Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #295 - Raise your standards

This week Dean read The Alchemist and spent a day with Tony Robbins, so you may imagine his head is spinning with Success Secrets he needs to deliver to you right away.

This video may be one of Dean's very best this year delivering you practical strategies to catapult your life, your success, and your income...

Matt please share

Can't wait to hear your wisdom

Matt, Thanks in advance

Dave610's picture

Matt I just wanted to say "thanks" in advance for sharing your new strategies.

Please share!!!!!

Always looking forward to your wisdom Matt. ----Dan V.

matt do share

Hi Matt. I would love to here what you are doing that new.

Your words are always more than worth it

Thanks Dean for always sharing what you learn in life and through your mentors. They are always great lessons for not only real estate but life. Yes, I love the way you and Matt think outside the box. Please, do share your ideas and tips, all of them...if it is not too much to ask.
I appreciate all you both do for your DG family. God Bless!

Matt's video

Just do it Matt like you always do,fantastically.
I'm still in the game and plan on winning.

Wow you are good!

Thank you very much Dean you are a Star at what you do.
Yes Please have Matt come on live and share
his no money down strategies please.

Matt...please share

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The Weekly Wisdom was great. I'm looking forward to Matt sharing his new success strategies too.


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Share those amazing things. But just don't give it away. Make it so we can learn and apply them.

Matt ur the man!

Matt do the right thing! Please........


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Do this Matt.....trying for my first deal!


Please share with us. I looking forward to it. Thanks


Please share with us. Thanks

Matt please Share

Matt, please share your latest strategy not everyone works the same area as you, and just as you learned, you are now a mentor and have a responsibility to share, teach, mentor, your vast knowledge of what you have learned just like you I also worked in a machine shop, total CNC job shop, and I thought that I was successful, but know that It was just comfortable, I look forward to you sharing your knowledge not all just a nugget or two. Thanks Gary

no sound/volume

There is no sound when I play either weekly wisdom or live cast right now
Anyone else has same problem or only me?



Share the secret!


Share it!

Alaska still dragging me down!

Give it away and you'll get it back!

Dean, your awesome. Matt don't hold out on us!!!!!!!

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This blog and all that you put out has been very inspiring. This has really hit home with me and has encouraged my inner sprit. I'll read The Alchemist. And I'm pushing through with my studying of 30 Day's to Real Estate Cash; I feel on fire, even though I have things hitting me left and right.

Thanks Dean

Do it.

remember how you were unsatisfied with paycheck to paycheck, Im in an even worse situation. Im at my whits end. If I dont do something soon, I dont know what will happen to me. I want my business off the ground. its very depressing knowing Im stuck in a hole.

Do it for Our Future Matt!!!!

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Need all the help i can get!!!

I'm a single father here and very close to my first deal!

Been watching and learning for a long time and finally got the demons off my back!!!!

Can't wait to hear it!!!!

The Sky is the Limit!!!!

Matt, please share

I use your methods for finding deals all the time and have just closed on my 18th deal. I would love to learn some more. Thank you for sharing. You and dean are my super stars!


MATT will you be so kind to share with us this information?

Thank you very much.


Share or Else?

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Hi Dean,

Messages received.

And Matt, think of all the joy you will bring to us by sharing your latest techniques. Looking forward to hearing from Dean & Matt on a special live cast.


Nice WW

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yea Matt you gotta do it brutha! Great WW Dean soooo true wish I coulda been there at Tony robbins but am going to watch non stop for the next week, his videos & going forward weekly. See you at the next Edge Dean.

Thank you

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Dear Dean

Thank you so much for your continuous wisdom, you share with us, you are an amazing Guy
There is so much passion through this message.
Great video, great message, very motivating
Thank you Dean for your time and love. God bless you and your family, you are a blessing to many

I believe Matt cant wait to share and impart his knowledge to us.
We value your wealth of knowledge and experience,
sharing you knowledge, you will be doing an anonymous good and adding real values to peoples lives
Thank you Matt
We are all looking forward to it.
Thank you for sharing.

Just do it

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Tell Matt to Just Do It! Smiling Remember,what you give comes back 10 fold.


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Dear Dean, thanks again so much for pushing us all to do better and to strive for greatness. I'm definitely going to pick up the book and read it.
Best Regards,

Leading the way!

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I don't usually post, but I want to thank you for your relentless inspiration!!!!!!! Thank you for all the things you do to advance the lives of others!!!!!!


Thank you for being compassionate!!!!! Thank you for all the things you have done to enrich the lives of others!!!!!!! Leaders who are in the trenches with us, experiencing what we are experiencing and (crushing it), tend to get attention of the masses; tend to receive respect and admiration; and then, those leaders tend to start seeing others become successful leaders with similar character traits.

Freedom Seeker


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C'mon Matt please share!

Thanks Dean

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