Weekly Wisdom #348 - Becoming Friends with The Present...

Have you ever found yourself focusing too much on the future? Have you ever found yourself thinking too much about the past? I can almost guarantee that you can answer yes to one of those...

Now what if I told you that one of the most important keys to happiness, abundance, joy and prosperity is living in TODAY... and becoming friends with the present...

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to share with you how TRULY important living for TODAY is. This is a MUST WATCH!!

Living in today..

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Hey Dean , glad your feeling better. Most of us have alot but focus on what we dont have or arent doing.If you see this comment you have a computer. Being grateful and counting our many blessings,heard here many times, always pulls me back from "poor me" ..I'm having a trying week myself but still live in the land of milk and honey..

accept today as it is

Dean - good reminder to focus our attention more on this today rather than all those tomorrows. Yes, plans are needed but so is enjoying nature, little things happening, and taking time to relax. It's a shame when our body has to go out of whack to gain our attention ! Burning out is not going to get you those happy days in the future.

Great Way to Start The Week!

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Thank you Dean!

Very timely; just what I needed to hear at the start of my week!
I too tend to get burnt out working fulltime and doing rei; mostly focusing on the future and forgetting to enjoy the moment... I will make a conscious effort to appreciate my present.


Becoming Friends with the Present

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Great message and hit the right cords with me in my present situation. Thanks.

Good day to you Dean

Yesterday is gone and we can not get that time back. Tomorrow may never get here. I have only today to work with.

Some things from the past six decades have haunted and impacted me that have been hard to forget and have caused me to ask what is wrong with me.

Desire for a better life for myself I have to look to the future dreams and goals.

I say to the Lord "thou art the potter and I am the clay, mold me and make me, have thine own way Lord"
Today is a gift and I make the best of it by being mindful of my actions.

To be happy facts
Forget the past
Accept the mistakes
Cry and move on
Thank God
Smile always

Sometimes when we get stopped cold and can not move forward temporarily it is like getting smacked on the head to wake us up to something. It is to say "just stop" "take a deep breath and absorb this space in time".

Thank you Dean, I have learned so much from you and I am not done yet.

RE Great Post, need some wisdom here though

Got the edge event.. Awesome. put out bandit signs (13) received two calls one looking for a rental and one looking for a house (50K cash) (awesome), called first realtor (ReMax)placed two offers today. Received call back stating that investors are giving 0-1 day inspection due to the limited inventory... Also, same RE office has their own team of 3 people doing nothing scouring the MLS and making offers.
Wondering )more bandit signs? more aggressive offers?

Help please!!!!


Becoming friend with the present

Very true..and timely..thank you very much


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so busy had to watch several times.... I know the feeling. TY I'm back. Today is a gift that is why it is called the PRESENT.

Re-Friend with the present

Hi Dean: Great nugget to live by, you have to put the past behind,if you want to move ahead you cannot take this luggage with you.I know this is for real,because I have gone through that problem. Great teaching Dean

Dean hi

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your always giving us these gems I love it, & it actually coincides with the Bible that's what it says-to be content at all times no matter what.

It also says that we can & should prosper! And we are! Thanks to you & God. I'm going to make sure to pray for you & your fam & for the whole organization.

Can't wait to hear what you share next week Smiling Sending you a big friendly shout out from calitony here!

Great video

Thanks for the video. It was right on time!


I had vertigo and was in hospital for 8 days..had to hold onto walls when trying to walk...Never been that sick B 4 or since..The cure was a car sick medicine drip in my right arm which blew my veins out of proportion I was 42 at the time and just over committed...Never been again Now 67 and retired and smelling the roses..RGDs

Thank you

Dean, That was some really great suff you shared and I believe it is powerful if you put it into practice But for me personally it can be really hard to except that something that happens supposedly for me instead of to me. Say for instance if something happen tragically and you just cannot figure out why or if you do understand why it is hard to except it. I have read about this in a book and heard someone talk about it before what you are talking about. I think for me personally it might be the acceptance part I have trouble with. This can be a tuffy. You are the bomb baby I appreciate all of your weekly wisdoms and education and only wished I had it sooner but that's okay I have it now. Thank you!

Weekly Wisdom #348 - Becoming Friends with The Present...

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Hi Dean,

Sorry to hear about your Vertigo.....Hope you are feeling better.......Smiling

Live for Today......Tomorrow may never come.....Eye-wink

Enjoy your week......xo


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