Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #210 - Checks Solve Problems

Have you given up on your dreams of success in real estate? Have you let life eat you up? Have you kicked your big "why" to the curb?

Well, if that's you...(and even if it isn't) this week of Thanksgiving, Dean has a message that you must take to heart. If you can cut a check to solve a problem, you don't have a problem. Find out what this means and how understanding it can help you change or save a life.

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Thank You

Thank you for being the motivating factor to so many. I am one of the millions. Eye-wink

Great wisdom

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I glad to hear that your step dad is doing better and he will be fine because of Gods help trough people like yourself.
I am happy to be a part of DG family and i know that money can bring happiness.
The important different is that YOU have to be in control of it.


thank you dean

after our trip to las vegas in june i set a goal of 3 deals this year , we have met that goal , itis a really tight market in this area but persisted and found a great deal in the town that i grew up in that i think was a diomond in the rough you showed me how to use equity, i have estblished a line of credit using the equity from my properties and i am now working in another line of credit from another bank, i am looking forward to next year , i think it will be a goodwear for investors happy thanksgiving and have a great holiday

Glad to Hear

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So glad to here your step-dad is doing better and is home for the holidays. I know he appreciates how much you love and care about him and what did for him. I'm sure words just can't express it. He is lucky to have you as a son. Yes checks do solve problems and I am doing everything I can do succeed to be able to solve alot of problems. Thank you for all your support and motivation to succeed.

I want to wish all the DG family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

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I am happy your Dad is doing better, Dean. I wish everyone here would take a moment and be Thankful for what we do have. Continued Prayers for those still affected by Sandy. ~BobD

God will help you!

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Hey Mr. Dean everything will be fine, there is plan for everyone. have faith and enjoy every moment. happy holiday ^_^ Wish you all doing well and find peace in heart.

Cutting a check for Haiti & yourself

I just went through the devastation that was Hurrican Sandy. I live two blocks from the beach in Brooklyn, New York. I personally was blessed to have been spared some of the horrors that befell many of my neighbors. Even though I have not had heat or hot water since the storm, I am relatively unscathed.
Remebering the devastation in Haiti, I have joined a company that is providing pure, healthy water in that area. If anyone wants to help Haiti and their own pocketbook as well, dividend bearing shares are available for sale. For details, contact me at: Eliotk AT aol DOT com.
Dean, I hope that you choose to become a part of this venture!

Dean thank you for your giving heart

Hello Dean, glad to hear that your stepfather is better and we are praying that he will have a speedily recovery. Its a blessing to be able to give when circumstances and situations come about and sometimes seem overwhelming. You have position yourself to be a blessing to all of us because you decided years ago to plant a seed toward realestate and look at the harvest of what you have planted. That seed is now going into areas like hurricane sandy to help people in a time of need. Thank you for what you do.

Health and Gratitude

What a scare! Thank God you were there to ease the chaos. With our your financial help and always your positive thinking your mother and step- dad would not be back. Yes, I agree cutting a check for our needs would be great. However, I do thank God for all the blessings in my life, being a part of the DG family and believing anything is possible. GSanchez

Hey Dean.

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First off I am still praying for a full recovery for your step Dad. I hope your Mom is doing well through all of this as well. Dean we will be praying for you as well. Over the years I have known you Dean I can see in your face when you are going through some tuff times maybe only lack of sleep but still a tuff time. Take care of yourself Dean.

What we would and have cut a check for is taking care of our parents, pay for our daughters college maybe out of Ca. So she can get in to all of her classes, help more with our church, bring our troops home and then retire today.

I know we can help more we have had some bumps in the road here in 2012 but we will get back on track in 2013.

Take care Dean and the DG Family.

God bless

Steve and Veronica

Cutting the check

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I am glad to here your stepfather is doing better and that you were able to cut that check thanks to being in Real Estate . Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the wisdom that you give us every eeek.

Another way to put it...

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Money deosn't buy happiness...
but it sure does help! ( :


Thank you Dean

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I do hope you and everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm so happy you stepfather is feeling better.Im just getting started and I'm trying to build a team a work in progress ....I was up all night putting up bandit sign and boy my phone is ringing off the hook I put three Friday night and got one call and this morning Monday I was up at 1:00 AM I started driving around the three sings I put up Friday where gone so I put up about 8 more boy my phone has not stopped ringing One agent and most are looking for personal use 4 hours of sleep and I already have had 7 calls. Looking forward to an agent that will follow through and your class in Northern Virginia.God Bless and Thank you Diana Inlow

ChecksSolve Problems

Being new to the DG family this is the first time I have heard Dean use this phrase, thought I have hard it before. It can also represent a metaphor for a difference kind of check. Like the gift of sharing Dean provides all of us. It can be IOUs in the form of time and resources in our volunteer activities or the our hand up (not hand out) to those we can help.
As we approach Thanksgiving, share your joy and gratitude with your family and loved ones, and if you get a chance help a stranger as well.

Cutting a Check

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I'm glad to hear that your step Dad is doing so well and that you were able to cut a check to take care of his medical bills.

