Weekly Wisdom #352 - The Happiness Compartment

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to show you how to unleash your happiness compartment... You're probably wondering what the heck is a happiness compartment!?

Well check out this week's Weekly Wisdom & let me show you not only WHAT it is, but also HOW IMPORTANT it truly is to your life... Watch now!

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Be happy

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Nice Dean "A happy heart is like medicine but a broken spirit who can bear" one of my fav verses from the Bible. Working towards my next deal here in San Diego Dean & also been watching/listening to you and Tony Robbins, OMG soooooo good!!!!

I can see why it changed your life now I want to change my life. Just turned 50 & have been reflecting on a lot of things, changes I am making one of them to listen to you your winning state of mind & tony robbins & your other course too!

God bless.

happy birthday to you be happy

although I don't depend much on the network I can tell you that all the tools here on this site will guarantee your success plug in with people and don't isolate don't reinvent the wheel it will only confuse you Dean has a proven success rate it really works


Dean - good reminder how happiness lies inside of us. We choose it or we put it off for later. I like the idea of a bucket or compartment that can be accessed right now.

What and where is happiness?

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Hi Dean, your doing the greatest work there is ..Spirit lifting..Happiness is an inside job. Like Roger Miller said in the song "Dang me"..(before your time?)..You can be happy if you've a mind to be ..Seattle Dan

Hi Dean

I hope you are having a fantastic day. Actually I can not see you having anything but a great day. I just want to say I am happy. Are my needs met and am I totally fulfilled? NO but I am always working on what is next. I could be happier and a whole lot less frustrated if only I could get some customers, consultants and leads to the possible creation of some good deals. That said, how can I say I am happy ? Well, I have a whole lot to be grateful for. First and most important my acceptance of Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior. All my mistakes and sins are forgiven and one day I will be with the Holy family. I am in good health and I find and see the beauty in each new day. I am in awe of all the beauty that God has created in this world and I do what I can to eliminate the negative. I am as happy as I can be for the moment but I will be so much happier when I can be successful as a business developer with enough money in the bank to see to all of my needs and to help others along the way. Past due utility bills will be a thing of the past and I will be able to dine with others and have a social life.
Some people tell me to sell my house and move to something smaller and to get rid of my cats and birds. Why should I have to do that ? a sacrifice - yes - but it is like the Titanic sinking in my mind. People went down into the ship and not up and out. Instead of giving up what is important to me, why not find a way to keep what I have and gain new friends and business partners? There has to be a way and so I will continue about my merry happy way as I work thru the problems. Love Ya.


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Hi Dean My happiness is to open my eyes and tell myself who can I make happy today with finding them a home or just sharing my happiness. I love your weekly wisdom keep up the great work.

Thanks Dean

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Thanks Dean for another great weekly wisdom. You know Dean that bucket of happiness may come from different sources for everyone. I can only speak for us and it comes from our faith in God and Jesus our savior. I know there are a lot of other great investors on this site that may believe differently than us and that is ok. You are right Dean it has to be something else that makes us happy and to reach that totally fulfilled feeling.

Your Friends

Steve and Veronica.


Hi Dean very nice weekly wisdom.inspiring.i want to maintain that no matter what the situation is..im still following all your post despite absence of contact.im "Re" reading your 30 days realstate because i was taken aback while trying to it..you know hesitation attacks when something happen..i was trying to contact you thru fb messenger but i cant send to anymore(block).i hope not coz i know you want to help.hope i can pm soon.anyway i hope i can do it i mean level up with momentum.with you guidance.thank

Decide to be Happy!

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Thank you Dean for another great Weekly!

So thankful for all the Weeklies you do for us, and the uplifting messages you share with us!

Last year I learned from Tony Robbins' UPW event, that it is our choice to be happy; we can choose to be happy with the snap of our fingers. Also, from Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, I'm constantly thinking of things that I'm grateful for; it's amazing how much control we have of our own state of mind!

Wishing everyone happiness always!

Weekly Wisdom #352 - The Happiness Compartment

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Hi Dean,

Another inspiring weekly wisdom.......

Thank you Dean, for all you do.....xo

The Pope was in the USA this past week.....His Words of Wisdom, and Inspiration moved me.....Smiling

When he asked everyone to pray for him.....I was truly humbled......Smiling



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