Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

WOW.... well I joined the Success Academy just about 7 months ago and had not done a deal yet. Yesterday 09/25/10 I locked up two (2)! LOL. both I will be able to wholesale at 45% & 49% of FMV. Honestly my goal Saturday was straight from Matt in the Edge10...not to focus on the money BUT to just do that 1st deal! I ran several versions of the I Buy Ads. They were released on Thursday. Friday these properties are driven to my by my ads (DONE FOR YOU MARKETING - SFL). So pulled comps TotalView, etc. ran #'s and called both when I got off work Friday afternoon. Set a time to site properties and let them know I'd be bringing my contractor to est. repairs. Swiped a gold nugget from Carol S. and took PA with me so I could lock it up then and there.
1st deal: was as smooth as butter, they were sooo motivated. Plus pulled a profile for them as a tenant buyer for a property to get them to the other side of town - fired up right!!
2nd deal: well I thought I lost it honestly....HUGE lesson on this one!! I was on cloud nine from the first appointment and confidence through the roof! Heard Dean's voice on it. Realized I needed to shut-up and listen!! Smiling I could tell/feel it and asked a open ended question and once he started talking...unloaded then looked at me and said...I tell you what "I'll let you have it at XXX) which was $3k less than his initial response" it was already a great deal on his asking price. Oh, and then he says as we are signing the PA...if those couple of people call back that wanted to think about it at the XXX price, do you want me to tell them to call you? I said Absolutely! LOL
I've consistently been learning/studying. But after ordering the SFL system and Dean's last CC with Matt.....had SUCH a wake up call! I've been SOOO busy but NOT productive. & was running all over town but had NO focus. Everyone has to grown at their own pace, we all have our own 'junk' to go through. Just keep pressing forward. ACTION CURES FEAR!
Well my work is just beginning!!! Will not be sitting around waiting on two eggs to hatch but steadily putting more & more in the hat!!!
So many incredible people included in the DG family....absorb their knowledge!

Just NEVER give up and DON'T allow anyone to steal your dream!!!

If your dream is big enough....the circumstances don't count!! Getten it done! Smiling



Hello Jen Just stopped to

Hello Jen Just stopped to see what BAMA was up to.

Hey Jim, Thanks for stopping

Hey Jim,

Thanks for stopping by. Always welcome! How are things going with you?

Been busy getting some things together and making sure my buyers have all their T's cross and I's dotted. Will have two (2) closing next week. Wholesale flips: One cash (assignment), one conventional (IEE). No agent involved on either.

Tonight searching for and doing evals./analysis on some commercial properties. (statewide) Going to plan a trip to Birmingham Saturday if pics, package/docs support claims on a multi.

Exploring the possibilities of working with an company that moves REO tapes. Some to be picked up, already rehabbed, tenant occupied and cash flowing. (similar to Dean's new approach we've been hearing about). We had our second phone consult today. I gave him my target areas/states and will see what he brings to the table tomorrow and to come. Bottom line the numbers still have to work for me as in my use of PM to get in it for the seasoning requirements to roll out of my PM and into a refinance (local as well as nationwide). So like I said, we'll see. I get A LOT of talk but not so much deliver for lead sources. LOL But always open to anything that makes sense.

Hoping you've been doing amazing! May your week be so incredible that your cup over flows!

God Bless,

04.20.11 - Protect your time!

Hey everyone,

Just an update on commercial trip to B'ham for Saturday. NOT looking good! lol Think my presence is required elsewhere! HA! It's crazy and amazes me what 'some' say is a good deal. Well after 3rd request to gather all the info. Could clearly see where some of the numbers were forged. (knew that accounting thing would come in handy one day - lol) But based on what I could determine to be actuals and true (based on P&L, rent rolls and Tax Rtns I could get out of them) and to include all true expenses. (some necessaries they neglected to account for = (mortgage and insurance!!!)) left it at a 2% cap at the asking price. They were marketing as 'under managed with a 12% cap'. Under managed - yes! 12% cap - well maybe if you get rid of those petty mortgage payment, insurance and taxes......then were looking decent! LOL

It is at 100% occupancy with long term lease agreements in place. So would be a term before you could raise rents. (notes indicated rents hadn't been raised in years). So they would have to drastically cut asking price to get it even in the ballpark, let alone on the field.

