Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #210 - Checks Solve Problems

Have you given up on your dreams of success in real estate? Have you let life eat you up? Have you kicked your big "why" to the curb?

Well, if that's you...(and even if it isn't) this week of Thanksgiving, Dean has a message that you must take to heart. If you can cut a check to solve a problem, you don't have a problem. Find out what this means and how understanding it can help you change or save a life.

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I am never too busy to spend time with you Dean

The time I spend listening to your weekly wisdom and instruction is an investment in myself. I am also spending my time looking for buyers and motivated sellers. Along with that I am giving consideration to how I spend my time. Life is too short so I can not afford to be wasteful with my time any longer.
I have a real need to be able to cut a check for whatever comes up needing to be resolved and to be able to feed the poor.
I am happy to hear that the money from DG family is going directly to those in need and not to pay someones salary. There are no quick fixes to the natural disaster the hit the east coast and affected so many inland as well but I am glad that we can help.
I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


I can honestly say that all of my current problems, except one, can be readily solved by cutting a check. Actually, most of my adult children's problems could be solved the same way. However, not having something, and having to work hard toward a goal, is very good for the soul, too. Although, I'm pretty sure I can continue to work hard even after I have money. I actually enjoy working. Hopefully, I have instilled that in my children as well. Money definitely helps!!!

Thanks Dean

Dean you made me hold my breath listening to the first part of the video. Glad those prayers were heard. For some reason I wish I could cut my self a check to financial freedom, but I do have a charity in mine to do something good before the year is out. I usally go to the women shelter and donate clothes that I have not woren that are new. But this year even though I am not working, you gave me an idea. Have A Wonderful Thankgiving Dean and glad your step dad is doing better.

:0) StepFather Cutting Check

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Great Video Dean I am glad your step father is doing ok. I don't wanna say this but I truly believe if you didn't cut a check for that situation that happened that day because you could it might have been the other way around for sure. It must feel so good to do that I salute you for it. I can't wait to cut more checks to solve my problems. My wife is somewhat following the Gerson Therepy from her previous cancer and I cut checks daily and monthly of minimum $3,000 month just for food and juicing along never mind everything else. I can't wait to cut a check to send her down to the therepy for 3 weeks and then hire someone here to do the juicing instead of me doing it 4-8 hours everyday.

I challenge anyone that says money is the root of all evil. During this war on cancer with my wife I have seen a couple people who were battling with my wife together that choose alternative after the other conventional methods failed. The alternative was working but they ran out of money and then they sadly died because of this. I sometimes have to check myself from this emotional evil that pops up while I try to save and make more money to finish her protocal and get out of debt of $200,000.

I will NEVER GIVE UP I have come so far with this DG family and will not sleep until I finish her protocal for if she died I could never forgive myself because I didn't have the money. Thank God my wife seems to be doing well and God blesses us daily. Thanks a million Dean for these weekly video they really do help.

God Bless

Eric Volkers :0)

Problem Solver

Thanks Dean for your great wisdom,time, and efforts you give to to DG Team. I am glad that your stepdad is doing well, my prays for you and your family forever. Yes, Dean my Why has always been to be that Problem Solver for everyone that God puts in my pathway to help!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

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I am thrilled to hear about your step-dad. What a blessing for the holidays!!! God bless you and your entire family ( including all of the DG family) on this Thanksgiving.
Thanks for your constant inspiration,
Christine Fontenot

Cutting Checks

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Dean, thanks for continuing the weekly wisdoms! During this tough time, it's most gracious of you to share a personal story with us and how the ability to cut the check gave your step dad a chance at more life! Thoughts and prayers,

Your Ste[p Dad at home now!

Dean So glad to hear the good news about your step
dad. I'm guessing that your folks were there in Mexico for a vacation of some sort...what a welcome
to Mexico that was.
But I'm glad the picture is looking so much better
yes I agree with you that most problems can be fixed with the almighty long as the money is available. Now my wish for your whole
family is to have a great Thanksgiving day...and
enjoy whatever you have to eat.
This is not a tradition around our house, but we usually take a turn and say one thing each that we're thankful for then offer a prayer...before we eat. Have a great T/G day. Phil Lully.

