Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

WOW.... well I joined the Success Academy just about 7 months ago and had not done a deal yet. Yesterday 09/25/10 I locked up two (2)! LOL. both I will be able to wholesale at 45% & 49% of FMV. Honestly my goal Saturday was straight from Matt in the Edge10...not to focus on the money BUT to just do that 1st deal! I ran several versions of the I Buy Ads. They were released on Thursday. Friday these properties are driven to my by my ads (DONE FOR YOU MARKETING - SFL). So pulled comps TotalView, etc. ran #'s and called both when I got off work Friday afternoon. Set a time to site properties and let them know I'd be bringing my contractor to est. repairs. Swiped a gold nugget from Carol S. and took PA with me so I could lock it up then and there.
1st deal: was as smooth as butter, they were sooo motivated. Plus pulled a profile for them as a tenant buyer for a property to get them to the other side of town - fired up right!!
2nd deal: well I thought I lost it honestly....HUGE lesson on this one!! I was on cloud nine from the first appointment and confidence through the roof! Heard Dean's voice on it. Realized I needed to shut-up and listen!! Smiling I could tell/feel it and asked a open ended question and once he started talking...unloaded then looked at me and said...I tell you what "I'll let you have it at XXX) which was $3k less than his initial response" it was already a great deal on his asking price. Oh, and then he says as we are signing the PA...if those couple of people call back that wanted to think about it at the XXX price, do you want me to tell them to call you? I said Absolutely! LOL
I've consistently been learning/studying. But after ordering the SFL system and Dean's last CC with Matt.....had SUCH a wake up call! I've been SOOO busy but NOT productive. & was running all over town but had NO focus. Everyone has to grown at their own pace, we all have our own 'junk' to go through. Just keep pressing forward. ACTION CURES FEAR!
Well my work is just beginning!!! Will not be sitting around waiting on two eggs to hatch but steadily putting more & more in the hat!!!
So many incredible people included in the DG family....absorb their knowledge!

Just NEVER give up and DON'T allow anyone to steal your dream!!!

If your dream is big enough....the circumstances don't count!! Getten it done! Smiling




Is it just me or has things gotten WAY out of hand lately? I think things have with different strings or whatever. And it does look like they have been removed. Which is a good thing for anyone whether new may get a wrong impressions. And doesn't exactly create an open and inviting atmosphere for questions or sharing. Plus I am pretty sure Dean's intentions for this site were never to create drama. lol But honestly guys, there are ALWAYS people watching. How you speak, how you act, how your react to each and every situation; and not necessarily just on this site but everywhere you go. When you make the decision to be a business owner you don't clock out at 5:00. You're a business owner 24/7. I feel we should conduct ourselves accordingly. Whether in a business or personal setting, we are giving people impressions.

Ex: At least twice a week I get call from handymen, contractors, other investors off my ads. Some are just looking for work, some propose "partnering" on a deal. I'll entertain any idea but am very selective who I do business with, because I do hold myself and business to a high standard. So anyways, I will inquire on there experience, what they have in mind and always ask them to tell me about the last couple of deals they've done or partnerships and how it was structured to work. Usually they boast about the money they made, etc. This guys actually was bragging about what the did. Saying he really cashed out on that one. But as you listened to his story.....yes he cleared a HUGE chunk of change, but screwed two (2) other in the process. I thanked him and told him I would give him a call if I wished to discuss further. Ha! (poor guy is probably blue in the face if he was holding his breathe) So to tie it in, he left a bad impression with me and not ever wanting to do business with him, because he was shady and manipulative.

So keep a high standard, be a person of character and always have integrity! All of which are not only to be demonstrated with actions and words but also determined by what we do when we think no one is looking.

just a little Jen'ism for the day! lol

enough of the all the drama.....I'm off to search properties!!! LOL

Don't forget the Yard Sales 2...

Hey everyone....gotta share a nugget or two. You are probably already doing this as well, if not then you may find it useful and check into it.