I really work at ALWAYS keeping the professional image and in mind. You never know who's watching what your doing. BUT I sometimes have to fight the intense urge and overwhelming desire that is a deep seeded country girl root to ask those other 'investors', bird-dogs and wholesalers that bring these kind of leads. "Did you bump your dang head getting out of bed this morning. I mean come on man, did you EVEN open the email before sending it to me??" Told one guy, he definitely had no understanding of how to assess a property. Even offered to show him through one if he wanted to continue locating properties for me.

You have to protect your time. Think I'm going to dig up the link to Matt's call and forward to all these guys! lol

Be blessed!


Three (3) to close next week. Will net more in one week than I did in 1st qtr at my JOB (just over broke)!! HA!


Hey Jen

LOVE your journal; its so uplifting and inspiring. I'm used to being put down at least 4 times a day if not more, so they say it takes 10xs as many positives to combat a negative. Jawdropping! I think I got my 40 for today just from reading your journal! Laughing out loud I haven't been getting on here as much and I feel myself returning to that poor self image my husband wants me to be in, and I MISS being here to read all the inspirational posts! Its funny I was just thinking of going back and reveiwing my 2010 EDGE and watching the 2009 one (which I just haven't had the time to do!) But I LOVE your idea of being on the treadmill while watching! I usually always take notes, but I want to lose some of this weight I've gained back before going to the EDGE this year!

I have been reading 'Totally Fulfilled' and its a SLOW process with 4 kids, but I know if I can get through the book it will be a tremendous GODSEND! Wish there was an audio version (I should go check if there is one!)

Hope you had a very happy Easter Today! Absolutely Love your journal, drive, determination and seeing you MAKE IT HAPPEN! I left off on page 2 on February 1st... have to get off the computer to take the 2 hour ride back home. Smiling Listening to 'Awakening the Giant Within' and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (forgot the whole title) on the trip back; hubby's just going to have to live with it! Sticking out tongue

Hey Tammy

Hey Tammy,

Thank you for stopping by and the kind words. It is a blessing/reward to me that I can POSSIBLY be an encouragement to someone else. It is a strong underlying desire that drives me. It's funny though, I get similar responses as your post or pm's to the same effect, but honestly alot of the times my post are words of affirmation for myself too. As I hope to be an encourangement to others it's also as if I am 'preaching to the choir'! You guys just don't know, heck I'll be driving down the road speaking words of encouragement and affirmations over my own life. lol

Thank you for being open and sharing. It takes alot of courage to expose some of our struggles to someone else, so I thank you for sharing them with me.

My heart does go out to you. I DO know what it's like to be in a relationship that well to simply put it 'not quite on the same page'. Stay strong, stay focused and never under any circumstances forget your worth and your value. You ARE destined for greatness. Reminds me of how Carol S. says sometimes you have do it afraid, sometimes when fear doesn't get out of your way you just have to drag it along. SAME thing applies for the people in our lives. Sometimes we just have to do in inspite of the circumstances. Do it BECAUSE of them. Drag them along if you have to - lol!

I know that through reading your post, seeing you on FB that you have a HUGE heart and love for your family. Your passion, drive, determination and thoroughness, along with your heart for others will always serve you well in ANY endevour that you seek to undertake.

There are people that only you will have the influence, that you will be the one to impact their lives. You will be the answer to their prayers.

