Weekly Wisdom #335 - Do You Want My Personal iPad?

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Biggest Obstacle

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My biggest obstacle is the trust to build the right team of pros to handle the due diligence crucial for finding a great income property. I guess I have to learn to let go. It has been holding me back for YEARS!


Not looking like a fool.I have had two deals under contract and could not wholesale them and had to back out leaving the sellers who we're desperate to sell in the same situation. I feel like I let them down and myself.

Fears and Obstacles

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Hello, Dean and everyone! My biggest fears and obstacles together were born from the fact that I grew up in a poor family without a father and since I was a child I could not have almost anything I wanted-toys I liked, clothes that would look good on me etc. Poor kids are not so popular in school and it make their selfesteem sometimes low. I have read hundreds of books about success and how poor people become rich and I moved forward a lot-I immigrated to another country, bought an apartment there, a car, I have travelled a lot to nice and exotic places all around the world. However I couldn'r relax even for a day-I was thinking that if I slow down in my hard work and developing myself-I will fall back into "poor" thinking... This fear brought with it other fears like I'm afraid of doing mistakes, afraid of criticism of other people even if they are right, and so on. It looks like a mask of a perfectionism but in fact I think its just a mix of all those fears that I got as a kid. I understand very good the meaning of the phrase "You are your own enemy". Dozens of books on psychology didnt help, they only made me even more a "perfectionist" than I was before. I need a miracle I guess or a bit more faith in myself! Thank you!

My Biggest Fears

Failing sits on top of that list. I am new at this and setting Badit signs and Craig List adds are scary to me, I get emails and calls but FREEZE when it is time to return their calls, I don't know what to say to get buyers or to get the correct questions to the homeowners. AND then how to lock up the deal--I feel like a fish out of water. I have read, listened, and yet still FREEZE. Your webinars have kept me positive---Thank you

My Biggest Obstacles Are II

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My biggest fear is running out of time and losing out on this REI opportunity. I started pursuing real estate in 2008 and we didn't get a wholesale deal done yet just always getting deals half way done and then the RE agent would screw it all up.

One of my biggest obstacle is that my partners are starting to lacking motivation because of our experience investing wasn't going the way we thought and there life obligations which knocks them of track.

Another Big Obstacle of mine is the lack of money for our business to grow. Also, having a tough time adjusting to the rising Real Estate market of today. Having the right tools in place to do market research and property research. We have been unable to find reliable power team members. We tried time and time to find a A Player real estate agent that follow instructions on how we want to put out offers. In addition, finding a successful mentor that we can talk to on a phone call or text from time to time about investing and make the right choices isn't easy.

My biggest fear

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Is losing everything. As I already have nothing and it continues to get worse.

My biggest fear

is that I won't be able to provide for my son and that by not being able to cope with everyday life, I will disappoint him.

My biggest fear is change. I

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My biggest fear is change. I currently feel as though I have finally maintained balance in my life. When I get motivated or excited I can easily become consumed by my goals. I forget to relax and enjoy as I can become a workaholic.

My Fears

I fear that I need to be more educated. Every time I think "I can do this", I think I don't know enough about investing.

My biggest fear is just

My biggest fear is just getting started. I don't know how to put everything that I've learned so far in real state together and take the first step.


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Dean, I would never intentionally 'steal your thunder'. However, what I've come to realize recently is that the most common fear - and ironically enough is the same thing that holds most people back - from accomplishing anything is knowledge and applied knowledge.
When we gain the knowledge - learn and know what you're talking about : inside and out - we'll be unstoppable. We'll have the confidence we need because 'the fear' - our fears - are actually caused by us not knowing what to say and/or why.
It's an elementary solution; but it takes time to gain it. Unfortunately, we live in, what I call, the microwave society - we want it now, instead of building it line upon line, precept upon precept.
I've resolved to take the time I need to gain the knowledge and once I/we have it, the statement about fear comes into fruition. That is, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.
I just recently had this epiphany; and, Wow, has it made a tremendous difference!
I'm not trying to win a mini ipad here. My goal is to share what I've learned with others so THEY can benefit from this common misconception.
Thank you, Dean, for all you do to help others succeed!

Weekly Wisdom #335 - Do You Want My Personal iPad?

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Hi Dean,

Thank You for another weekly wisdom......Smiling

My biggest fear is lack of time, and all the distractions of the day......Sad

Thank you for a chance to win your mini I Pad......xo


My Challenges!

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Hello Everyone, my challenges are "I'm afraid of being a millionaire" no just kidding. How about this one " I don't wanna make to much money" sorry kidding again. Seriously, I have a job that I feel there isn't any opportunity for me to create a career. There are careers there, however, I don't see any for me and I don't want to waste my time trying to create any. I tried and tired and tired to impress the managers; I've clarified my abilities an yet they still bypass me for favorites. I'm not gonna lie, I use to feel and think so negative also I became extremely frustrated. That really took a tole on me and definitely helped create stress. " I just want to be successful" that's the same feeling everybody else has so I'm normal " ok".
Outside of work at home; I 80% -90% care for my mother due to her life threatening condition which is Asthma, diabetes, etc. As you can imagine I do all the at home work, transportation, cleaning, cooking, etc. She's retired from a job that didn't take care of her then and definitely not now. So she's home all the time. My reading, studying, hangouts, workouts, when I'm eating, sleeping, doing research online, etc. is interrupted. I have two nephews that visit on the weekends " interruptions". My entire family here in New Jersey including my mom are all " naysayers". So I guess my fear is " giving up". I decided to become somewhat knowledgeable before I took any true action. Knowledge + action= results! I'm a DGer.......P.S. Thanks Dean, team, and dgers. You inspire me. I appreciate it.