This is geared for your newspapers, bulletin boards, penny savers, (or whatever your hardcopy distributed advertising in you area is called) BUT can also be applicable for online advertisings as well.
In my own efforts (outside leads driven) to locate properties with motivated sellers; of course always hit the RE Sections, Rentals as everyone else. But incase you aren't'd be surpised what you will come across in:

-Wanted Sections (retail/tenant buyers)

-Too Late Section

_Auctions listings

_Services Offered (buyers=investors ads, handmen, etc.)

-YARD SALE Sections (sellers) saw an ad today "everything must go but the kitchen sink and that 2 if price is right" LOL thought it was cute! And got a great lead off it when I called. (so stay tuned...may be something on it - Smiling

-Sharing Rentals (sometimes you can put them in a home on L/O sandwich or possibly rent to own strategy, for LESS than they will pay for one (1) room and shared space.)

-Business Opporunities (other investors or potential for PM/HM)

-Misc. (this you never know - lol)

Great 'in additions to' the Real Estate and Rental stuff.


Thought this was pretty awesome! To show the power of networking and being in the game. Couple of Friday's ago I was in my agents office going over some stuff, systemizing my offer approach (signed blank PA, with contingencies, etc. leaving the address of property blank, offer price, and all dates blank) so anyway we finished up and I was leaving the building when I heard my name called. It was a girl I vaguely knew through a mutual friend. Long story short she is a closing agent and works for a RE Attorney here Montgomery. They had just moved into this location from downtown. Literally they didn't even have a sign up yet. So we chatted for a few minutes (catching up on how we each were doing) and she said "girl what are you doing over about to buy a house"? I said yes, looking get into about 10 this month. (lol) she goes "what" so I tell her I'm a real estate investor and elaborate for a few. She said, "we'll we would love to earn your business...closing are what I do" I asked it they were proficient in assignment of contracts and double closes. She said yes. I told here would be interested in discussing further to make sure we both had a clear understanding of the services I would be requiring. She sends me a message on FB and asked how I as and would still love to earn my business. So I told her I would contact her this week. That I could schedule some time Friday to discuss. I just got off the phone with her and confirmed a 1:00 lunch meeting with her and her boss for tomorrow. Soooo I will have an 1 to 1.5 hrs. of FREE attorney question and answer time! HaHa! - Good stuff!


Hey everyone! Chiming in with a few updates. Took half a day off today I had to estimate rehab on one today, when by and checked on one vacant property that I have an marketing agreement on with my CA. Then I turned cells to vibrate and we had a mommy & son day. We had a great day at the park walking, taking pictures and playing football (yes mom has a killer spiral! - lol), followed by lunch then ended up in the fishing section of Bass Pro Shops. LOL Be had a blast though. It was over due 1-on-1 time. At the kiss and hug when his dad picked him up, he said "mom today was the most fun I've ever had"! Sometimes we just HAVE to find the balance so that all needs are met.

But it's been a busy wk and very productive. Had some unexpected good things and disappointing planned things. lol
Friday ended up having a 2.5 hr. fee legal Q&A with the attorney that was trying to earn my biz, took tons of good stuff away from that meeting. Left there and stopped to grab a bite before heading to do a few curb inspections of properties I had gotten leads on. I was logging my missed calls and going through v-mails in the car while I ate. Came across one was from a guy inquiring about the discounted property ad he had saw. So I return the call (long story short) he asked if I was in the area and said yes I was on the East Side, he said great do you have a couple minutes to meet me. I said sure what time would be good for you? He says, now is fine can you make it? I said, Well actually I can, I have few minutes before my next appt. (LOL) I meet him at BankTrust he was on his way to make a deposit and said they had a conference room they let him use. So get there and come to find out this guy has 38 rental properties, been investing in Montgomery for over 30 yrs and also has a 40 unit apt complex. He wants 4 properties in the next 30 days. We ended up talking for about an hour. And he is not driven by spreads but cashflow! which is awesome! Opens up tons of stuff to push his way. So added another great buyer to the list. Plus he mentioned possibly a marketing agreement on the 40 units. He's wanting to roll out of them in the near future.