I also listed to CD's, audio teachings, etc. while driving. I can't tell you how many times I have listed to Dean's Think a Little Different audios. When you are faced hitting this solo, you have to get the encouragement from somewhere. So I will jack the volume up and in my mind it's like Dean is riding along, in my ear, encouraging me to press onward. Same thing with the EDGE course. I have watched them dozens of times sitting and taking notes. But put them on during a run, just to hear the teachings, to surround myself with greatness.

Keep on keeping on.

I hope you have such and incredible week!

God Bless,


thanks so much for doing this. what a huge help. once i get back home and feel better, i will work on my own schedule. now if i could just have some of your energy!!!


Linda, Army EOD Mom
you can follow my journal at
Fear equals:

Thanks Jen

Yes, a lot of my writing is geared as words of affirmation.

When you listen to Dean's book on audio, are you using an MP3 player or a CD player (I'm still in the dark ages; don't have an MP3 yet. I think that will be my next 'paycheck' Laughing out loud First 2 paychecks were season passes to Disneyland for the family and a GPS ) Smiling

Storm in Bama

Jen hope all is well over there after the storm went through that area, it hit smithville ms real bad which was just down the hwy where I use to live. I saw in the news that bham and tuscaloosa got hit hard. My dad was in tuscaloosa a lot when he had his navy drills once a month. So hope all is well and you got thru things better than a lot of the other ones did.



Thanks guys for peeking in, sorry for delay in response.

Linda: You are very welcome. Hope it did assist in some way.

Tammy: I use the CD player in my car. I am not the the biggest techie person either. Know enough to be dangerous. I haven't downloaded MP3 files to screening to my iPod. But I have screened audios via my phone though, just have to download the app to your phone. Sometimes I'll log into and go though some of the old conference calls, etc. to have a continual inflow of positive/teaching while I work or even workout.

Shawn: Yes, it did hit pretty hard. Alot of destruction. I had a hedge of protection because my personal residence didn't suffer any structural damage. I first touched down about 3 miles from me. But my hometown (Eclectic) was hit very hard. Many without anything left. I had family member and friends that absolutely lost everything they owned. So have spent a lot of time over the last three days assisting in cleanup, gather food, clothing, etc. to contribute to the relief efforts. I came to the realization yesterday after me and my son spending the entire day of manual labor, that I personally could make a larger impact with my head rather than my hands. I would stand a far better chance of helping trying to assist in housing people, funneling them resources, etc. than I would pulling limbs or trying to use a chainsaw. Smiling

It has been indicated to me that Elmore County isn't ushered into the FEMA Disaster Recovery Assistance Program. But I do find it hard to believe, so I will find out the status. Because quite honestly, I don't just accept that and that answer just doesn't work for me. I've got to do some research and if in fact this is the case. If so, I am planning on routing a petition to get them included OR whatever does need to be done to change it. A lot of these people were uninsured so ANY assistance is needed.

I've been hitting it hard to gain more properties. I only have one left that is scheduled to close on the 5/6. Had a pretty decent month, closed 4 in the last 2 weeks and my last open on Friday. So have also been networking with some local investors/landlords as well an ramping up my marketing to pull me more leads. Working on marketing tonight and will be pulling out 40-50 bandit signs over the next few days.

God bless,


Glad to see you are ok. Hopefully your family and friends are ok and will recver from this dissaster. You can work smarter not harder and help alot of people. In time maybe you can use your contacts to help more people at the same time rather than one at a time. Alot of people will be looking for properties to restablish their home. I don't watch tv very much, but I have been watching the news alot of late to see how much damage was actually there.


P.S. if I can help let me know, I will try to be of assistance. Have a great week.

It's a choice......

Hey Jim......thank you for stopping in. Hope you and your family have been doing well?

Brad: Thank you very much.

Yes, you are right. Working smarter not harder. I don't mind getting dirty and doing what needs to be done. I did make the decision Saturday night to move/act on what I feel lead to do and work towards creating as many win/win scenarios as I possible. But realizing I can't save the world. I have a tendency to give til it hurts....and having to bridle that urge a bit. I'll give and help until I look around and then say "crap, now I need help" LOL (so to speak). I believe my efforts are better served, focusing and continually moving forward and growing. Because I do know I can make more of an impact wealthy than not.

