Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #198 - Score a FREE iPad from Dean

This week Dean talks with a couple who just completed their first two deals and are totally jazzed with the results. They share how being a part of something bigger than themselves made all the difference.

But it gets even better. Post a comment under this video and tell Dean what it means to you to be part of something bigger than yourself, or how being part of a likeminded group is helpful to reaching your goals. When you do that, you'll automatically have a chance to win Dean's iPad. Want to increase your chances... share or like this on Facebook, Google+ or tweet it on Twitter we'll add an extra drawing for you for each one. At the end of your comment list what sites you shared it on (type "Facebook", "Twitter", "Google" depending on which one(s) you shared on) so we can add your extra entries and verify the winner's "shares". Watch and get in the drawing now. Winner announced next week.


I Need This Because I have never won anything and realestate is a new industry to me. I got you dvd 2011 edge, I have been watching you blogs and and man you are right, realestate is booming!! great!! i was once homeless and now i got my own apartment, i am working on getting my house. I desire to help other achieve there dreams. Dean I wish I could be the winner!! of your I Pad to help others and myself to be successful!! Courtney Chapman!! is my name!!


I was so impressed, I can.t wait for September to be there! I know this can be done and I'm so ready for the change!
Thank you Dean


place to be around all levels of expertise, positive people, family. encouragement, and best of all GREAT advise when you have a question. Everyone is so helpful and that is GREAT ! I love the ENERGY !!

PS I could really use an IPAD lol
PSS My husband met you and learned ALOT at the Edge Event 2012. We are actively putting everything learned into ACTION. My goal is to meet you at the Edge Event 2013. See ya than Smiling

Keep reaching for the stars


Diverse Realestate Solutions LLC
Brett and Donna Pierson

Bigger Is Better

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Hi Dean, Thank You so much from my Wife Belinda and I. We met you on an info-mercial, then met your team at a free meeting in State Collage Pa. Then one of your Gurus Marc Hrisko in Pittsburgh.
Then we went out and put "Deans' Plan" into action. We have purchased a nice brick 2 story Victorian that no body would tackle the rehab for just 20k. It is done this week and will go out on the listing for $73,500. I,m good with the profit from that. ARV around 90k for our town. So we feel we are helping others with some instant equity. THANK YOU DEAN. I have been a contractor and fixed and flipped for guys like you for years. Now it is our turn. My Wife and I want you to know, The nay-sayers can go back to flippin burgers in their safe jobs and hope for a watch some day. While Dean Makes impressions that change peoples' lives for ever. That's what it's like to be part of some thing big.
God Bless
Dave and Belinda Douglas

Awesome time

This has to be the best time in history to get a deal on property. I started investing in RE about 35 years ago after watching a infomercial at 2 am one night. I bought his program and used his techniques and it WORKED! I took some time off of investing for a while as my job became more demanding. Now that I am close to retirement and plan to invest more, I bought Deans books and am planning to use his techniques as well as mine to fill in some of my time on retirement. Thanks Dean.. Awesome reading... R

Part of something greater

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Being part of something greater means we can share ideas and learn from others, and the DG site provides inspiration and motivation! Thank you for your weekly blogs - they keep me focused and excited. Liked on Facebook!

Being part of something bigger than myself

It challenges me and gives me access to a world of ideas. It opens new doors for me giving me choice and opportunities. I grow and learn and rise higher. You have no idea and I can not begin to tell you what it means to know you Dean and to have access to the DG site and family. God Bless You and may we all be servants.

The power to change someone's life!

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Once again your inspiring and motivating words push us thru. This site you've built along with all the wonder books,help, and posts have changed thousands of lives. Mine in particular you have helped me put my long traveled dream of a journey into action. With 2 deals closed and a 3rd in the works, I am forever grateful for your every word. A true real estate profit. A thousand thanks. Tiffany

~Never give up on on your dreams.Wake up and go get them!~

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Thank you Rasheida(spelling?) and Tom for sharing your experience. Clem from Tx here, and I was there, HR, Las Vegas Buying Summit this past week and I/we must share your excitement for it is the real deal! I briefly met yourselves and DG as well...and we have pic & signed book to verify, right?!

Deals were completed, more was learned and fears were was energizing, fun and positively informative. Stay humble, have fun, focus and continue to take positively forward steps. God Bless all in your endeavors.


bigger community

Thanks Dean for having this large community and resources to draw upon. Having the larger community to draw upon, increases my drive and knowledge to where I can accomplish more than I ever could by myself.

Dean's Video Blog

I must say . . . I have not seen any of Dean's info yet, however, real estate investing is the best path to wealth. Now is the best time to invest since the great depression. Go do it!!!

Great Inspiration

Thanks Dean it is always helpful when you bring in new members to share their story. I'm sure that this video will reach many thru Facebook Google+ Twitter and many other sites. Hopefully by viewing this other members will be inspired and realize that they can be successful by taking action.

Being on this website has

Being on this website has really brought my knowledge in the real estate
World up alot by reading peoples personal stories. Having other people come and share there stories on this website means alot to me. I have been apart of this website for about 4-5 months ago after i attended a live event.