Later on than night get a call from another guy about my discounted properties ad, he indicated he is looking to pick up low end in bulk (min. 8-10 properties between $10-15k) plus also any investors I know of that may be in the market to sell their notes. He said he's going to call me once a week if that's o.k. to check and see what I might have (sounds eager - yeah!). There maybe a definite fit for him, because couple years ago (& still here) in my area there were some pretty shady characters running loose that really stuck it to a lot of CA, GA and FL buyers. A so called "investor" that had a side agreement with an appraiser were selling property WAY above FMV on their areas and having this appraiser come in high. These buyers bought properties for $40-$100k that were actually in an areas that truly merited a $15-$30k actual. So they were left with properties that couldn't be sold, needed major rehab, an not rented based on price they had on them etc. He also had a few complexes he turned and was pouring money into with a fictitious rent roll that falsified the numbers. Of course once sold the income stopped and exposed the vacancies. (so took as a lesson learned to do MY Own due diligence and any outside information would be coming from a source of my choosing without a vested interest in the sale). So picked up two new local buyers in my area on Friday and one on Saturday that is only looking for 20% after repairs. SO ANOTHER AWESOME!

So tonight, running numbers for offers to submit tomorrow, filtering and looking through properties, placing and refreshing ads, catching up on my DG education and writing my daily action plans for the week on my calendar.


good luck

I enjoyed reading your posts. I just wanted to say congrats, and keep on rolling.

Jen take a breath catch some

Jen take a breath catch some air I could actually hear you talking faster as I was reading . You are going full throttle good job.


LOL!!! I do talk fast and get faster. I'm working on being mindful of it and slowing the pace in conversations.

The attorney told me Friday, "I can tell you're passionate about what you do, you light up as you are speaking.....but slow down a little, I though I talked fast" LOL Smiling

What's funny is that it

What's funny is that it actually come out faster as your reading I keep waiting for a pause after each sentence but its not there.

I literally laughed out loud

I literally laughed out loud on that post Jim! journal is kind of my unload also. lol So you guys get Jen Unfiltered and in burst of highlighted activities. I guess the stuff I'm excited about, stays bottled and when top is loosened a bit probably does spill over strongly. I'll try to inject breathers between post. HaHaHa!

Thanks Jim....always enjoy ya!


Is it just me or does anybody else get the "That's Fired Up" reaction (Actually I do a little $$ ChaChing $$ - sound - LOL) when you get the dings to you're email that notifies you a 'new buyer lead has been generated' or 'a new seller lead has been generated' HA! LOVE it!

SFL = if you dont' have're missing out!


Hey everyone, hope you are having an awesome week. Definitely been a crazy/busy week. Plus we are suppose to be having a winter storm tonight/tomorrow. I've been getting "Breaking News" emails from local weather station every morning when I get to work. We're suppose to get 2" of snow! HAHA Yes that was two inches! I past the stores on way home (they were packed) and you would have though they said 2ft! LOL!! Too funny! Oh well hoping they close the roads, I have more properties to search for and calls to make! Smiling

Oh and btw: if you DON'T have Dean's 4closurealert, you're missing a treat as well! (o.k. treat for me - lol) GREAT TOOL! It only pulls one of my targeted counties, but it's not the software's fault, SFL is same also. The other two counties I target in my area are way behind in times for updating their records.

So anyway, I launch the software, county tax rcds, google maps/street viewer and just about three of the sources I use to pull preliminary comps. So I bounce from site to site, inputting and printing docs. when one seems to peak my interest, I pull my packet together and will add to list of addresses for Realtor to pull 30 day solds (and listed comparisons to know how much volume is the area carrying, DOM and how this property rehabbed will stack against the volume competition), etc.

Well jumping on for a few, going to hit couple of some love and flip over to SFL to print leads generated today so I can follow up with them tomorrow (PLEASE SNOW....PLEASE SNOW! - LOL! ) plus still have to call 10 banks tomorrow because I had to meet one of my buyers at properties for him to see inside today at lunch and didn't hit my 5 banks a day goal or get all my necessary phone time in. So tons to do!

