 20 months in the success academy, 3 deals closed, I have yet to figure out exactly how this works,, but I'm still working at it !!
John B.
Kent Ohio

New to DG website

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Watching this blog, gives encouragement and inspiration! I'm new here, but it looks like I found the right place and people to get myself started in the right direction.
I'll be looking around, looking for direction, answers to my questions and new friends.
Thanks for your blogs, emails, support, information and most of all encouragement!
I guess I'll give you an advance Thank You, for the Ipad!! Smiling

I plan to "work the plan and plan to work" (from your blog)

Thanks again!


You are truly a person of motivation. You inspire all source of people, specially the ones that are just starting out in real estate.


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I need strength and confidence to keep taking everyday action steps with a clear head. Every Monday morning I look forward to sharing in the festivities with you. Dean, you are an inspiration every week to me. You always come up with an idea that helps turn my head from negative to positive. After hearing your words of wisdom, I always feel confident that I can face whatever this week brings. Thanks for caring and sharing.

What my DG Family does for me.

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Hi Dean & DG family,
Being part of something bigger. I have been in and out of the DG site for some time now. To be very honest I keep on going back to the J.O.B out of frustration and lack of money to pay the bills. I kick myself every single time I put myself back in the rat race. As I type this short comment, I find myself unemployed and about to fall behind on all my bills. To make it a little more interesting my wife and I just had a baby two weeks ago and the in-laws are staying with us(without a return ticket home) not letting me work on my RE business or even try to find a job for that matter, SUCKING up all my time. I know it’s only an excuse and I need to just do it, and get it done!
So back to the point here… This site plus Dean's books, gain the edge events are just some of the things that remind me to push forward and reach my goals and dreams .I still BELIEVE that I will be successful in Real Estate, even with the lack of support of my spouse and the rest of the naysayers in my life. This site is part of the reason why I have a strong belief in myself and it helps me stay GROUNDED. This site keeps my mindset in check and it reminds me that I will succeed without a doubt in my real estate business.
Best Regards,



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again thanks for sharing. this blog is typical of the lessons you teach.
take action and change your life
keep moving forward, rob
p.s. facebook

This week's video


What an awesome video!! Great motivator!!

Love the enthusiasm

It's always great to see others who are excited about their real estate investing! Thanks for the community of "like minded people"!!

DG Website

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Been a blessing! like minded people and the website has helped me with tough times and I know that I will always have the support and help for any obstacle that gets in my journey to success!everything on this site is really great and inspirational.
Thank You DG Family!!!

Twitter can be your real estate lifeline to success

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I often tell people there is a world where people want to help and inspire others to be successful. They are happy when you succeed not envious about your success. Members freely share information that will help others. This world is

If you are not yet a member today is the day that can change your life. Why not be part of something good. Something that helps you while helping others as well. It is nice to know you are not on this journey by yourself. can help you along the way. Help you with inspiration and information that you need to be successful. So many members share so much great content. You can learn from their successes as well as their failures. READ, LEARN and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

The first deal is the hardest

This couple had great energy! I love that they said they had help with their first deal. My advise to them is, help someone new also get their first deal done. If we all help each other get past the first one we will all be successful together.

Being part of something larger than myself.

Hi Dean,

I just signed on last Friday and have been doing my best imitation of a sponge - as I try to absorb all the information you make available.

At this point in my journey, being part of something greater than myself means that I am not alone. There are others who came before me that I can learn from. There are resources available that I can tap into to aid my success. There are others right now doing the same thing - so I know it can be done.

Thanks Dean for the hope. Thanks in advance for everything else!!

Part of a team

When all of the retiring pro athletes are asked what they are going to miss the most, they all say the same thing - being together with my teammates, the camaraderie, being part of a TEAM. Most people, after high school or college have not been part of a team again. In the general workplace, you may work with a number of other people, but are you really a team working together, sharing, helping, and mentoring? If you are lucky enough to have that at work, do you have that in your real estate business? Most people, me included, are in it alone on the real estate side and that is one of the reasons it is so difficult and why so many people don't make it! Everyone needs a kick in the butt sometimes, encouragement other times, and sometimes just plain help with something you can't do alone - hmmm, sounds a lot like marriage and / or family doesn't it? Dean, you've always said we are a family, and I think the "team" part of it is really what you are referring to. My first time commenting, but you really hit the bulls eye on this one...

Weekly Wisdom #198

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Every Monday morning when I put my iPhone in its holster, I see the screen with all the unread emails since the night before. Invariably each Monday morning, Dean's email is there. I put my phone on my belt and finish getting ready for the day. I drop off my daughter at preschool and head to the office, boot up the computer, and open up Dean's little weekly gift. That's what it is to me, really, because if I didn't put in any offers last week, if I had a bad morning with a rebelious 4 year old; if things don't seem to be going smoothly, I still get to open up that liitle gift in my inbox. I say its a gift also because its another chance to start fresh. It motivates me to keep looking for the perfect Realtor, to keep looking at properties, to keep putting in offers.
I went to a boot camp earlier in the year and was really fired up, found a Realtor, looked at properties, made a bunch of offers. None of these panned out, but as long as I learn something from each thing I do, it is an accomplishment towards my goal of becoming a full time real estate investor.
Coming to the DG site and seeing that other people are making it happen gives me faith that if I keep trying and working the plan, it will happen for me, too.
Thanks Dean, for all that you do.

Imitating the Success of Others

What a great way to get my relationship with DG started! I just completed the 3-day advanced workshop yesterday so I am do excited to get started! This site obviously will become invaluable to me as I forge ahead into a life that I've barely imagined up to this point. Seeing others' success is a HUGE part of the motivation to be a student of this system and a doer in RE investing.

Looking forward to a BRIGHT, BRIGHT future!

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