Helping Others

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Wow Dean. Another amazing story. You're inspirational! I would love to be able to be there for my family in a time of need the way you were. Unfortunately that's just a dream for me right now. But someday I will be there too! I've made a commitment never to give up, but boy am I sick of hearing myself say it. I need to just do it already!

Whenever I come back here you never let me down. You are always so positive and supportive. I'm so thankful for you and this site! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Thanks for updating us about the status of your step dad. Our prayers will continue for him, your mom and the rest of the family. Thanks for all you have done for us.


I am so glad...

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Dean, I am so glad to hear of your Step-Father's progress. It seems like this is just another example of how it is darkest right before the dawn. Having been sick in a foreign country myself, I know what it's like to be at the mercy of a foreign medical system. Thankfully, my experience did not require such a large check. It truly was fortunate that you were able to "cut that check" when he needed it most.

I think about what I can do for my family and friends, once I am able to, all the time. Should something silly like "The Publisher's Clearing House" van drive up my yard and surprise me with my BIG check, I already know who would get what money and what would be paid off for them. That's the pipe dream. The real dream is being able to cut that check for those same people by the results of my helping other people with their real estate problems. That needs to be my reality.

So this week, on Thursday, I will give thanks for you Dean, my DG family, my IE family and all who have given me the opportunity to become part of the group, opened my life and my eyes to another way to live, and for the knowledge to achieve what has only been a dream, until now.

Happy Thanksgiving family Laughing out loud

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Enjoy the Holidays :)

Dean, your so right about laughter.It is a world languece all understand, good luck and happy holidays.
Enjoy & Until

Thanks Dean

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Every week you give us things to think about to guide us in the right direction. I just wanted to thank you for giving of yourself like that.
It's wonderful to hear that your stepdad is getting better.
Your message today is great incentive. Right now if I could write a check to fix my problem I'd be able to buy the house I'm living in. It is in forecloser and it did not sell at auction. So the mortgage company is buying it. So, I want to buy it from them. So, if I could cut a downpayment check, I could live in the house that I love and not be forced to move when they decide to evict me.

Thank you for a giving heart

Hello Dean,
I am glad to hear that your stepfather is doing better and I am praying that he have a speedy recovery. It's a blessing to be able to give when circumstances and situations sometimes seem over whelming. You planted a seed toward realestate many years ago and now the seed has turned into a harvest and we are able to be a part of it. Your seed has also reached the hearts of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I thank you for your giving heart and also for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family. Happy Thanksgiving Dean and to all the DG family.

Thank you for your giving heart

Hello Dean,
I am glad to hear that your stepfather is doing better and I am praying that he have a speedy recovery. It's a blessing to be able to give when circumstances and situations sometimes seem over whelming. You planted a seed toward realestate many years ago and now the seed has turned into a harvest and we are able to be a part of it. Your seed has also reached the hearts of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I thank you for your giving heart and also for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family. Happy Thanksgiving Dean and to all the DG family.


Happy birthday Dean to you and your precious little one .. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family with great health ,and continue to give you the knowledge that he has given you to inspire us all!! May he continue to bless your parents with great health as well and continue to help your stepdad on recovering glad to hear he is doing better.. God Bless you...Have a Happy Thanksgiving ..

God does bless those who help others

Dean, I am so glad that your stepfather is much better. He has been blessed with someone who can still be humane to everyone and caring. Yes, the belief of "money is the root of all evil" is one that has been learned due to some who look down upon those that are barely making it. You continue showing us the right way to live on a great income that you have achieved with your built up confidence, wisdom, shared knowledge, and open mind that has continued rubbing off on all of us followers who I'm sure, as I speak for myself, are honored to be following your footsteps. You are a kind, generous man with a giving heart. The cutting the check is something I am working to get to do for myself, and especially all who I can also help.

Weekly wisdom

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Hi Dean, So happy to hear about your stepdad's recovery. I wish mine was here but at-least I had him for 61 years. That's a lot more than many people can say.
What I would cut a check for would be my Student loans. Even though I had just gone through a bankruptcy I found out that the bankruptcy I filed couldn't do anything for Student Loans. I have been on Social Security Disability now but before this I had started going to college again to finish my degree.

If I could cut a check..

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It would pay off all my debt so that I could financially breathe again. That is the one thing that is holding my life back right now.
Glad to hear your step-dad is doing better and I hope he continues to improve.
Best wishes.