There are many that will pick up the pieces, do what they need to and WILL in fact recover and be stronger for it. Then unfortunately there are some that will make some lead way but will make excuses and stay a victim. The whole "you can lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink" philosophy.

It breaks my heart, but does go to show that whether it's a natural disaster, health issues, financial challenges, bad relationships, or simply just poor choices. We ALL have a CHOICE. We all will get knocked down at some point and to some degree in our lives one way or another. But it's up to each of us whether we stay down or get back up swinging. It's the ones that will choose to get up swinging that will recover no matter what the hit is.


God Bless,


Jen, I just read your whole journal and my eyes are so bloodshot! But I want you to know you are so encouraging to everyone who reads it! You make points by giving actual examples, and you remind us that failure is not an option. I so enjoyed reading every word and like Jim said, it really exhausted me.. LOL

Keep sharing and letting us know where you are and where you're going.. and that my friend, is UP!



Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.

You have not lived a perfect day, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you. Ruth Smeltzer

It is what it is 'til you change it.


Thank you Shirley for taking the time to read my journal.

Sorry, when I get excited I do talk fast(er). LOL. Working on that....I'm "Under Construction"! Smiling

Thank you also for the kind words of encouragment. It is a blessing to know that I have somehow and someway been a blessing to another.

Hoping you have an incredible week!

God bless,

UPDATE: Elmore County

Just an update to previous post. I just verified Elmore County HAS been included in the FEMA Assistance. From the list, appears that all counties are covered. Thank you Lord!

They have closed the Elmore County Disaster Revovery Center effected at 5:00 p.m. 05/01/2011. Will reopen once FEMA is on the ground (no specified date/time).

God Bless,


I am so glad that you came through the storms OK. i am still concerned about some of out other AL people.

Has anybody heard from John? I haven't seen him here for a while. I need to call him but with the time difference, it is always late there when I think about it.


"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"


Sounds like you are really cranking it up, Girl!

With all these deals rollin' are you going to be able to make it to The Edge?


"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"


sorry for delay.

No, I haven't heard from John. Occasionally he would call, but haven't heard a peep in quite a while actually. I'll make a note to self to try any reach him tomorrow.

No, obviously by now you know my presence was not in AZ. No one's fault but my own. I still had the vacation time already approved so, I've been kicking tail and taking names while I'm off.

About to post an update....

Appreciate you stopping by and hoping you had an absolutely life changing experience this weekend!

God Bless,


been MIA a few but with purpose.

Well closed on my 4th property in 4 weeks today. It was scheduled to close 2 weeks ago. This was probably my worst close yet. (those 10-15 minute ones will spoil ya!) Was the buyers attorney and let's just say, he had a high rate, very 'pretty' office but wasn't very efficient/thorough. I did not get a preliminary review of the HUD forms and there was a few errors that had to be corrected that was in my sellers favor. It was a probated property that one son (executor of estate) was onsite and the other was out of the country. There was no power of sale clause in the will, therefore requiring signatures of both parties. So that was the two week delay to receive originals for recordings. I learned a lot on this deal and how I can do things better and more efficient myself and what I need to do and make sure is done before hand if this is to ever be the case again.

Anyway, it has been a very good past few weeks. I can not tell you how good it feel to 'breathe' again. I had sort of gotten my self pretty tight (to say the least) and daily monitoring of accounts is STRESSFUL! But finally, have my business paying for itself. Actually, I currently have operating expenses covered through December. I have a small cushion on business and personal savings and actually made the appropriate tax accrual entries necessary. Plus, allotment for future training/education that will be a monthly accrual as well. I will have paid off all my credit cards and have been working with Roberts Credit Group for about 3 months now and by end of June should be pulling 700 plus credit score.

