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Biggest Fear; Biggest Obstacle...

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I welcome "fear(s)" because they present me with my next move; because I face my fear(s) to move forward. It's been said that when one "faces the music" they'll soon be able to "lead the band". It's not always easy, but I realize that I must do so to move on. Obstacles however, are "real" and need to be identified so one can get over, under, around or through them. Having said that, my biggest obstacle is the belief that I can not do something without having been led by the hand, step by step and exactly how to do something before I go forward and do it on my own. Even though I am a success coach myself, and have helped many others, plus I personally build on my own "past successes" in my own life, this is the conversation that I have with myself- that I can't do something unless someone else "shows and leads" me; especially in something and somewhere I've not been. I invite other DGers to contact me and offer feedback and I will help them in return. Do well! Ter Scott!

My biggest obstacle

To set priorities, decide what is better for me to do, on what to spend more time, what to avoid. I don't have enough clarity to be more focus, productive, fulfilled.

my biggest fears

Hi Dean ,
I am facing a catch 22 situation which is i am being forced to take a position into a city and country where i dont want to live and cannot be healthy and pressure is so much that it has became a fear for me . Also i am much better off in the foreign countries like USA and Europe where i get what i want to do and i like to take up positions here . I have some good opportunities infront of me and they are not allowing to take me advantage of that .
This is my biggest fear at that moment what to do .
Act on my own desires or take up somebody else opinion ..

My biggest fear is failure.

My biggest fear is failure. before my current job I spent 2 years unemployed. I'm afraid to wind up back there. I'm afraid to leave the comforts of a steady pay check.


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Hi Dean my biggest fear is failure. I fear I wouldn't be able to achieve what I hope to achieve. My folks have invested in me(education)a whole deal. I just want to show them that they didn't invest wrongly.

Biggest Obsticle

Right now my biggest obsticle is getting my system set up and understanding how it all works sometimes a little overwelming.

Why the fear??

Although I know mistakes are what help us grow and become better, I've allowed one particular mistake to hold myself and my family hostage from a wonderful future by what others said of the mistake. I'm not even sure why I allowed their opinions/thoughts of me matter. What I do know is that I'm finished with settling because I allowed others opinions/thoughts diminish my spirit. I've snuffed the fire in my belly for too long and now I must get unstuck! Thanks, Dean!

My biggest fear

My biggest fear is that I will disappoint my wife and kids and now give them the life I promise. That I will not be able to make my two boys lives better than the life I had. I think my biggest obstacle is getting out of my comfort zone and doing something different to have a different result. My other obstacle is not being able to get the money to start moving forward all the time.

Biggest fear/obstacle

My biggest obstacle is the time do everything and to do it well.

Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. Venturing out of my comfort zone to be able to achieve my dreams and goals in life. Fear of failing at real estate is overwhelming me. Looking forward to the training videos!

Biggest obstacle

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My biggest challenge is to keep the main thing the main thing. Distractions are ever present and to stay focused on the main goal is the challenge.

My biggest fear

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My biggest obstacle is having this difficulty transitioning from being an employee to an entrepreneur, focusing on real estate investing. Being broke and closer down to the bottom at this point in my lie is worrisome.

My Bigest Fear

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My biggest obstacle is having this difficulty transitioning from being an employee to an entrepreneur, focusing on real estate investing. Being broke and closer down to the bottom at this point in my lie is worrisome.

What is holding me back

Lack of quality contractors in my area. I have to
import them from 150 miles away. Sales are slow
in my area also. I am going to invest in out of state
hot markets but need to sell some of the homes I
currently have on the market to fund those out of
state projects.

my biggest fear or obstacle

My biggest obstacle is myself and it has taken me until this edge event to understand and realize this. But no more will I be on my way. I will be a leader in all I do and help others instead of wondering what's in it for me.

Biggest Fear

We have put more time and money into this than we had and my biggest fear is that we wont be able to get out of the whole we are now in.

My biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle other than myself is believing in people who are successful when they tell me they're going to help me in every way to be as or more successful as they are after being paid to do so. I feel that I have not or am not getting the attention that I need or deserve. In other words, let down. Maybe there are too many fish in the pond to be tended.

Biggest Fear

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My biggest fear is that I believe God thinks I do not deserve to be successful. I feel that my family has been living this cursed life. No matter how hard I try to be successful, I always fail. I have taken training course after training course and I still can't get any of my businesses off the ground. I am in the middle of a fundraiser for my business, and no one is willing to take a chance with me. I can't put my finger on what I doing wrong, and I try very hard to live my life the way God wants me to. Or I think he wants me to. Anyway, thank you for all that you try to do.