As you know, my Dad passed recently and I want to be able to cut a check to make sure my Mom does not have to worry about the bills coming in. I want to be able to cut a check to help other family memebers and friends.

Most importantly (borrowing your phrase) I want to become bullent proof so I can do so much more good.

Thanks for this weeks message. It definitely hit home.



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Praise the Lord that your stepfather is alright. I made a small prayer for him.

Nice to welcome your stepdad home, isn't it!

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Super news, and I am very happy for you. You are fortunate to be in a position to have "cut the check" in the name of love. I, too, am dying to cut checks for animal rescue, Amnesty International, and planetary well-being. Fist, I need to be able to cut checks for myself to be freed from the job that is robbing me of time, joy, and hope. Money is just energy, and is to be shared like any other loving force that it may multiply.

Check cutting

Yes money can help...It's what drives the world's economies and on a smaller scale our personal economic state.It has put you,Dean,in a wonderful position to help not only help family but others in need.That is truly a rewarding feeling to make a positive impact on someone's life.RE put you in that position and has given you many opportunities that you try and pass on to us so that we also may be in a position to help not only ourselves but others.Thank you for all you're hard work and dedication and enjoy the holidays.
Marc Leone


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Dean, I'm thankful that your step-dad is doing so well! There are so many things in this life to be thankful for and sometimes we all get so busy that we forget to remind ourselves of our blessings. I would cut a check to find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which my great-niece has. She was not expected to make it to her 2nd birthday, and praise God, she just turned 3!! We are very thankful for that!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dean and to all of the DG family!

New Hope

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Dear Dean,
I am so thankful that a mail invitation to your Seminar let me to know a such outstanding, smart, and the most important, openhearted person as you are!!!
Only a couple of days I've been started to watch your DVD and to get to your website. But I feel a hope that my life can be changed to the better.
Even if my expectations won't be fulfilled, I think the time I will spend with your team, read and listen your amazing interviews, and knowing more about this business will still change my life!

Money cant fix problems all the time!

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im living proof that all the money in the world cant fix problems!....alot of the problems i have is not my fault either! sure a million dollars to me would be great to make a 10% down payment on a project to secure my financial future!...but im looking for someone that can! offering in return 10% profits plus original investment back ...its just going to be over a several year investment!...if dean can cut me a check for that amount that would be great!...if not then ill just keep searching for someone that has that kind of money!

Prayers still sent your stepdads ways though!....73's

It is wonderful that your

It is wonderful that your step-dad is doing so much better! Being able to "cut the check" not only can reduce stress and bring peace of mind to oneself but also to family and those who you would be able to help. I am glad you were able to find a pastor who can help some of those who have not been helped much yet as well as some of the DG family. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and the DG family as well! I hope everyone can be grateful for what they have.

Happy to hear of your

Happy to hear of your step-dad's road to recovery, and that both he and your mom are back home now.
Dean, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, you are undoubtedly on my list of things to be thankful for. Not just for me but for everyone you have helped.
Money is not the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money is a means to an end, and boy would I love to have a lot of happy endings!

God bless you and the DG family.


Thank you for cutting the check for your step-dad!
Thank you for cutting the check for Staten Island victims.
Thank you for cutting the checks for members you found in need!

Thank you for being you!

I wish your Family a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your step-dad celebrates many more....

Peace, Joy, and Love,


I'm very happy to hear that he's definitely on the road to recovery with your help.


Power In Prayer


We are so glad to hear that your step-dad is home and that you were blessed again. Even better to hear you say that you were BLESSED!

I am so glad to hear that

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I am so glad to hear that your step dad is doing better. As for your idea that if you can write a check for it it's not a problem, I would love to be in the position to test that theory. I have yet to be able to make real estate investing work for me. My unemployment runs out next month and I have been looking for work for 9 months now. I have gotten very frustrated because of not finding the help or guidance that I need from DG members here in Las Vegas. I can't help but think what bills I could be paying with the money I invested with you.

How awesome to be able to cut THAT check !

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We are so glad your step dad is doing better ! Lots of thoughts and prayers were coming your way ! How awesome that you were ABLE to cut THAT check ! It may not always be "life saving", but helping others in many ways is a BIG part of the reason we are doing real estate ! We are working our way to being where you are and making a difference in so many ways in the world ! Thanks for the inspiration you give us every week ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and all the DG family too !!!


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Thank you for this reminder !

Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Wall Street

Hi Dean: 11-19-12

There has been many articles lately written about the hedge funds, pension funds, etc. who have billions of dollars are buying up as many houses as they can to hold and receive the rent checks from them until the real estate market pays for them to sell and make a major profit.

So the question is: Once again the government is turning a blind eye to Wall Street and allowing Wall Street to buy most of the houses.

This is putting the mom and pop investor, as some articles pointed out, putting them out of business.

So Dean, how can we make real money in real estate if once again the government turns a blind eye to Wall Street allowing them to buy up the majority of houses?

Thanks Dean and looking forward to your answer and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,


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