I just wanted to say I apologize for all those that had faith, called or pm me speaking words of encouragement and believing in me to get to the Edge. It is absolutely no ones fault but my own. I made errors in judgement. I chose to opt with the debt pay downs that were inline with my goals of setting myself up to hold properties, and made a timing error. I was banking on this property to pay the Edge. So the victory of it's close is bitter sweet. But yet still sweet!
I have had to consistently input REI study and positive reading material to not let myself fall into the 'LOOSER' mentality. Blew through 2 books in 4 days. I know by going and the knowledge I would have gained would have no doubt pushed me so much further along than on my own. Yes, I should take my own advice with the signature line if the 5 P's!

But you know what, you can't cry over spilled milk. Just get a paper towel and clean it up! Yes, I did fail. But I don't like it there!
We all fail, we can either lay there, toss, turn and lather ourselves with self pity OR get mad and get back up! What's it going to be for you? I can tell you what's it going to be for me.....GET UP and DON'T fail that way again! Pick up the pieces and keep moving forward!

btw: already held in reserve funding for the DG cruise. I'm not missing another opportunity for my inadequacies. But I've GOT to work on the tan! LOL No worries, I'll have the Casper look dusted off by Feb!

I will post tomorrow night about what else is in the works and some of the areas I am expanding and growing my business on. As for now, I have to analyze the 9 leads I got today off my ad.


05.27.11 GREAT day!!!

Hello everyone,

Been a busy past few days. Today was my off Friday so got tons done.

Well it's 1:03 a.m. and about to call it a day. Day was full! Up early to have almost 2 hrs of reading (1 bk for personal growth and 1-going on REI specific topics) did a.m. cardio, wrapping up prelims on a potential commercial acquisition (200 unit), picked up New Member packet at local Chamber of Commerce, networked, finalized offers for some SF, leads from bulletin board ads on some SF and a apt complex to follow up with tomorrow, Books-A-Million to pick us up a book each for new reads and splurged on a latte and an audio series by Brian Tracy to listen to in the car (University on Wheels! I also want to have Trent absorb as much positive and success principles as possible). I ordered him Rich Dad for Teen by Robert Kiyosaki (I'm starting him early with a different mindset!!), We got haircuts, checked and saw Jay's post of Cruise. Called Karen (got vmail left contact info/booking # that I was needing to make my reservation), added Trent to my gym membership (old enough now), then we trained together (bk/bi's and a 2nd cardio session for me), left there at 9:00 p.m., we grabbed a bite at subway then he helped me put out bandit signs for almost 3 hrs. over the tri-county area (We had a blast). Then hm checked emails, signed and returned CA for apt complex lead today and now about to hit the showers and CRASH!

(05.28.11) Tomorrow up early for my "Jen's Under Construction - Me Time" time then all follow-ups, finalizing a few items, reviewing notice of defaults for pre-foreclosure marketing, cash buyer marketing for lead pipes (SFL),. Will call on about 10 FSBO I got tonight putting signs out. Also go by the estate sale I saw a flyer for tonight to see if they have things handled or if I may be able to assist. We'll hit the gym again and THEN I'm taking my baby fishing! lol

Be blessed,


All I can say is INCREDIBLE.You are really making me look bad lol I am going to try your plan for how you schedule your day. Because after seeing all you do, I have no excuse's Thanks for such a great journal, Im tired just reading about you lol Take care and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend ,hopefully with your son.

Curtis Fillers
(Charlotte, NC)



Hey Curtis

Hey Curtis,

Thank you for stopping by. It's all about prioritizing, self disciple, time management and focus. But most importantly self-mastery.

You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

Yes, I'll have my son. Going to schedule some rest time. Probably going fishing (yes again - we both love it) and then enjoy some sun and water time! lol

(P.S. also replied to the FB message - thank you Smiling)

God bless,

curtisfillers wrote:
All I can say is INCREDIBLE.You are really making me look bad lol I am going to try your plan for how you schedule your day. Because after seeing all you do, I have no excuse's Thanks for such a great journal, Im tired just reading about you lol Take care and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend ,hopefully with your son.

