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Biggest F.E.A.R.

FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real.

The false evidence is me failing to succeed in real estate. With that thought, it is hard for me to overcome. I have always had a "secure" job with the government and to take that leap into something not as secure prevents me from taking the first step.
It is so frustrating, because I know I can do this. Especially with a mentor and the right tools.
I am working now to overcome this fear by gaining the knowledge, reading about others succeeding and listening to the motivation from Dean. Thank you for what you do. I will get there!!!!

What's holding me Back from getting started

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I think the biggest obstacle holding me back is the nay sayers. The nay sayers telling me not to get into the market. I have been reading just about everything I can get my hands on, watching videos on various different companies that will "Do it for you", and those that don't. I have a lot of "book knowledge", Add to the fact that I have very little money to get started, which seems to be a common thread for most people. It's been THREE YEARS since I first became interested / passionate about realestate investing. Time for me to start finding buyers and making a list, then to find properties to wholesale. Once I wholesale a few properties, then I can start buying property.

I'm in the Salt Lake City area. Any tips/ advice would be greateful.

Running out of time.

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My biggest fear is running out of time or not being in the right place at the right time. I started pursuing real estate in 2010 and didn't get a wholesale deal done until last year. It made me feel like I missed my shot to become truly rich because of how much time went by when the market was at its lowest point.

So for me its the fear of wrong timing.

I'm stuck

Most consider me successful and think I should be close to retiring. I guess my biggest obstacle is worrying about what others will think AND being comfortable already. But I know my potential is greater than I have lived up to. So fear and comfort are the obstacles...well my belief about what they mean are actually the obstacles. Thanks, Dean!

Biggest Fear

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My biggest fear is not getting the results that I want in my life and also to loose all our lifetime savings. My obstacles that are always stopping me are related to the finances and also lack of decision and action. When I say I want to do something then everything changes because I get undecided,confused and afraid.

My biggest fear

I asked myself 7 times what is my biggest fear. My biggest fear is failing, not showing the world who I really am, missing opportunities, not helping others, not being there for others when they need me, not giving, denying the true nature of myself.

My first dive in

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I remember once during one of my swimming sessions we all needed to jump in to the wTer for the first time. Everybody got line up to jump in and everytime i was getting closed t jump in i would go all the way back of the line. I Was petrify to jump in. Some one told on me and my trainer shouted, who was my uncle, throw him in the waaater.
After that day nobody would stop me from swuimming. I feel that the fear i need to overcome. The fear to jump in into business, the fear to start my first deal. Maybe some one will come and push me into the water... Or maybe the need to have a better life for me and my family can become that virtual some who pushes me in to the water.; Whoever or whatever that would be i know that i know that iknow, i will star swimming.

My biggest fear (and obstacle BTW)

My biggest fear is the fear of what my husband would say and do if I failed again and made a loss again. He can make life very unpleasant. Divorce or even separation is not an option, so please do not suggest either.

My biggest fear

Not being good enough.


I am working to get some results but I'm desapointed when you make an investment in a property whit Property Direct and and the property is not in the condition you expect to be .I bought in Detroit and that house needs $20,000 in rehab after two years.This is frustrating.

I've already started my new journey

Hello Dean,

After decades of humble beginning and struggles, I made it to a nice career and good income. However, my passion for the past 7 years is to start my own training company. I've invested like never before in my life to get all the education needed to start up strong. I even gave it a test and got some amazing feedback. The only thing that scares me is moving from the certainty of paycheck into the uncertainty of starting up my own business while having a wife and three lovely kids who are now live on a specific standard. I already started moving forward. However, I feel the anxiety living inside me.

Thanks in advance for the help.


OMG Dean I have so many fears god where do i start my son is about too head to college come September I have a house that needs so much work that it needs to be leveled and start over that's just for starters. When I take your book out and start reading it people say that stuff doesn't work and i stop reading I don't really have alone time wife also thinks it's dumb too do this

Biggest fear

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I am a single mom and I am often paralyzed my fear that in trying to do real estate that I will fail. My world is my son, Dean,and I have to figure this out to provide for him. To step up for him.

I love Dean' s weekly wisdom. It gets my belief going that I can do this. I've got my red Hero cape on and I poised for a truly amazing year. Thank you Dean for all you do to inspire us all.


Hi Dean,
My biggest obstacle is that my family is broke. I've spent 16k on getting my associates degree in business, 27k on your programs, 6.5k on Veil corp to set up a business that I can't afford to get started. I got laid off last June, turned 60 years of age, and became virtually unemployable overnight. We've used up my unemployment, my 401k, and some rather generous gifts from my parents to keep a roof over our heads, and food in our bellies. I've got a part time job assembling barbecue grills and wheel barrows for Home Depot - and I've worked three days in the last two weeks... I really don't want to go bankrupt, but it's starting to look that way. If you've got any miracle solutions that'll get us back to even (much less prosperous) I'm ready to listen.


I am worried that I won't be able to provide for my family in the way that I know they deserve.

ME and my Inner Beliefs

would be my biggest obstacle. My what ifs:<>

What if the seller accepts my offer?
How would I go about it?
Where will I go to complete this deal?
Why would I follow through?

WHAT IF THEY SAY No to my offer?


Signing Out,

My Biggest Fear / What is holding me back?

We all have stories that we tell ourselves that germinated way back when. My fear is simple, taking action and failing because I don't deserve a win. Discovering that I'm wrong, not stong enough, not smart enough or simply lazy.

I'd rather cling to the imaginary hero hidden inside and not take actions that might prove she doesn't really exist.

