Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #198 - Score a FREE iPad from Dean

This week Dean talks with a couple who just completed their first two deals and are totally jazzed with the results. They share how being a part of something bigger than themselves made all the difference.

But it gets even better. Post a comment under this video and tell Dean what it means to you to be part of something bigger than yourself, or how being part of a likeminded group is helpful to reaching your goals. When you do that, you'll automatically have a chance to win Dean's iPad. Want to increase your chances... share or like this on Facebook, Google+ or tweet it on Twitter we'll add an extra drawing for you for each one. At the end of your comment list what sites you shared it on (type "Facebook", "Twitter", "Google" depending on which one(s) you shared on) so we can add your extra entries and verify the winner's "shares". Watch and get in the drawing now. Winner announced next week.

Grateful for all you do

Thanks for all that you do. I've done a couple of deals over the last year. Some easier than others. But when I have a hard time, I always come back here for inspiration to move forward and on to the next one. THANKS DEAN!


thanks for your dedication to encourage people on a weekly basis. It's a new adventure for most and there are no college courses to prepare us. While it takes a lot of courage and self determination to take on the adventure, no one can succeed alone, we need support and encouragement. Thank You

Being part of this site means I'm never alone. There is always someone to help answer questions I may run into.

Inspirational, as always.

Inspirational, as always. Thank you, Dean, for all your inspirational videos. I need to stop postponing, and just need to jump in with both feet and start doing something from somewhere. Not sure what exactly to do, or where to start, but need to get started somewhere. Maybe I can get some good start-up ideas from your personal notes on the iPad I'm gonna win Smiling Lol... , Kaz

Great video

I know this works, I've done it before, and want to do it again this year. Thanks so much for all your encouragement. Maryann

Just finish watching my first blog

This was a great blog Dean,a very exciting couple from your Las Vegas meeting,lots of energy and very inspiring.I will attending my first conference in Pittsburgh this weekend.I have also purchase the book..Be a Real Estate Millionaire.

Keep Your Chin Up High Do you want ot partner on a deal?

I have been with DG for onl;y a couple of months now. I have several offers in. I am looking for a partner to share with and make the deals come our way. Let me know. I am hitting the road running and hard.

What being part of Dean's World

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Dean: You inspire us to keep on keeping on. As a single mom and working full time I find it challenging at times, but, when I log on and watch your blogs I get immediately inspired all over again. Attended Las Vegas and bought tax liens, now working with a partner for acquiring first property USING YOUR TECHNIQUES and hopefully with very little of our money. I have two rental properties acquired the using my hard earned cash that I have positive cash flow monthly. My goal with your support is to have 12 homes all positive cash flow over the next two years. Thank you for caring about us. You Rock!

The Website group is amazing

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I love nothing more than being a part of this group here at and sharing any new wisdom and strategies I learn from doing this business everyday. Sharing and learning from each other and being apart of this is definitely something special and you can't find a group this big and positive anywhere else.

This website has helped change my life and kick started my REI career. I can't imagine how many others it has helped as well, but when you are involved in something this great you just feel like you can do anything. The positive feedback and motivation can really push anyone along at their lowest times.

I am glad I found Dean and his website and I will forever always feel honored to help others through this site just like I got in the beginning. It just feels so good inside when you see others succeed because of what you did for them! Let's continue to make this the best REI community on the planet!

To Our Success,
Larry Ferriola Jr

Love it

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One of my goals is to go to those events

Needed boost

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Hi Dean,
Thanks again for the inspiration. I have been going down hill each and every month for the last 2 years. I only have you and your blogs and website to keep my faith up on making this happen. I get little or no motivation and help from family and friends and you are it for me.
We just had our 14 year old son diagnosised with Autism and the schedule with part time work and his medical is tiring. Having to cook seperate meals for him and the family also boggling.
I am tugged from all ends and am still hoping to put all of your knownledge to work for me as well. Keep up the motivation, I know there are others like me that look forward to you and your Monday Motivations.
Thank you Dean!
Terri Engel

Great Blog

I'm very exited to become a part of the family! I also beleive that right now is perhaps the best time for anyone that's tired of the every day grind to do something positive for their's and their familys future!! Rob a.k.a. Warmfuzy


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Encouragement is a wonderful thing to share these days. It is so powerful, especially when we're feeling weak. It cost nothing but a small portion of time and energy, and benefits ALL involved, the giver and receiver. That's what family is all about. We're not meant to be alone. We need each other, like we need food, water and shelter.

Dean is sharing with his family. We should ALL step up to the plate and follow his lead as well. Team up, encourage and network.

I'm a licensed/insured General Contractor, remodel/built houses for 40yrs, looking to team up, encourage and network with other investors who need what i have to bring to the table. Send PM


Wisdom 198

I find that it means the world to people who are struggling in there niche to be positively supported often. Directing them towards uplifting groups is the wisest idea to keep motivation high. Great wisdom and God speed to all friends!


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Dean...Unfortunately, I grew up around very negative and non-supportive family...My dad would shoot down all my dreams and of course, I let him, because I listened. When you have dreams that are bigger than yourself, and people keep telling you it's impossible, you doubt that you can even make them come true, but I painfully, finally acknowledged that your mindset and listening to positive people around you have a big impact on success or failure...old sayings go... misery likes company...never listen to broke people, I make it a point to surround myself with likeminded people and pray for those that are blinded by fear and objections from negative, broke people. To me this is being part of something bigger than yourself by being bigger than any problems! I am closing on my first deal and moving forward to another one...all because of you and DF family mindset! I thank you and my children from the bottom of our hearts! Blessings to All!