Just remember: When you are tired, you've only slept 3-4 hrs., doze off on way hm, odds may be against you, your neck deep, can barely breathe, sick to your stomach when you pull into the parking lot a work, some days literally walking through the doors about in tears, someone else tells you what time you have to get up, what time to eat, go to the bathroom, and what time you can leave, you sit in a cubicle 9-12 hrs a day.....All that ALONE is motivation enough to get this done and buy your life back! BUT IF YOU AREN'T LIVING THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT, if you aren't doing things you want to do, helping who you want to help, and then still say, "well I just can't get motivated or that person was mean to me or well just don't feel like looking at that property today" maybe doing Dean's 7-layer deep to having a check-up from the neck-up and digging bad do you really want it? If you are just looking for an excuse, well then really anyone will do! But DON'T make excuses! You deserve to have the life you want! You are destined for greatness! DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

NOW LET'S GET IT DONE!!! Find a way or make a way! Take outside negative influences and let them FUEL YOU! You let them talk and you get out there and take action! You can prove them right or prove them wrong...Soooo what's it gonna be??

Wheeeww! Got a little fired up! Ha! Smiling Smiling

God Bless,

Wow Jen I see you finally

Wow Jen I see you finally learned how to take a breath great that's the end of today's lesson.

Amen Jim!!!

Hey Jen -

I second that emotion on the motivation.

So, why don't you just get a little fired up girl!!! Never disappointing...



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
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Nice deal!

Hey Jen, another "class of 08" DG member. Smiling
Not sure how I missed this before but great thread and its great to see someone excited about making the "jump" from working/jobs to investing and doing things for yourself.
Keep the thread updated as more deals go through, we're always interested (at least I am) about other DG members success.
God bless.



John 14:6

Nice deal!

Hey Jen, another "class of 08" DG member. Smiling
Not sure how I missed this before but great thread and its great to see someone excited about making the "jump" from working/jobs to investing and doing things for yourself.
Keep the thread updated as more deals go through, we're always interested (at least I am) about other DG members success.
God bless.



John 14:6

Thanks to all for stopping having you!

Jim: lol! Absolutely getting there.....still under construction but we are definately making progress!

John: Keep up the good work! Stay stead, stay focused, keep taking action and the results WILL come!

Cam: So glad you stopped by! Thank you and yes, can't wait until the day I walk into my boss's office and say "Thank you but your services are no longer needed!!!" HaHa

Doing whatever it takes to buy my life back. Paying the price for freedom!


What fuels you???

Hello to all, hope you've had a fabulous week/weekend!

Been a great one for me. Had a few stumbling blocks to jump over. Fell once, got a skint knee, put a band-ade on my boo-boo and pressed on. Got mad (to say sweetly) on Friday, was at a weekly total of 21 banks just for this week and still no LTV on appraisal, etc. So I was like heck no...this ain't gonna cut it! Picked up the phone and made 18 calls (almost entire wks #) in one sitting. Was late from lunch, but called and told my boss I had a personal matter to attend to and would be running late, but would work late. Well didn't walk away with any yet, but shows you what you can do if you get just mad sometimes.

Turn the negative into fuel!

I had a guy that I met a my local REI club meeting contact me. Long story short, he overpaid slightly on a property, that could have been salvageable for the area, but then goes way over on rehabs that still left the bathrooms with only hardware upgrades (tile from 1968) because he ran out of money. Anyway, he contacts me about marketing his property. I think he's high. I know the area and gave him a number (LP) but of course that wasn't what he wanted to hear. So when I go over there I bring him hard figures. (But a side note: the guy has 5 properties and only one is a positive cashflow of less than $100 a mo) So he's still pushing for me to help him get out of this property but want move on his price. After talking to him, his whole basis is what the house up the street has been listed for and been on the market for over 6 mo. (BECAUSE THEY ARE HIGH TOO - LOL!) I honestly told him I didn't have the first investor to touch it. But maybe able to move it on the retail side. So I had him sign a marketing fee agreement, tooks pics, went over property and blasted property out through SFL and my other sources.

