Craigslist Marketing Tips

Craigslist Marketing Tips

I believe one of the most powerful marketing tools for any small real estate investor is Craigslist. It is useful for both attracting deals, finding sellers and finding buyers, and best part is it costs absolutely nothing.

One tip I want to share to making your ads effective is to not do what everyone else is doing on it. I see lots of ads on there, often redundant, that the say the same thing or try to bait people to the same website with various properties or the promise of information. To a viewer, this looks like spam and is a turn off. Do the opposite of what these people are doing. Do not post a zillion ads a day with the same stuff.

The trick is to make your craiglist ads look unique. Don't be vague. Put as much info as you can up front in the ad. Do not make it look a robotic or mechanical type spammy looking ad, make it seem like you a genuine individual from their community.

For instance, this is ad that sucks:
"Are you going into foreclosure?! I can help you no matter what! Call me right now at XXXXX or visit my website at XXXX"

This is a better ad:
"Are you facing foreclosure? Need to get out of your house but can't? I have lived in X town for X years and know how to help. I have a variety of options and strategies to solve nearly any situation you might be facing, and I don't charge you fee a for providing you with those solutions.

Below are some of the most typical situations and the ways I can solve them:

(List different situations and the solution in plain english. You don't have to be super specific, save that for later)

This same solutions have worked for countless other people in your situation, and I am confident we can make it work you for also.

Contact Name
Email Address

The idea is to give people as much info as possible so they feel comfortable you know what you are talking about and they aren't wasting their time with you.

The Automated Foreclosure Finder has flyers and ads in it, a recorded message and email autoresponder. All you have to do is promote those things on places like craigslist and other ways. The website version has a cool website to send people to, which works good for craigslist since people are online. The best part is on line audio message and the free analysis questionnaire to screen people. That also puts people in your autoresponder to build a relationship with clients without doing anything.

Anyone else have any tips to share on effective Craigslist ads?



That's some pretty good advice. Thanks for sharing.

No problem. Anyone else have

No problem. Anyone else have any advice on Craigslist?


I agree that Craigslist is a great tool. I am a beginning investor. Using their site I already have three tenant/buyers (married couples) lined up for when I come across a good deal. Right now I am working on buying an REO, with none of my own money, and lease-optioning it to one of those couples for a positive cash flow of about $300/month.


Thank you for your Craigslist Marketing advice. I'm a novice Real Estate Investor, so tips like this are very helpful!

Anyone have any other information regarding the AFF? Any success?


I too have found Craigslist to be helpful with finding buyers. One tip: Most of the pepple who have responded have not telephoned me even though my phone number is listed in the advertisement. With that said, one really has to stay on top of email to keep the lines of communication going. Tip Number Two: If you are posting a property for sale and it's also in the MLS, list the MLS number in your ad so they can easily view your posting on and see any virtual tours you may have listed.


I've noticed craigslist can be a great way to meet handymen and find free furnishings and repair materials at a great discount.

Great tips.Thanks fo

Great tips.Thanks fo sharing.


I'd never heard of this website before getting Dean's info. When I went to it I was surprised by the amount of people wanting to rent and buy who were in my area, as well as many other services and products offered there.

Be careful

of scams on craigslist. I have listed a few deals, and have been contacted by people who arent even interested in buying or renting property. They're looking for something totally different...vulnerable people!! Just keep your eyes open.



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I am just beginning to look at Real Estate investments. Can anyone give me some resources for buyers. I need buyers who are willing to give me a finders fee to get started. I am now checking out some people on Craig's list.


Great Information

Thanks for the information regarding craigslist. I'm looking forward to checking it out for myself.


Thanks for the info about the craigslist and rebucks thanks for your tips as well. please keep up the advice and questions because it really helps people like me who is just a beginner in the Real Estate investing.




jvfinlay wrote:
I agree that Craigslist is a great tool. I am a beginning investor. Using their site I already have three tenant/buyers (married couples) lined up for when I come across a good deal. Right now I am working on buying an REO, with none of my own money, and lease-optioning it to one of those couples for a positive cash flow of about $300/month.

Would you be willing to post some more details on financing your deal? Where is the financing coming from? Is it the bank that owns the property or another? How are you getting in for no money? A partner?


Financing the craigslist deal

Absolutely wmark1963. Sorry for taking a while to respond.

The financing will be coming from a bank allowing a 10% down pymt (which is rare anymore). The 10% is coming from a partner and the tenant/buyers (renters) will be making the mortage pymt. It is an REO (bank-owned) property.

I do need to mention that the positive cash flow will be smaller than I originally anticipated, due to the tenants' need to pay off other debt (to improve their credit so they can buy the house in the nxt 2-3 yrs).

On a good note I have attained 5 new people/couples that are interested in lease-optioning from me since I last posted. This is an exciting game.

Sorry, I hate when I make a type-o. Smiling

New to Craigslist

I'm a little slow. When you can find buyers to develop your buyers list, how are you searching on Craig's List. What is the section? So new and a little confused.


Look for investors looking for houses for sale.


I got some of my buyers from Craigslist under the Apartment/Housing or Housing Wanted section. I call or email them when they post an add like "For Rent" etc. I then ask them if they are still active in buying more properties in a certain area. If they say yes, just simply ask them there criteria and add them to your buyers list. You can also find them in some other links right there on Craigslist. Try Backpage as well. Hope this helps. Blessings to all. LA


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Additional Ad Examples

Advertising for Buyers- Online/Flyer/Bandit Sign

Ghost Ads
Handyman Special
3bed/2 bath
Owner Desperate
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

Priced Below Market
SFR 3/2
Great Neighborhood
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

Fixer Upper!!!
SFR 3/2
Must sell/Motivated
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

Needs TLC!!!
SFR 3 bed/2 bath

Must Sell Home 3/2
Great neighborhood
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

(Accentuate the repairs needed if you have a specific home in mind)
Needs Roof/Needs Plumbing/Needs Electrical
3 bed/2 bath
Must sell/Motivated
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

Regular Ads
Attention Investors!!!
Stop spending all your time looking for great deals; let us do the legwork for you.
We find great properties for investors!
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

Buyers Wanted!
Buyers needed for multiple investment properties that cash-flow.
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX

Cash Buyers Wanted!!!
Cash buyers needed for fast closings on multiple investment properties.
Call today XXX.XXX.XXXX


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