If you are quickened by the Holy Spirit read these scriptures and be full of thanksgiving. John 3 vs 19, John 6 vs 65, !corn 2 vs 14, Ephs 2 vs 1, ephs 3 vs 20, Ephs 4 vs 17-18.
If you are not quickened by the Holy Spirit read these verses and repent, John 3 vs 16, Romans 3 vs 23, romans 3 vs 10, romans 5 vs 8, Romans 6 vs 23, John 1 vs 12, 1 corn 15 vs 3-4. Romans 10vs 13, Revelation 3 vs 20.

Happy Thanksgiving the best gift to be thankful for JESUS CHRIST.

Dean your the man!!!

Hey Dean I just want to say that you are a huge insperation to me. I am 20 and i just recently went to one of your conferences and I just loved everything being offered and said. I truly believe your the real deal. I watch these videos every so often and everytime I say this guy is so sincere in really helping others achieve, and I just wanna say I trully appreciate that, because there arent many people like that anymore. I try to help others as much as I can also, and what you did for your step dad is remarkable. Your a great person Dean and I promise i wont let you down. I will give it 100% so you can have another succesful student.

Positive thoughts and actions become positive feelings and outcomes.

Your Step-Father and Staten Island NY

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Hi Dean: So glad that your Step-Father is doing well. You wrote the check to help save his life. We are all looking forward to doing the same things for family, friends and strangers. I believe in helping.
Staten Island has been like the person that does not get invited to the Party. Totally Ignored! The people of Staten Island will appreciate your help. I spent alot of time in NYC as a teen-ager (Modeling). Always loved NYC. Have friends in different boroughs. Thanks, Dean!!

Psalm 46:10

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One of my favorite scriptures.There are so many that I love it is hard to claim a favorite.I enjoyed reading your post.Thank you for sharing this with everyone.May GOD continue to Bless you and Keep you and all your loved ones.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA


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First off I wish to express my deepest gratitude to GOD for your step-dads speedy recovery and safe return to the U.S.Secondly, I wish to thank you and all the D.G. Family for all that you do for everyday folks and those in in times of need.
I am honored and humbled to be a part of this great community.Thank you Dean for being such a huge inspiration to me and so many others.You lift people up.May GOD continue to Bless you and all your loved ones.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

PS.Happy Birthday Dean.You still look like you are in your 20"s

blog solve problems

Hi Dean: I am so glsd to hear your stepdad, is doing better. That is so nice for you too help with his surgery. You will be greatly blessed. Excellent blog, I hope you and your family have a good thanksgiving.I like the way you solve problems. Great job. Carol in Texas

Dean, I'm glad your step-dad

Dean, I'm glad your step-dad is doing better. God Bless you all. It's a good idea that your helping Statin Island, and anyone else that would benefit from it. I love this blog. One of my favorites. Thanks again Dean.

Yep, people mess that up all the time...

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Thanks for speaking the truth!

Happy and Grateful your stepdad is on the road to complete recov

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So happy and grateful to hear your stepdad is on the path to recovery and that you where able to go back down to supply positive energy and contagious good spirit!

Thank you for reminding us that "cutting a check" does make a difference!

Happy Grateful Thanksgiving Week too you, your family and the DG family!
May it be filled with blissful joy!


Reality Check

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Great news that your Step-Dad is recovering and will be okay. The thought of what might have happened if you weren't there with that credit card must be haunting.

Money does us offer freedom to help people we love or people in need, and you have had the opportunity to do both recently in a very very significant way.
You are an inspiration to all of us Dean. Thank You and have a great Thanksgiving with your family!!

John and Julie

Healing for your dad

Hi Dean,
I was so sad to hear your dad took a turn for the worse. But I'm so glad to hear now that he's doing so much better. Still praying for him to return to full health!
And, just wanted to say I would've said something like the same thing you said to him. Splitting hairs over what to say at a time like that isn't the thing to do in my estimation. Apparently your relationship with him is such that you could make that $100K comment and lift his spirits up, so it was totally appropriate. Nobody else's opinion matters period.
Tell him I and so many are standing in the gap for his healing, you & your entire family and expect to be back on his feet in no time.
God bless you and yours Dean.
Also, money does make the world go round, right. Smiling
Just don't fall in love with it!

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