My Biggest Obstacle

My credit is so bad is was 681 now it's 413 all because of the upstate New Your flood in 2011 I lost everything including Dean's system that I had purchased in 2008 I now live in North Carolina and can't seem to get ahead working pay check to pay check owing my landlord over 2000 dollars with a rent of 500 per month plus electric and water bill when I make only 9.25 per hour so I never catch up and can't get ahead my biggest fear is this is how it will always be till I die I'm the oldest of four children and the only one still alive parents are also deceased so it's just me with no help I always thought God left me here for a reason but for the life of me I don't know what it is!


I am finally overcoming my procrastination to publish a series of eBooks on personal development - or what I prefer to call - acting on your own behalf. It will happen this month so I can counter my fear of "being unknown" and just fire away and become known.


Gathering tools or techniques to overcome temporary obstacles is not usually a challenge for me; rather not knowing which particular obstacles/beliefs are holding me back is the most daunting.

I know that all obstacles are external and a result of my beliefs--both conscious and unconscious. I believe that there is nothing that the human spirit cannot overcome or move through once it is known.

Deep down, a part of me fears that I will not become that which I could be; that I won't be able to enrich our world and to embody love to my personal fullest potential--to a level that is commensurate with who I am.

It is not so much what is my next step, but in what direction do I take the next step...These are my current challenges and yes, they inspire, motivate, and perplex me at the same time. Thanks for all that you do, Dean! Blessings to ya.

What's Holding Me Back

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I think it is Confidence. Worrying about making a mistake and messing up the closing. Not having enough money to close. The buyer backing out of the closing at the last minute.

My biggest obstacle is...

MYSELF! Not doing what I know I need to do because of doubts and fear. Listening to the negative chatter in my head. That is my problem. Lack of confidence and belief in myself.


I think my biggest is rejection
and my second is failure.

My bigges fear/holdback/obstacle

My fears are 1. not knowing what its like to make loads of money. 2. the risk of failure and getting stuck with bigger financial costs. 3. Managing effectively overall financially. 4. just getting stuck and not knowing what to do next and who specifically to contact. However, I do not want to give up so I'm still hanging in there. And, I pray about reaching the success...
Thanks, Evangeline


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I like so many others have had insurmountable challenges. Dean, If I was the type that wanted sympathy, or someone to "feel sorry" for my life and the many, many challenges I've had to endure, then I would tell you what things can contribute to retaining, or claiming big fears as well as even bigger obstacles. But....I wont.

So, I'll just tell you that I am so heavenly blessed to be alive, and to even have an opportunity to keep surging forward despite what ever odds that have occurred. I do not see life, as being a challenge, I see life, as being an opportunity to change the world, my world, and someone else world each and every day.

Does this mean, I have achieved all of my dreams or my goals?.....No, not at all, but what it does mean that every day that I take a breathe I am given an opportunity to work towards greatness, be completely happy that I have purpose, share the wisdom and knowledge that I have to those who want better, and share sometimes with those who do not know that they can have greater.

The blessing comes in knowing - I am here to create. I am here to achieve. Am I the smartest person on the planet? If I am the only one here that realizes there are no obstacles; and fear is only the emotions of our thoughts gone awry, then maybe I am here to share some truth.

What really matters is.... - We all have to deal with somethings, the blessings comes in dealing, not concealing, but revealing all the beauty that is within, and sharing it without.

Right now I am creating me a I Pad Mini. Thank you very much Dean, for another great opportunity to share. MzShar

Biggest Fear/ Obstacle

My biggest fear is I am on a fixed income, and already having trouble paying my bills. If I take on any extra debt at this time I could loose everything. My trailer needs repairs to it as we speak. I have no money to fix it. Thanks for your wisdom. I can't even get a HARP REFI because they don't do trailers. They don't tell you that in the adds. Thanks again.

My greatest FEAR

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Being comfortable with where I am, Not being satisfied with a higher standard, demanding more of myself, to want more out of life. No Being Satisfied.

Today's video


Don't have any big obstacles. but I would like to offer any help I can give you or your students. I appreciate all you do for so many people out there. I look forward to your future videos!

Biggest fear /obstacle

My biggest fear is that I will make a mistake that will be costly and embarrassing, that is why I am always interested in learning more. I don't like rejection( does anyone?)but I am working on getting out there and making offers and understanding that not everyone needs what I am offering....but some do....that is what keeps me doing this.

Biggest Fear

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Fear of Success, that big success will change me into someone I wouldn't like.

My fear/excuse

I am kind of needing someone to accompany in any venture. could this be my low self esteem? i see this as m major obstacle to be a leader.

My biggest Obstacle

Fear of the unknown seems to be my biggest obstacle, or challenge. I know what I want to do and also what I should be doing and I have gotten the training, but taking the leap of faith that it take to get started is what is holding me back. I know if I can only push pass the initial FEAR. I know I will be successful.

my biggest fear I have a

my biggest fear I have a hard time reading and understanding what I read. I learn by hands on and watch videos over and over I hate reading I loose interest my mind wonders drives me nuts so I hide it fear of people thinking i'm stupid so it stops me a lot of times and I have to figure another way to go around my fear of my problem I have.

Fear & Obstacle

My name is Jonathan Chery. I dont really have a greatest fear but if I had to pick one, it would be disappointing others. For example, I could not live with myself seeing a look of disappointment on my mothers face after all she has done for me. I cant wait to watch your trainings.
An obstacle in my life would be lazyness AKA resistance. I want to take actions but its easier to say it
If you ever read this, thank you Dean for sharing wisdom with us
Jonathan Chery

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