Biggest fear and obtacle

My biggest fear an obstacle has been having all of these thai bullish race working under twisted and kind of bringing it high whatever they portray and then end/close it low with doggy biting message, gay message to attack me in particular. It's been my entire life wasted that they only want to keep me bull, gay, fool alone before all everywhere I happens to be in every second. I have not been able to afford life in this scenerio - upsetting me and bringing shame to me before all. It's been tied and stricken to my entire life to keep me bound under all these damns and really ****s both males and females in this land working to hit me alone They have much in this world while I only appear pity before all. It looks like I"ll never be able to get out of it - danger and vilolence prompted toward me at all times. How can I have any life when my world is all about confronting the whole bullish race and everyone serve + honnor bull but condemnation and contempt for me alone. Excessive thai force excesseive thai polices, all these are ****ing torrorist in authority.

Biggest fear holding me back

I am afraid of making my "big move" to soon and not having the resourcefulness to recover fast enough. I'm afraid I would lose the opportunities that I have if I move to fast and lose the resources and the very small amount of support that I have.I am scared that I will create more resistance between me and my wife if I lose the opportunities in front of me now and it will make it even more difficult to move forward in the future

Biggest Fear

2 Years ago I was working 60 hours a week and enjoying life. Then I had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital. Three days later I was having open heart bypass surgery. During recovery I got an infection and ended up loosing my kidney function. I am now on dialysis three days a week. My biggest fear is Me! I met Dean through a friend and started watching his posts, I'm reading his books and I'm excited about life again but the fear of failing and not being able to work the program is like being on a pirate ships plank. The fear of what is at the end of that plank is debilitating and I'm tired of that feeling. Dean's stories and suggestions are helping me overcome these fears. Thank you, Dean.


OMG Dean where do I start i have so many fears but my biggest one is what my friend and family say when I'm reading one of your books and what they have too say that none of that stuff your read doesn't work that's one,2 son is going too college in September really don't want him too have that big Bill when he gets out after 5 or 6 years and there's this house it needs so much work don't know what to do with it fix it or just level It and how I'm gonna pay for all of it

My Biggest Obstacles Are

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My biggest fear is running out of time and losing out on this REI opportunity. I started pursuing real estate in 2008 and we didn't get a wholesale deal done yet just always getting deals half way done and then the RE agent would screw it all up.

One of my biggest obstacle is that my partners are starting to lacking motivation because of our experience investing wasn't going the way we thought and there life obligations which knocks them of track.

Another Big Obstacle of mine is the lack of money for our business to grow. Also, having a tough time adjusting to the rising Real Estate market of today. Having the right tools in place to do market research and property research. We have been unable to find reliable power team members. We tried time and time to find a A Player real estate agent that follow instructions on how we want to put out offers. In addition, finding a successful mentor that we can talk to on a phone call or text from time to time about investing and make the right choices isn't easy.

My biggest fear

Dean, I don't believe I have any fear, after all the years being successful, one day I lost it all, my life has never been the same. Now I try to stay positive, forget the past and today make it bigger than ever before. Need to stay focus and take my past experience as a learning curve and strive for a better future. I want to thank you for all that you do to keep us all motivated when sometimes we just want to give up in life.
Bless You from the Hearth...

Biggest Fear

My biggest fear seems to be the fear of success. For every positive idea I think of, such as in real estate investing, I think of several excuses as to why the idea won't work. So I get stymied by the fear of failure and what others would think of me.

Biggest obstacle

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Staying persistent, presenting offers, finding good leads/sellers/ppty to wholesale, funding (I have poor credit) to buy/fix/sell, finding more investor friendly real estate agents, growing a qualified cash buyer list to sell to. Also, last week I lost my contract job due to the company going in "new direction" (staffing in the Phillipines and India is easier on the company payroll) so that is an additional distraction.


My Biggest Fear and Obstacles

My biggest Fear is letting my own family down. Not being able to provide for their needs financially is a big fear of mine. I place a high value on my ability to do what's best for my kids as well as my wife. I have spent 35 years in construction and the past 7 years have been my worst financially. I have slowly lost my savings fighting to stay afloat and now do side work just to survive.
To make a change at 52 to do something new scares me. Since I have 3 young kids I need to keep safe and supoorted along with my wife that stays home and teaches our kids in home school since child care costs are so high.
My biggest fear is debt when struggeling with less and not being able to keep a roof over my kids heads.

My Biggest Obstacle

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My biggest obstacle is my lack of focus. I feel like I have been forced into the role of a housewife. I am a grandma of three children where the mother and the fiancé both work shiftwork. Either they are working or sleeping. I am busy running a couple at home businesses, cleaning house and taking care of kids ages 6, 8 and 10 plus three dogs and three cats. I want to do so much more but I am overwhelmed and never know when my 'off-time' is coming. I lose my focus on my businesses and have to start again and again repeatedly. My mind is stressed and my confidence is plummeting that I can actually do my work. Looking forward to your new videos!!!

Biggest Fear...

For me, it is fear of failure, that blocks any action that is necessary to take and cause procrastination.

Biggest Obstacle

Procrastination. Having been relatively successful in one career my hunger to repeat is less than it could be. Without a specific set of short, medium and/or long term goals it is easy to sit back and take it easy.




Our largest is obstacle is split between "TIME and MONEY"! We started out a couple of years ago and we purchased our first investment property at an auction.

We were not able to flip the property quickly enough; so we decided to hold it and rent it. This has created a whole new list of problems (learning experiences).

Because we were/are in the red, I had to get a JOB to cover expenses; time is even more hard to come by.