I would like to thank Dean for creating this website where we can share stuff like this

Carol Fawcett


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First of all WOW, you have to have crazy energy to keep up with 8 kids! However, the enthusiasm comes from believing whole heartedly in the process of real estate. Great blog and congrats on your achievements thus far!
Angie Smiling

Weekly blog

Hi Dean,
Your blogs definitely inspire. I highly recommend this site. There is so much information and help available here.
Thank you for your teaching and support.

Thanks for the Happy Thoughts

Great to see and hear happy thoughts for a Monday morning. You are right about getting to know like minded people. NOW PLEASE - SHOW ME THE IPAD!


Being bigger than something than just me is bringing my entire family into the experience. At first they did not like it, but not they are starting to have fun with me.


I have done my first deal and yet DG family does work with us and help in every way. I have been listening to Deans for years and habe all his books and yes read them as well. I keep them handy for reference as well, they are marked with stickers. Thanks Dean for all you do for all of us.

Dean's My Man!

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Hey Dean. I'm out here in Toronto CANADA. You have no idea what the DG family means to me. I only attended the 3 day workshop thus far and I'm waiting on $35,000 my business loan to go through to get to advanced training. You have no idea how my life has changed since! I feel like I'm part of a gang armed with the knowledge to make that green like no other! I feel like I'm a soldier and you all are my General's, Lieutenants, and comraders.

Must tell you I'm 24 yrs old and I'm a Sikh. I wear a turban and have a beard. My community just went through a massacre in Wisconsin. I am slowly healing. The thing that broke m heart about it was I wasn't able to go down to Miluawakee when it happened bcuz of finances. I'm a high school drop out with both my parents retired. I realized what I had done a year ago. So if it wasn't for you, I would see no way out of this hole I dug for my self 6 years after leaving high school. THE DG ARMY GAVE ME HOPE! And I can't thank you enough. I can't wait for my loan to go through so I can join you in Vegas. I

-Harjote (Harry) Singh

It's great to not have to

It's great to not have to reinvent the wheel. The DG family has so much experience to draw from.

Take Action

Take advantage of this great network folks! You can if you think you can. Remember, if you want things to change in your life ,you need to make changes. Take Action!

Weekly Wisdom

I always log and and get the weekly wisdom1 inspirational. tHANK YOU!

Hears what it means to me

I have went to REI school, belong to DG (and read every book you have published) and watch Weekly Wisdom religously and belong to local REI Club and very active. It will be 2 years Oct that I started my new life and could not be more excited and happy. Actually considering get a RE license but have not yet completed my analysis of the benefits. In two years have aquired 7 rental units (one in my Roth IRA)with positive cash flow of $1800 (extra money in my pocket each month, not to mention the $850 going into my IRA which is more than I could actually contribute each year. Have flipped two houses with $45K profits and wholesaled one house for $5K profits (plus got my nephew a spectacular new home for a steal)
So not only have I profited, but I have helped my nephew get into a lovely new home and have met a bunch of GREAT people who are also living the dream. Thanks Dean

Bigger Than Myself

The opportunity to become an investor allows me a chance to help my family reach their dreams and allows me the opportunity to see how much I can achieve, as well as being part of a community of people making a difference in their communities. Thanks to Dean for having the vision to make this possible!

Great Energy Dean!

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Thanks for your consistent and energizing Weekly Wisdoms! What a great way to and a great place to keep Inspired by listening to like minded, wonderful people like you! God Bless You!

Hugs, Lucy Smiling

bigger then me

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Being a part of this site and the DG family has help me to be successful and to believe in myself again. I have been working in my town which is so stuck in their own ways they can't see beyond their own nose. This is a place where you rarely see FSBO and they never sell if you do. I am under contract for my own home sold FSBO in 2 weeks. This happen all because of the techniques I learned from DG. Right before I marketed it I comp it at $322,something and listed it for $387,900 because of what yo have taught me. It was a leap of faith and I got $380,000. When all is closed I will walk away with $100,000 in profit. This is a big deal as it will get me out of debt and allow me to move so I can be with like minded people and be more successful Thanks Dean and the DG family!

Thanks Dean!

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You and everyone who posts here helps keep us motivated! I'll share on Facebook.

Late but here

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Wow, I am normally the first to post on here but had family stuff going on. Love this family but guys the coach is hard soooo you came second on that one...Anyway, that couple has energy let me tell you and I see them doing well. What this means to me: Wow....from almost dieing in 09 to teaching people/kids about investing and real estate is beyond words. Let me get this right now...I get paid to do this!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding is good GUNS....I will be sending in a new video this year that will rock last years because my fear of talking in front of a camera/group is long gone...March on dean,,March on.
Liked it on skype and facebook

Just got back from workshop

Seeing someone that just closed their first deals, fires me up even more to make sure we succeed. I feel like the group wants us to be successful and prosper. Thanks Dean!

Just "ASK..

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and you Shall receive" live by this simple sentence! If there is something you don't understand or if you simply need some help. You can always rely on this site, the DG family will always respond.

Just don't wait too long, if you are engaged you will always learn and learning brings you closer to getting your first deal done, like I am!

I know I can do it with a little help from my friends. Also, it's great to know who your neighbors are in YOUR home town that are members, dont be shy give me a shout out if you want to partner on a deal in EL PASO, TX

Laughing out loud I wanna "BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE"

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