I SAID ALL THAT to say this: Afterward we are talking for a few and he goes "So Jen, how many of those 30 properties you got yet?" I can NOT even tell you the feeling that came over was a cross between anger, guilt, nausea and gut check! See a few months ago, I had lunch with this guy because he 'just had to know what it was exactly I was doing' from all the discussions at the REI meeting. I elaborate on the wholesale side and indicate that in 2011 I would be setting myself up to hold (what my goal was of) 30 properties by 2nd quarter. I wasn't blowing smoke, or trying to impress this guy. I've already forgot more than he knows (his investments reflect that and not being mean). Anyone that knows me well, knows I don't BS, suck-up or out to impress people. I know my worth = Who I am and WHO'S I am!

But with his sarcastic smirk and tone really just lit me up. I got mad, not at him but at myself. Of how yes, I've been taking action, yes calling lenders, looking at properties, have several under contract (fsbo), have my way into the property (CASH - HM) no biggie, but the turn from HM into long term is the kicker. Soooo what does Jen do....have a come to Jesus meeting and ask herself "o.k. this are the circumstances, these are the what are YOU gonna do about it"???

Soooo I've spend vast majority of the day marketing! Ads that will pull me distressed lead open to the option of allowing me to cure their loan, take over their debt, etc. Then flip side marketing to buyers that just may not quite qualify for the bank's requirements, that are tired of just throwing their money away on rent with nothing to show for it, that are needing flexible terms for home ownership, etc. Is the recipe for sandwich lease - aka NO FREAKING BANK! lol I WILL still make the 5 calls a day to lenders. Because I refuse to take no for an answer. I will find at least one - their number just hasn't come up on the list yet!

Re-watching Greg Murphy from Edge10 and reread Ch4 of Dean's book YTYREP

Bottom Line Review of Today's Lesson/Ramblings: Banks or No Banks, Money or No Money, Time or No Time, Credit or No Credit OR anything else we try to think of or want to throw in there to ease our own guilt! STOP IT! No one can stop us from having what we want unless we let them. NO ONE can steal your dream, you have to give it to them!

Going to an INCREDIBLE week! Because I'm going to MAKE it so!



Ok Jen I believe so just

Ok Jen I believe so just keep going

LOL! Thank you Jim. But

LOL! Thank you Jim. But honestly guess it's more of a release of my thoughts than any convincing. You guys are really all I have. My local REI club are full of the above mentioned type of people. A lot of negative energy a lot of investors that overpaid and have negative cashflow or poor tenants. But hey, can't control what they did, do or don't do, can only control my actions and reactions!

But I am going to attend the Birmingham meeting and check to see if I can plug in to a GA meeting (maybe a Columbus area). Got to search and see what I can dig up. lol Have no problem driving some miles!

I do appreciate you guys more than you are aware!

Jen you should have told

Jen you should have told that guy if he would like to make some money investing in REAL ESTATE that he should invest it with you.

I believe and receive

Smiling I believe and receive that!! You know what Jim....I'll let you know how that goes! Smiling

Wow Jen!!

Looks like that ole naysayer got you fired right up. That's the spirit we know and love so well. Make sure you call and thank him when you reach that goal because we all know that you'll get there!

You're motivation is contagious and that's why I love visiting your journal. Been kinda frustrated lately and needed the boost.

Be sure and let me know when you are going to attend the Birmingham meeting and I’ll make sure I’m there! Hey, and who knows; maybe the rest of the DG “Alabama Gang” (Steve Guy, Klay–Bamainvestor) might want to come??



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
Check out my Road to Redemption journal:

Hey John,

Thanks John for stopping by to show some 'luv' LOL! Keep digging, you are on the right track! We may not be able to control the exact time our efforts pay off, but we can control the actions that it will take to achieve those rewards! You'll have to let me how those things we talked about turned out also.

Oh yeah, going be plugging into B'ham. I went on earlier and subscribed to their newsletter. I see they are every 4th Monday, which will work our meetings are every 3rd. My son has his first track meet at Montgomery Academy on the 28th too. It's at 4:00 and you guys start at 6:00. But if I can sprout wings I believe I can swing both. lol! I'm not going to miss my baby's meet. For real though, I'll know more once I get his itinerary of events for the meet. If he competes early, it only takes me about 1 to 1.5 hrs to get there.

Either way, I will be there for the March 28th meeting. Already on my calendar. Smiling

Whatever It Takes!