Curtis Fillers
(Charlotte, NC)

Hi Jen

I'm enjoying reading your journal-you are so disciplined-that's amazing!
I love to hear about your great realtionship with your son, and how you're getting him geared in the right direction and with the right attitude-kudos for you!

Wishing you success,




“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

My journal:


Thank you Valerie! Hope you are doing amazing.

I just try to equipment him with as much as possible. Hope to in someway influence him in a positive way to shape the man that he becomes. Positive, optimistic, high self-esteem and self-image, high values and standards, firm believe in who he is and WHO's he is, equipped with the power that he can do anything he sets his mind to. To always me to be his stepping stone and never his stumbling block.

Hope you have an awesome weekend.

God bless you and you family in everything you put your hand to!


Wow Jen

You are a ball of fire! The energy is just non stop.

I need to get back to doing the yellow notebook again. I stopped because I was spending over an hour rewriting everything each time. (I had 6 pages of stuff I started with!)

Its hard to stay on a schedule when you have kids, you are doing AMAZING! Mine interrupt me (welcomed interruptions), so I do 'FLEXIBLE' schedules; because I know REALISTICALLY, I'd like to do something from this time to that, but I schedule in an extra 1/2 hour for delays due to telling my 2 or 4 year old how pretty this handmade work art is, or having a flower handed to me, or getting a hug or a kiss, or breaking up a sibling rivalry fight, or helping with homework, or even telling my son for the 3,468th time to go do his homework Sticking out tongue.

Keep on balancing, you are doing SUPERBLY! I strive to be more like you!


Zion Properties wrote:
You are a ball of fire! The energy is just non stop.

I need to get back to doing the yellow notebook again. I stopped because I was spending over an hour rewriting everything each time. (I had 6 pages of stuff I started with!)

Its hard to stay on a schedule when you have kids, you are doing AMAZING! Mine interrupt me (welcomed interruptions), so I do 'FLEXIBLE' schedules; because I know REALISTICALLY, I'd like to do something from this time to that, but I schedule in an extra 1/2 hour for delays due to telling my 2 or 4 year old how pretty this handmade work art is, or having a flower handed to me, or getting a hug or a kiss, or breaking up a sibling rivalry fight, or helping with homework, or even telling my son for the 3,468th time to go do his homework Sticking out tongue.

Keep on balancing, you are doing SUPERBLY! I strive to be more like you!

Thank you Tammy! Very kind of you to say.....but REALLY.... kudos to YOU! I have one, you have four! With four, I'd probably forget to feed one, loose one in the store or something! LOL. jk

But seriously, not matter what any of our lives are like or all that they entail, we each have to find what works for US. Something I'm doing may not be practical to you and vice versa.

My purpose for what I share is to spark an idea or spinoff an approach that someone else my find useful. Which is why I posted the thread a wk or so ago:
Was meant to be the grocery store approach: take what's for you and leave what's not on the shelf! Smiling

Make it an Incredible day!!!

God Bless,

master your fear

Hey guys,

a little "yeah me"! Today I mastered myself and the fear! I am so stinken proud of myself.