What it means to me to be part of Something BIGGER!

Dear Dean,
I know that people say it to you all of the time Dean...but "Thank You". I have had your books and dvd's for a few years, I have been listening to your weekly blogs for several years too...but I finally took the plunge and joined your coaching academy. Being part of something bigger, part of what you have created, gives me hope and elevates me to want to reach higher goals. You give me direction and constant encouragement...the tools that I need to succeed at being a successful real estate investor, and to hopefully soon get financial freedom so that I can spend more time with what matters most to me, my family. In my "Success Plan of Action" as I call it, that I wrote for my coach Chris, one of my immediate goals is to make my first deal by October 2nd, 2012. I keep having thoughts of insecurity or getting discouraged by those around me that are not like minded, that this is not realistic or even possible. That is why it is SOOOO important for me to be part of something bigger. Because you keep reminding me that it IS possible and that I CAN do it. Thank you.


Great story by that couple. Loved it. Felt inspired.
Jim C.

This weeks blog

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They have said it all. Work the plan and plan the work. Both are so important to get results. Thanks, Dean.

This is fantastic...

I willy need this kind encouragement, because I'm unemployed, sitting in death and my first goal is to make a first flip as soon as possible. Such people and Dean's help is a fantastic "keep in touch" tool. Let’s make it happened, and despite so many negative people surrounding as sometimes, it helps to get through. I don't understand a lot of things, because I never had my own house, but I realize that I've gotten to do a lot of marketing for sure.

Dean (in translation): 2 heads are better than one!

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What I hear in Dean's interview with Tom & Rashida is a reminder of some truth in an old folk saying we've all heard "Two heads are better than one"! As a new student of real estate investing over the past 5 months, I've discovered that this DG website is one of the strategic stops I make each week to "fill up my tank" with inspiration, energization, reliable information, romodels for dedication, how-to's for business creation, and network formation. If I wanted to learn horseback riding, I wouldn't go to a lion tamer.
So it you're here now, I hope you'll take the time to discover that is one of the RIGHT places at the right time. Blessings for all your efforts, Teachers & Students alike, towards Real Estate Investing!

Weekly Blog


I enjoyed your blog this week.

We are now working on doing the fix-up on the 9th house that we have done since I saw your infomercial, read your books, outlined your books, and developed my own business plan.

The process has been great. I really enjoy it.

I am coming to Phoenix next week to visit my daughter. I would enjoy coming to your offices and/or merely seeing any of the other training materials that you may have available. Let me know where your office is and whether you allow any "off the street" visitors.

We live and work in the Florida market. The real estate opportunities here are great.

Jeff and Alice Walker

Bigger than me

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Being a part of something bigger than you can only lead to you growing bigger. Just like joining a gym or signing up for a group fitness class, you have the will to show up and then the inspiration to go hard comes from your peers.

The DG Family is keeping the dream Alive!

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Thanks Dean for another great inspiration. You're starting this website for us to network and share our thoughts is the best idea anyone could ever have.This site is always there when I have a question that I don't know the answer to.There are so many members here who want to share their time and experience.We all appreciate it! Keep up the great work.We wouldn't be where we are without your support and motivation.I always leave this site feeling motivated for the day to achieve.Thansk so much.
Jo Ann

What does it mean to me....

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Don't follow where the path may lead, but go where there is no path and leave a trail....

And that's EXACTLY what I"m doing. Thanks Dean!

Your website rocks!!!!


I always look forward to your weekly wisdom video blogs. Let's face it...we all go through up and down times in our feelings and emotions with our business and it is just awesome to be inspired by you to keep reminding us that no matter what...DON'T GIVE UP!!!!


All Fired UP!

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Hi DG Team,
We are a team of local investors that are all fired up! We watch all your blogs but this is our first post. We recently started up our own facebook page, twitter is on its way, and are struggling to get more RSS feeds and likes. We have been to a few of your seminars and are part of your inner circle and the success team. We are dedicated to winning know matter what. Failure is not an option.We are adding new people to our team all the time cause we believe that teamwork is the key to achieving our goals! We greatly appreciate your inspiration to help push us all forward!
Team Triple S Investments

DG - the greatest place to learn!

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I am new to this - I attended a 3 day event, and am jumping in with both feet. Most of the time I feel like I am drowning, but watching the blogs, reading the things that others use to overcome the defeats has helped me keep moving forward. I haven't completed a deal yet, but I have submitted offers! I use the advisor line constantly! It is my only lifeline at this time. I know that going to the big training event would have helped me get going much faster, but I took the last of my money to go to the three day event. I know that it was the best investment I have ever made! I look forward to building my business to the point that I can teach others how to succeed!

-Wes- High-Octane Fuel for Real Estate Investors!

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Whoops, I already posted today, but forgot to mention networking with
Facebook &
Hope everyone ( DG Family -Teachers & Students) alike has a beautiful week. Just trying to stay dry in O-HI-o today!

Coming like a runaway train.

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I have finally found a seasoned vet doing deal after deal who is now partnering with me to focus on a particular strategy. Dean its like the universe has been guiding me brother so crazy you just mentioned to go to the REI Club I have been and I met my new partner there. They where a speaker. Keep up the great work Dean and save a spot for me on your infomercial.


Eric Volkers
Volkers Ventures Real Estate Investor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Weekly Wisdom #198

I believe it is important to be a part of this community because starting something new is a little scary. How great it is to be part of a group that encourages, not discourages, and is positive about what is happening and not negative, and takes action and does not wait for someone to hand it to them. Dean, thank you for what you and your team do for all of us.

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