"Don't Be Denied! The world CAN'T stop someone that WON'T be denied!!" - Matt Larson

Question is "Jen what you gonna do about it??"



BUT Actions speak so loudly that we can barely hear the words.

One Life = Once Chance! Make It Count!

"None of us can change our yesterdays, but ALL of us can change our tomorrows!" - Colin Powell


Failure to Plan, You Plan To Fail!


Hello to all, hope you've had a great day! Just a little recap on my week. To be honest, I was going to hold off on posting until I could come with "Whoohoo my Edge ticket was purchased" well haven't gotten it yet, but probably had the most productive week thus far. Because I true mental shift and quit playing "mental ping pong" and the realization of If it is to be, it is just to me! Not in just saying it, but feeling it to the pit of your stomach. There was a shift. That when you fall head over heals in love with your dream, nothing else compares! That there is no other option, there is no cheating (ourselves), there is no other choice, there is no plan B; suddenly the fear, or that crazy "what if" voice in your head is silenced. You all of a sudden KNOW that, no matter what, no matter how long it takes, what you have to do, go through, IT doesn't matter. It WILL happen there is no question of it. It's one thing to say it....but a completely other thing to feel and believe it. Doesn't matter who else believes it too, doesn't matter if people say "HaHa o.k. Jen...good luck with that". Then when you see them at the gas station, they yell out "Hey Jen, you a millionaire yet"? I just smile and say "Just about there"!! It's about as ridiculous for them to laugh or say it will never happen as if they were to try and convenience me the sky is green. It's so far from the truth I don't even consider it. Look at the source and move on.

Well my ads for tenant buyers have been working. Stacking a heavy list of buyers this week, picked up 3 new cash wholesale buyers, and 2 cash retail buyers. I have to step up my leads being driven, so more bandit signs out this week. Reason they've slowed was the fact all but one is left out! or the bandit creeper (whoever is swiping them) lol I don't have enough properties to accommodate buyers. That's got to change. It's like having money in the bank and no checks or debit card to access it!

I finally found one lender that will go LTV on appraisal and no seasoning. I have a meeting on Wednesday to cover all my criteria needed, to cover all of their criteria prior to the initiation of all paperwork to begin. Contacted a broker, gave him my criteria and told him to call me if he secured a refi lender that could meet my requirements. I will step up my calls this week in an effort to locate my 3-5 goal. So i can put it to bed and move on. Carried the lender excuse so long, I'm about ready to give birth to it.

Secured a $0-5K line of credit from a buyer that I will be able to have immediate access to cover earnest money as offers are accepted.

I was contacted by a birddog this week that blasted an email that printed 17 pages of properties in the southern part of FL. Other than the beds/bath these aren't the criteria I even gave him. I scanned and working through, preliminary running numbers but don't see a lot of spread, some look decent, some potential cashflow but nothing I'd call momma about! Ha! BUT truth is I know nothing about FL real estate besides the fact I like the beach! lol And really not wanting the distraction of trying to learn a foreign area when I'm finally have a massive amount of momentum going in my local area. So looking to search out FL investors and pretty much just willing to forward leads on.

I did curb inspections of 15 properties over the last two days, will submit offers tomorrow on 13 mls and two I'm letting go.

I have two FSBO leads of properties that would cash flow nicely, if we can come together on T&C. Negotiating a LO on one and owner finance on the other.


Sorry so long...been storing up all week! HaHa! But this only gives you a glimpse of about 1/2 my week.

What I do recommend is Dean's strategy of the yellow notebook (three columns - organization). I have always kept a calendar, but have been more productive since Monday at lunch when a light came on and I decided to do this from that point forward. Reset a 'daily to-do item' of read/study and have hit it every day. Goal of 1 book a week of only material that will strengthen and stretch me! (remember: junk in = junk out....protect your mind)!

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Can't wait til tomorrow and what's in-store for this week!

Stay focused, stay steady, when the world hits.....hit back HARDER!


