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Biggest Obstacles

Finding the right Power Team; and the correct verbiage for negotiating with Agents, Buyers, & Sellers. The most comment phrase I hear is: "I don't understand what you're trying to do". And yes, some people decide not to understand.Sad


Biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle is that little thing called decision, I'm a networker, I have the time and I love real estate but there is something, I don't know what that is, but it's sure holding me back, and I think is decision.

Biggest Obstacles

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The need for flexibility:
I am in my 60s, imagining a life style that more flexible lifestyle that allows for some time to me. So I am worried that starting a business will be a 24/7 job.

The Fear of Touching Your Nest Egg
Since I do not have much fund to invest and touching my savings later in life can be scary and I need to be protective over what I have. I cannot ask money to friends and family since they are not supporting to my idea as REI.

Lack of finding 1st good deal that I can flip.

Biggest obstacle

Biggest obstacle: first actual step into execution.

I mean, really start walking the talk.

One thing is to learn by studying, listening to videos, or talking to people to tell you what to do. Another thing completely different, maybe for most of the people, is really step outside alone, give the cheek to be slapped, and start doing.

Being able to start being side by side could make the difference. Mentoring just by 'talking' can be ineffective.

Biggest Fear & Obstacle

Over the last several years I purchased 3 rent homes, then I got a 6 unit set of duplexes, and finally a 12 unit apartment complex. Now I have the fear that any more property would be too much (too many eggs in that basket). I have passed on several deals over the last year and recently even sold one of my rent house. I want to continue growing my rental properties but can't seem to overcome the fear that something will go extremely wrong and I will lose it all.

I am my biggest obstacle

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I consider I am my biggest obstacle. My believes and thoughts of myself when I face difficulties. It's been hard to fight with myself, my lack of confidence, my lack of determination and discipline, my negative thoughts, the fear of changing and not having the control of situations,the little econtrol of my emotions, my confort zone and my bad habits. But I also know I am capable of lots of things because I have done many.I guess I need to accept myself and face life with happiness.

Best regards!


Biggest Fears and Obstacles

My biggest fears are my husband and two adult children. I want their approval so much, it seems. With the exception of my youngest daughter, the other people in my life are negative about anything I want to do. They think I'm incompetent and stupid. My two grandsons (of my youngest daughter) think I'm awesome, though, so that makes it easier to deal with my husband's and oldest daughter's negativity. I try to stay positive. I listen to your uplifting Weekly Wisdoms (and they are very uplifting), but as soon as I try to do anything, I feel like my idea is shot down. It's easier to not do anything because I then I can't disappoint the people who are supposed to cheer me on. I don't understand why I want their approval.

biggest fear

I do all I am supposed to do an I still fail and worse than I am now ;(


Hello Dean and folks,

I tossed FEAR out the window years ago.

I need a PARTNER!.

I need a partner that is at least at the same level in general regarding financially, motivation wise, determined, communicative, and wanting the same thing.

I have been following you Dean, for many years now and I am grateful for everything you do.

I have not necessarily followed your methodology exactly, but got involved nonetheless.

I purchased a Town Home in OKC in 2013 and have been leasing it out successfully.

However, I live in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, which is the 2nd MOST EXPENSIVE place in the US.

There is NO housing inventory in my personal price range. There is nothing in the whole county of Sonoma under $200,000.00. And, Sonoma is a large county.

The real estate prices here are high! I can find great deals on raw land, but housing is a different animal.

Thus, I need a PARTNER wanting to work together. There is housing in the higher price range.

If anyone is out there in the Bay Area or elsewhere and wanting Real Estate or would like to contact me, please leave me a message!

*Oh, and Mr. Graziosi, I would love to win your iPad.

You Sir, have provided me with much motivation, inspiration and wisdom on a daily basis, for many years now.

Thank you very much for what you do.



I think my biggest fear at the moment is letting the negative opinions of close persons about my work and my intentions paralyze me.


I don't thank that I'm really afraid, I feel as though I'm really drained, probably from working all the time doing various things with my church, such as; motivational speaker, being over the program committee, decorative committee, choir member. I really have a lot going on. Yeah I know these are only excuses but I'm trying to eliminate some of them slowly. I'm now working on my 30 days to cash and I 've been reading Wholesale 101. By the grace of God I'll get there. Thanks for not giving up on me...You're the best!

Biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle - taking the leap to the unknown - financial freedom! I need someone who's done it to show me the first time!

My Biggest Fear


I attended one of your introductory seminars in Austin Texas a couple of years ago. I was impressed by the passion and the information provided. People flocked to the back of the room to sign up and give their credit card information and I hope those folks learned and moved into a profitable journey with you. I had attended a similar seminar, a few weeks prior, given by Fortune Builders. That was a huge production that led to a second seminar that cost $200.00. I went with a colleague to the second one and that was an even larger, high energy production and people signed up. My colleague spent $25,000.00 for the "all in" package and two years later, he has not done well and back at his usual job. I understand that people have to engage, act on and follow through. I have experience building single family homes and know the building and real estate industries fairly well. My biggest fear is investing a lot of money with a company like yours and not being able to capitalize on that investment. I am not saying that you are not sincere but talking about scenarios and theoretical investing tactics don't make it so.


