Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #295 - Raise your standards

This week Dean read The Alchemist and spent a day with Tony Robbins, so you may imagine his head is spinning with Success Secrets he needs to deliver to you right away.

This video may be one of Dean's very best this year delivering you practical strategies to catapult your life, your success, and your income...

Chock full of goodies today!

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The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is an amazing book! I have actually been thinking about that book recently and intending to reread. It is one of those that needs to be read over and over!

So funny that Matt even says to you "not to share yet" anymore! As smart as he is, he should have learned "that one" by now! Matt, you KNOW it is already a done deal! We are so looking forward to it!


Matt you need to share with us!!!

Good encouragement dean! Im excited about the video I know you will have matt share with us dean. Matt if it wasn't for the other investors down the years to share there secrets and dean sharing his knowledge and secrets with you where would you be today? You will be doing us all a big help to share your knowledge with us to help us out just as dean shared with you and other real estate investors shared with everyone as well. Be righteuous an do that that is right matt and share with the students.

Matt-Please share

Always interested in hearing what Matt has to say...yes webinar!


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Thanks for the great Mon morning video! We can not be ok with where we are now, time to strive for greatness!

Would love to see you and Matt live sharing his new secrets SOOON!


Just want you to know you are the guy that I always make sure I watch/listen to when training is available. It has been largely YOUR no-nonsense techniques that are responsible for the success I've had so far! I understand if you want to use your strategies before you share, but remember, only 1% ever really go after it HARD! And even fewer in the areas where you are buying today! So c'mon!Let's hear those gold nuggets! I'll buy you lunch when we meet!!

Matt, give it up!

Please share. I'm always open to learning new ideas and ways to help meet my goals!

Share Matt!!!!!

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Please Matt share with us what you have learned so that we too can have success!!!

RE: Thank You & Please

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Thank You Dean and please Matt-all of us out here, please share with your family members. Strength in numbers

Now that's a weekly wisdom for the record books!

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Crammed with nuggets of wisdom and guidance to change lives. We are going to have to listen that it a few times! The best thing you said (as far as I'm concerned) is that you were spending a couple days with your kiddos! Hmm, no the best thing was when you said you believe in God. Well, the best thing you said was to raise our standards and demand more of ourselves and life. The best thing was when you reminded us that life happens for us. Psalm 66 is a great reference - here's verses 10-12 "For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver. You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs. You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance." I think the best was when you said it gets hardest before the victory. Probably the best was how our heart wants to protect us, but it learns as we push through. The best was your heart's desire to help us.
You are the best.
P.S. Of course we ant to hear from Matt!


Great Monday message. Looking forward to hearing from Matt. Hope to tune into that very soon!! Val

Matt, You can Help others, Then Blessings on you!

We need all the info that we can get to keep on keeping on. Thanks, Paulett

Matt --- Plz SHARE -- Quickly ..

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Market is changing quickly; Please share this new technique....

Thank you,

Matt's Secrets

We need you dude!!!!!! Obviously you don't have to share but I'm sure that what you share will help hundreds , if not , thousands of people realize a dream. Thanks in advance

Another Awesome Weekly Wisdom !!

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Thank you Dean for Another Awesome Weekly Wisdom!!
Loaded with Golden Nuggets Smiling
Was not able to make it to the Tony Robbins Event:(
The Alchemist sounds like a Must Read so I will definitely be ordering this on audio, I am not a big reader of books either so I like to listen to them in my travels or my walks Smiling Thank you so much for sharing Dean You are Awesome!!
Speaking of Sharing, Matt , You always share with us Matt Lots of Golden Boulders, Please continue Sharing Smiling Thank You Again Matt & Dean for All that you do & Share with us Here in the DG Family
Darren from Calif

Matt's Secrets

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Hi Matt,

I can't wait for you to share your new secrets with all of us. I know we will all give them a try.

Thank You,

Mary Raley

Matt Please Share

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Hello Matt, please share with me and the rest of us the ways of doing this I really need the extra motivation! All I know is I need to do this with you and Dean so tired of being poor and wish to help myself, family, and church...

Thank you!
Linda Bauer

Raise your standards

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....Thank You for all you do.......Smiling

As as for you Matt....what are you waiting for?...The DG family is listening...We know you will share....Smiling


Livecast with Matt

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Do it Matt!!! We await the wisdom of you and Dean. Thanks for sharing as always.

Eddie Kilthau

Please Share Matt!

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We need every strategy we can get in this ever changing market. Help a fella out, dude!

Ogal Gaines


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Matt....spread the LOVE!!!!

Of Course You'll Share...waiting eagerly!☺

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Thanks for your wisdom Dean and your constant energy as usuall to get us those amazing nuggets! Thank you Matt and Dean for sharing, i know i could use the knowledge! Please post it Sooooon!☺


Matt, don't make me come down there.. Smiling

Pleas Matt,share with us.

Thanks For another great video.

Awesome video Dean!

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So inspiring! Thank you I needed to hear this. And Matt please share your secrets. It will be greatly appreciated.

Matt, please share, my friend

Hi Matt, I can't wait to hear your new discovery (hint, hint) Smiling


Bring it on Matt. No sense having the knowledge without sharing it.

Matt please share

I could use all the info I can get. Haven't had the first deal yet. Like Dean says, associate with like-minded people. I can do this. Waiting anxiously to hear what you have to say.

Greg & Jean

Hey Matt!

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It is always great to hear new information and techniques. Look forward to it and THANKS!


Dean, Tony, Matt, Dean Tony, Matt

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Choose my path. 2% that's who I am.

Matt is totally awesome if he can blow Dean's incredible mind. YES MATT LIVE VIDEO, DEAN SAID.

Dean you are so full of excitement, you make life challenges seem so fun. And I am sure Matt would agree, even though he doesn't smile much Smiling.


Share share share

Hi Matt! Please share! I need a lot of Help!

Thank you, Shawnee

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