Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #295 - Raise your standards

This week Dean read The Alchemist and spent a day with Tony Robbins, so you may imagine his head is spinning with Success Secrets he needs to deliver to you right away.

This video may be one of Dean's very best this year delivering you practical strategies to catapult your life, your success, and your income...

Matt's New Tips

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Matt we need you to share the new tips. Would love to hear all that you got.

share your secrets!

Please share whatever you got Matt! I still haven't even done a deal yet...I need a boost from you!

Just can not wait to; 1) get

Just can not wait to;

1) get my hands, eyes and mind on the 'alchemist'


2) hear from Matt.

need i say more....?

happy holidaying on 4th july ..Oh its TODAY .Im
off to the park for FIREWORKS. See uuuuuU.

Matt, you know you want to share!!

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First I would like to say thank you to Dean for always getting me amped back up to stay in the real estate game! You definitely have the gift of motivation!!

Matt, I remember when you came to Jacksonville Florida for a boots on the ground session. You have just skyrocketed since then. I am so happy for you and hopefully one day I can get to your level...but in the meantime..give up those secrets cause I'm sure they are the latest and greatest tips in the real estate business today and will help us all start crushing it!!

Please Share Matt!

Hi Dean

Thank you for keep on inspiring us. Matt please share with us!! I need your help!


Matt & Dean

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Thank you both for all you do Dean this site is a GOD send there's so much here that can & has pushed all of us forward. Matt I know you want to hold on to those secret golden nuggets but please share, your deals will most likely increase the more you give & share with us. Keep up the great work!

Thanks, Matt!!

...for sharing your wisdom with us!!

Matt's Wisdom

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Thank you, Matt, for sharing it when you get ready. I just know it will be perfect!!


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Matt, Please share you new strategy! You are AWESOME Matt!! Love Dean too!!

COME ON MATT DO IT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be as successful as you my man........ I'm going to be your next door neighbor at trump towers. you will be like !@#$% i shouldn't have shared that technique. thx matt

dean thk you for all you do for us. it feeels sooo good to !! know !! theres hope because you taught us what to do to change our lives....


Matt I Know Your Busy But Busy People Are Awesome Teachers

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Come On Matt, Helps Us Out, I'm All Ears with pen and paper. I must reach my 1st million $$$$ by Mar 12, 2015 (My 54th B-Day). I'm working my butt off on 3 rehabs right now and I can have an educated conversation. I must move faster to get that 1st million and you're the only one qualified to teach me. By the way, I'm an A Player. Tell me once and it's done.


Men do it, we need you...

Hi Dean

Yes Please give secrets, Thanks always Dean and Matt

Matt is your angel.

I can't wait to hear what Matt has to say. He is so genuine, just like you.

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