NO matter

how long your posts are or get to be I enjoy reading every bit because they do give me some ideas along the way as to what I can do and what I have not done yet as well. It has been some time since I made an offer on any property, but must be because I have yet to find a good one to make an offer on. I am working on finding an agent to work with in the dallas area because I need help in finding properties for two buyers I have in this area and maybe they can come up with some as well because my ads on craigslist is not bringing me much help on this either. Been looking for other means of advertisement that are free as well that people in this area would read. Oh yes there are ones that go out on a weekly basis but these do cost some money.
Well any way to keep it short just keep us posted on your progress because we all no doubt really enjoy reading your posts here.



Hey Shawn,

Thank you! Very sweet of you to say. Sometimes I can get long winded. Guess with comes with being a chick! lol

I understand about the properties. Sometimes I have found that most all of my 'great deals' were created not found. If we can be mindful to keep the blinders off, we may see a broader territory (opportunity). I still have found that bandit signs drive me the largest volume of leads.

Handwritten with a broad tip permanent marker:

Any Condition!
MY number
My website (squeeze pg to capture contacts)

that's it! 2nd largest generator is from my local bulletin board (kind of like an auto trader book as far a size) it has everything from A-Z. I get buyers and leads from my ads. Yes it does cost per biz ad but my ROI outway cost. I have yet to nail down my hits for craigslist. I get a few calls, but don't get the same response as with other sources. I keep tweaking ads, I'll get it! lol

May want to check out this post:

If you think about it outside of great places to market YOUR properties, it's also great places to FIND properties. (which vast majority will be free if not all). Plus some of the past forums of marketing for buyers/sellers. You'll come across a lot of gold nuggets that have gotten buried over time.

When I get a lead I hit tax assessors website. If it assessed at $120k and the seller is asking $60k It peaks my interest (lol). To give me a glimpse and wheels to turning on what I can do on the property. I then go and pull my comps and proceed to go through my due diligence. I only use assessments for details/information. Not as part of my offer formula. Depending on their motivation all kinds of 'great deals' can be born!

With an open mind, opportunity will always find it's way in!

Keep me posted on progress and good luck with finding that killer agent! Allows us to work when we aren't working! lol Leverage OPM and OPT!

God Bless,


just finished reading through your journal. it's awesome and encouraging. can't wait to hear about all your deals. you are definitely on your way!


Linda, Army EOD Mom
you can follow my journal at
Fear equals:


Thanks Linda for stopping by!

Appreciate the feedback! Hope that someone can possibly find a little encourangement from journey.

Will do a better job of posting details of my deals. I have 6 in contract now (3-wholesaling, 1-marketing agreement, 1-shortsale, 1-partnering on 'wholesale'). Partnership is from a guy that brought me a property and said I could have it if I would just show him how and walk him through his first deal. Told him I didn't want his property, but would help him. So long story short, the seller accepted our offer yesterday, I sent him a PA to use and we'll split the assisngment fee. I emailed my attorney last night to find out if we could split the assignment fee on the HUD form. Or if I'd have to have a separate agreement with this guy to make closing docs kosher. Haven't heard back yet.

I just sent revised offer and POF to agent on one that 'WHEN' it comes through will be very nice. It will be my first rehab project. Brick/SF current sold FMV at $107k (including the weight of a foreclosure if you look at it without the foreclosure comp comes in at the $130k range. Even though the foreclosure isn't a true comp, I like to figure with it to keep my numbers at a conservative basis). Anyway, countered at $43k. It has cosmetic/modern update on rehab. Ran my numbers to have three strategies. First as assignment, 2nd as a b/f/s (last sold 4 doors down 3/2 at $149k 02/11/2011. Retails sold volume moving at steady pace from October to current date). I want to be in and out of HM in 90 days. So if not assigned in 14 days, will have HM lined up to cash close, rehab and relist at fast cash sales price. If not sold in 30-45 days, lined up to refinance and hold. Rents anywhere from $850-$1300 in area.

So stay tuned..... It's getten good!! LOL


had to come on and tell you that i "borrowed" one of your ads and it is pulling more than any ads i've been running on CL. i've had 4 calls on it since Wednesday, which is a lot in this area and for me. one was a possible T/B and asking about rent to own. so, i just want to thank you for the information. way to go on your 6 deals in progress. i don't know how you do all that you are doing, but you are doing an awesome job! Smiling


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