I always spend my time doing the things I have to do every day and that leaves no time, or very little time to do what I need to do to move my business forward. In the evenings I'm so tired, I don't feel like doing anything. So, I say OK tomorrow I'll get started, but then tomorrow never seems to come. Help!

My biggest obstacle

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Is mainly a support system. I will leave it short and sweet, but many people are surrounded by people that love them. I basically do not have anything of the sort, and it seems to hinder me.

Bigggest Fear/ Obstacle

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My biggest obstacle is information overload, Always looking for the next best and greatest mousetrap that is going to make me feel that I have the knowledge and tools to be successful in my real estate investing. Where am I going to get the properties that I will be able to put into contract at a low enough price in order to flip and make a profit... also dealing with the competition.. dean these are my fears and obstacles and I can not seem to break out of it Help !!

Biggest fear and obstacles

I failed in the biggest way after buying into another real estate "guru's" system over 10 years ago. The "flip" that I thought was the answer to me being able to quit my job ended up costing us over $13,000. The emotional pain of that failure along with the large financial loss still haunts me and terrorizes me to this day. I have anxiety nearly everyday and am not happy with my job. I just can't shake the past and I am disgusted with myself for not being able to move forward despite joining DG several years ago.

My Biggest Destroyed Challenge!

Ignorance of my brain and its power. I now understand that my conscious mind represent only 2-8% of my brain, which tells me I have to work at retraining and reprogram my brain at the subconscious level. and I understand now when Dean stresses "the between my ears"!!!


Hey Dean
My problem is that I always feel like I am missing a piece of the real estate puzzle and just when I figure it out there's a "Shift" and I have to learn something new and I don't make any moves because I feel that the seasoned investors know about this "shift" and I don't. I don't like going into something feeling half ass and I am not a insecure person it's just that I like to knowing how to handle thing. Real Estate can make you or break you... I'm already broke. I WANT TO MAKE IT!
PS: I love everything you do for us Dean, you are a great person God Bless you and your family...However you can keep your ipad I Need a Deal.

Thank you (I need this)

My biggest obstacle

Hey Dean,
My biggest obstacle is simple but very very scaring for me;
I have 3 month old baby( first child) with my wife that speaks no English. They depend on me and look up to me. I want absolutely the best for them but i very scare i might loose my little saving by trying to invest in real estate.


My biggest fear it's money

My biggest fear it's money it self

Biggest fears

My biggest fear is that I will be laughed at by those who know me.Second fear is when I reach a point or an obstacle in a transaction and don't know what to say, what to do next or who to turn to fast enough that I blow the whole thing.

Afraid to succeed. Afraid to

Afraid to succeed. Afraid to put in the hours of dedication it takes to win, to fulfill my dreams, why? Because I don't want to lose my husband. I don't want to b away that much from my children or him.im afraid id lose them

my biggest fear and obstacle. ..

My main fear is failure, although I strive in Chaos when others are losing their minds, if I'm the only one unsure I am worried I'm missing something. When no one has an answer I tend to have no problem trying things and changing tactics to find a solution, mostly cause at least I'm trying. My biggest obstacle I find is money, I make a good wage but I'm bad at budgeting, and saving!

Big Fears

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My biggest fear is being stuck with a non performing property-- one that has hidden expenses or that I cannot rent. Acquiring a property that will drag me down and stiffle my momentum. These fears stem from the primal fear that I really don't know what I am doing and that I really don't need to be involved in real estate.

Biggest Fear & Obstacle

Dean - My biggest obstacle is definitely time or more properly my time management. My biggest fear is failure that ends up hurting my family financially. Thanks for all you do!

Biggest Obstacle

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I see a pattern with a lot of us with the "biggest obstacle". And I will include myself with my resistance and fears. I to have had a lot of decisions that failed. And my confidence level is very low. My strength to get back up is very debilitating to say the least. However I still have a slight vision of success in the real estate industry.
I used to be in the mortgage business before the crash in 2008 or about then. Yes i was devastated like so many in the industry.
I want to get back in the business so bad. My resistance is that i feel like the market is so saturated with soooo many people in this type of market.
I have some confidence with Deans system. However feel like the work load is going to be overwhelming. With a lot of hours at night after my work day.
Along with the hours in the day to keep up.
I feel like one of of those people standing in front the hot coals,wanting to take the "walk of faith"and walk across the hot coals and not get burned.
Yes, my obstacle is "fear". My request is please help me to get this "story" out of my head. Because I know its just a "story".

My Biggest Fear

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I fear of losing my disability and health insurance. With my health issues I rely on both. So I push forward, slowly but deliberately not thinking of giving up. I'm trying put the pieces in place, so I feel at ease when I do lose my income and insurance.

My Biggest Fear

Thanks for the Weekly Wisdom Dean and your constant Inspiration: One of My Biggest Fears is that I do not want to lose everything and live on street (resulting from being conservative / past situation where I almost lost all in real estate after a decision that I made based on emotion) This causes me to only want to do soo many deals at a time.

I need to change my way of thinking so that I can change the way I Act and take Action!!!

Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is stepping out my comfort zone. I read numerous books regarding real estate but the fear of making a mistake is keeping me in a of state analysis paralysis and losing any additional...since money has already been spent on real estate education.