Now that! was cool

I will tell you my Fear and Obstacle. First my Fear. I bought your recent no money flip master class training with Matt and Nate. The very day it started my mom got really sick and it lasted for about a month and I was up and down constantly with hardly any sleep and it was so hard to function with the training so I put it oh hold. So my fear was I am so behind now and that I don't know if I can make it. And I suppose that was an Obstacle too. My obstacle is living with my elderly parents my brother and of course my fantastic kid. With the heavy load of Negativity from the old folks and brother and the Reason For That Is Not Enough Money To Move Out and for Me and My Daughter To Have Our Own Home. This Is mostly in my past because of what I have learned from you and your Students That is the Mind Set Of Dealing With It All. Thank you so very much for your No Money Flip Master Class with Matt and Nate which is Totally Fantastic! So when I meet you one day I will squeeze the stuffins all out of you for being the Best Real Estate Investor, Educator I have seen and Heard. Thank you so very much! And Me and My Daughter Will Have Our Own Home. I will Do This I will Succeed At It. LL Southern California

Biggest Fear

I'm retired and fear that chances I take at this point in my life will cause me to outlive my retirement savings! But I also fear that if I don't try this, the changing economy will jeopardize my retirement income more! I just don't know what to do.
Thank you in advance for your help, Dean!

my greatest obstacle


My greatest obstacle is myself. I've been trying different things in R.E. but haven't been consistent enough to follow through to the end on some deals.
I always acted on the idea that if something doesn't work try something else. That may be part of the problem although I don't think of it as quitting or giving up on an opportunity - it might just be that I'm not being fully committed to an idea.
Hopefully with the help from your new videos I can conquer that obstacle(s) and get over myself.



My Biggest Obstacle/Fear

I'm about to turn 48 years old and having to start all over again. I lost my job almost 2 years ago and I have not been able to find work. The lender is trying to take my home I've been in for the last 8 years. I have no money, no retirement and fear that I won't be successful as a real estate investor. My obstacle is procrastination, knowing what I need to do but not making enough time to work the system.

My Biggest Fear

I had a financial disaster in 2008 due to the market crash.
I am afarid that it may happen again.
I have only been working again for 2 years and am really not wanting to give up the pay check.

Biggest Fear

My biggest obstacle is staying focused. It is so easy to get distracted when things don't go as planned.

My Biggest Obstacle

My Energy Level! Sound simple but without it, there is not much one can do. It is at the root cause of so many unproductive things in my life.

Biggest Fear

Hi Dean,
Thanks for the inspiration at all times. As I get motivated and remain at real estate even when I am not having a very good return on my investment in real estate.
My fear is how to fund the deal initially by a hard money lender and then transition to refinancing. I am interested in coming to the Buying summit if someone can help me by guiding me.
I have done deals with other re programs- tax deed and lien but Dean I want to achieve results with your real estate team. Want to start foreclosure and then keep on doing it over and over again. But the hard money to get started and to start with just nominal initial amount as I am stuck with 3 properties and they will take time to sell.


Biggest Fear

My fear is than I will become successful and this whole time my mind keeps telling me that I can't.

Biggest Obstacle

I need transportation to checkout a property once a offer gets accepted. Plus to put out bandit signs, flyers and to primarily just to get around. Such as driving for dollars. Dean for instance I have actually had sellers interested in showing me there property for sale however I cant get to there house to check it out. Its even difficult to attend auctions, REIC etc. Everybody seem to be busy or not interested in giving me a ride, even after I tell them I'll pay for gas. Dean man in addition to giving them a cut say $500 or more depending on how much I earn from the deal after I close.

Many Fears, but:

I have many Fears, but my BIGGEST Fear is that since I am still single, I will always be single and taking care of my father until one day he is gone. Then I will single, alone, childless, scared, jobless, having not much money, in debt because of father's credit cards, and no close friends and family to stay with or visit.

Dot Percival


Life is good and people are fantastic. I must admit that there are no fears impeding my real estate investing but I am being slowed by a lack of funding; However I am searching for funding to acquire bank owned properties. Dean I am surprised that you have not organized a group of persons with funds to offer funding for the first two transactions for your students. The training that you offer is top notch and I plan to continue to push forward and that iPad Mini will be an additional useful tool.....