About 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon I had a 'self check'. I've been training hard on increasing me as a person. To prepare me and enable me to grow and the growth that is manifesting. I sat down with a note pad and pen and listed out 15 things I wanted to accomplish in the next 12 months. From that list I asked myself what is the one thing I could do above all that would make the biggest impact on obtaining the rest. My answer was 2-3 private money lenders in the next 30 days. Circle it and then flip to a new page and asked myself "How can I acquire 2-3 PML in the next 30 days. The key is to write a MIN. of 20 answers no matter what or how long it takes you. It's about mindstorming. From the 20 I renumbered them in order with the biggest impact as #1 then #'d the remaining. THIS was my new action plan. I've been working through my plan and one item was to join the local Chamber of Commerce to network with like minded individuals, with business mindsets and strictly focus on building relationships. Forget about the PML, I have to build something here. No one will care what you need until they determine you care about what THEY may need.(People tend to do business with people they know). One particular city I target has a HUGE gathering/social networking circle. So I cut a check, picked up my member packed and today was the first social. It was a 60 min coffee. I got up at 4:00 and ran and them sat reading Napoleon Hill for 1.5hrs. Put on what I call my 'power suit' and heels (outfit makes me feel confident and powerful - LOL). So off I go.

The whole drive I am listening to Brian Tracy audio series about the subconcious mind, thought process, action steps, making your thoughts in accordance with your desires. What was so awesome is today he said the subconcious mind doesn't think, it works. If you dwell on negatives, worry, etc. it doesn't know the difference and goes to work to bring you more of that. But once you align your thoughts and actions with your desires, it will go to work to make it so. (paraphrasing) So I spoke out loud "I am confident, I am successful, I am destined for greatness. I love talking to new people and love meeting new people. I make a difference in every life that I encounter." PLUS my other daily affirmations.

I get there early and honestly, sat in my car for like 5-10 min. I knew if I didn't go in I would never forgive myself. I literally told myself, this is it Jen, this will change your life. The realtionships I build will multiply beyond my comprehension. I literally coached myself to say "this is it, if it was your absolute last day on earth would you be afraid to go in there?" Then I opened the door and walked up with a smile to get my name tag. From the entry way, I started shaking hands, exchanging business cards, chatting with each a few minutes as I worked my way through the room. I had a guy from a local bank say "Good Lord, you know how to captivate a room". (If he only knew I was about to hurl! lol) Then the last 20 min the chairman got up asked for new members to come to the front. I took the microphone and gave my 30-60 sec commercial. I did it! I master my fear. I cant WAIT til next weeks event. I also got a lead on a property and two vacant lots in a SD. whoohoo!

(gonna break and pick up in a new post)

So mind your: thoughts, your actions and your associations

"where you are in 5 yrs from now is a direct reflection of the company you keep" - author unknown.

part 2

It crazy how we build things up in our minds and give them power. But AMAZING how empowering it is to take that control back!

I pulled 2 hrs. vacation to go this a.m. so once I got back to work I had about 30 min left. So I started making some of my follow-up calls from this week.

Just to prove a point about lining your thoughts, actions and direction your subconcious mind. I truly believe it's because I am becoming synced with myself that the followings happing.

Two (2) new cash buyers. Large volume of leads from bandit signs and ads this week. Several landlords with multiple properties and duplexes. About 1/2 of Mondays calls would be a prime candidate for SS. Over leveraged properties, payments at or exceed current rents, with anywhere of $5k-$10k to cure loan. Makes it challenging. lol But anyway, had a call from someone who saw me listed on Chambers Website, then returned a call at lunch to a guy that is a GC and looking for steady work. I know the guy he was flipping for about 3 yrs. ago. (Since then guys split and left owing alot of people money) BUT I dated a guy that was a GC and him and the flipper were kind of competition. So I've seen this guys work. He is onto something right now that is paying the bills but saw my bandit and wanted to know if I was open to giving his a shot at some of my work. Told him I had some rehabs coming up and would give him a call and he can give me an estimate and discuss doing from there.

My point is I SO desire to have 2-3 crews and me driving them enough work that I'm their main source! SOOO fired up! If I have to 'prove' it to secure the PML that's fine. I'll use HML to do that to get me in and rehab. If it sells it sells(I'll take the quick pickup) but my GOAL is the acquision. Pickup, rehab, refi and hold.

Sorry so long. Thanks for the vent! lol

MAKE IT HAPPEN - then repeat until the desired outcome is obtained!


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