Graphic Tools for REI by JJD - #3 - Bandit SIGN Kit

Graphic Tools for REI by JJD - #3 - Bandit SIGN Kit

Have A Great Time Putting This KIT of 7 Great Signs to Work for YOU!

Print Them ---

Post Them Online ----

Use for Ghost Ads ---

Copy & Paste Them ---

I'm SURE that you are bound to get some replies when you plug in your info/s into these handsome signs.
Mix & Match, Post, Add Wire or Dowel Rods to Create Fast 'N' Easy Bandit Signs, Use a Permanent Marker or Paint to Write your Addresses and Phone Numbers and OFF YOU GO!..........Let them Do Some Work for You.
Keep In Mind, If you don't get results.....Try an Ordinary Cardstock Material and "Handwritten" but legible and Large Enough to see when driving Style Sign. Most Of All----HAVE FUN! Guys and Gals,


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Bandit Signs

Thanks JJD. This is very helpful. thanks for sharing


Re: Bandit Signs


You are MOST Welcome!!! Enjoy!

Stay in your property


Signs look great, thanks for sharing!

Just wondering how you help them stay in their property?




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Don't give up!

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Re: Stay in your property


I am not quite sure what it is you are asking.
How the signs are kept from being "pulled"?

Please be a bit more specific and I will answer as best as I can.


JJD signs

That is wonderful, my next question is ,.What is the recorded message that they will hear.?
This is where I get stuck, what to say to fire them up and keep them interested.
It's all in the details,as I am so very nosy.
Also is it essential at the beginning to have an 800 # ?


Donna E

Re: JJD signs

Donna E,

Great Questions!

Some Greater Answers are to be found in these forum topics: 24 hour recorded message

More Importantly in Dean Graziosi's book entitled: "Profit From REAL ESTATE Right Now!" pages: 54-55, 74-93

Research, Due Diligence and this website most certainly contain a variety of solutions. You just have to mix them up to work for your situation, scenario or task at hand.

An 800# is a crucial part of the Sift, Sort and Screen automated system. However, many people are and have been making income and doing deals without it. I myself strongly recommend having at least an auxillary number or numbers to direct potential clients to.


more specific

JJD wrote:

I am not quite sure what it is you are asking.
How the signs are kept from being "pulled"?

Please be a bit more specific and I will answer as best as I can.


Thanks for asking me to be more specific.... sorry about that.

How are the property owners able to stay in their homes? On your signs you indicate this to be an option.... if they can't afford the payments, how are you providing them with help to stay in the home? I would love to be able to offer this, but am not understanding how this would be possible. (must be too new) Smiling




Don't take no for an answer!
Don't live in the gap!
Don't give up!

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Re: more specific


Each case where a homeowner is experiencing financially testing times is unique.

THIS IS A VERY DELICATE & SENSITIVE MATTER that MUST BE approached with great compassion, truth, honesty and SINCERITY.

Also, you must be more than willing and in some cases, financially capable as an investor, yourself, to be able to work creatively with each individual on a case by case basis.

A particular example, and This is just one example of how you might be able to help someone stay in his/her house would be:

A.) Take over the Payment / Note of property.
B.) Bring all outstanding debt or lien on property up to date and current.
C.) Structure an agreement or payment plan for prior owner.
D.) Allow the prior owner, ( As you will become current owner ) to continue to "stay in" the property. Without eviction, foreclosure or reposession.
E.) This allows them a hassle-free, no-work, way to maintain their current life-style or location while easing them of great financial burden.

Consult Dean's books on various other ways to make these deals work.
Also, I stress to ask questions, read forums, and research, research, research Smiling


Allowing the homeowner to stay

The reason I was asking is because through working the pre-foreclosures and putting up signs for motivated sellers, I have come across a couple of people that were completely upside down in their homes ( I know, not unusual). But, in either case I could not have gotten them out through purchasing their properties or taking over their payments because the homes are not worth what they owe. I was able to refer one to my short sale buyer, but in either case in order for them to get out of the situation, they will have to leave their homes. I was hoping their was some great way to help people who were in these situations to be able to stay.

Thanks for the info though! I will keep these in mind and look into them further for the cases where they will work.



Don't take no for an answer!
Don't live in the gap!
Don't give up!

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Re: Allowing the homeowner to stay


You are Very Welcome.

Unfortunately, there are many people that have over-extended themselves beyond belief. As Respectable, ethical investors we can always try to help as many as humanly possible.

If you are going above and beyond, perhaps, you may aquire or already have an economical property/ies that you may be able to relocate, re-establish, or rehome them. Once they get back on their feet, financially, you might then strike up a proposal to them to buy said property.

Just a thought Smiling

Letting the Home Owner Stay

I'll have to disagree. I don't want to keep a Home Owner in a property who is already showing that they cannot make payments. I agree that if they want to save there house, you can help guide them though.


Jason S.
San Diego, CA.
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Re: Letting the Home Owner Stay


You are most certainly entitled to your right to disagree.

However, I am pointing out for example: A homeowner may not be able to comfortably meet a $1000k mortgage payment along with water bills, taxes, assessments, utilities and any other unseen financial curves.

BUT, might be very well able to meet an agreement of $500 - $1000k rent
with all the other responsibilities eliminated.

Again, this is directed at helping certain individuals
stay in the property they may be in danger of losing.

I might surely be mistaken on this issue though.


Signs ???

Earlier in the day I saw links on your post, but when I came back this evening, their gone. Did they get pulled ?
Thanks for sharing all the tips and knowledge.



Sidney H. Moats Jr.
Elite Holdings LLC

Thank You

Thanks for the great signs. You have helped alot of people with your kindness and knowledged. You will be rewarded !!!


Sidney H. Moats Jr.
Elite Holdings LLC

Re: Signs?


You are very Welcome!!!, and Thank You for your appreciation!


helping homeowner

Great signs btw! And in response to the other posts regarding helping homeowners,Yes unfortunatately a lot of home owners can't afford to say in their homes, but someone else who can afford it can make those payments. We can still help the homeowner by finding them something they can afford.Smiling I am very interested in lease options so that we can hep the homeowner out by taking over there payments and putting them into another property that they can afford and buy!Win, Win, Win for everbody!

Another way

to do this type deal would be to find the current owners another ( cheaper) empty rental property that you have on your radar. There are tons of non-occupied homes for rent in my town. Charge the Home for rent owners a consulting fee for finding them a renter. Possibilities are endlesss.


Re: helping homeowner


Thank You, Thank You.
Great Attitude and Compassion AND it truly is about the WIN, WIN, WIN.
There is certainly no room or need to make a GAIN by forcing or swindling owners, tenants or such. A Greater lesson is that you will have a client, friend, tenant and prospective homebuyer for life. Not to mention, someone that will recommend your business by "Word of Mouth". Which we all know is priceless.

Enjoy! and Great Success on Your Journey!

Re: Another way


You are ABSOLUTELY Right when you say the Possibilities are Endless.

Be Creative, Help Others & the Results are WIN, WIN, WIN!

Enjoy! and Thanks for Stopping In

Thanks Alot

Thankyou JJD so much for your Bandit Sign Kit's I will put those to good use. Great Success In All You Do!! Cecelia

Re:Thanks Alot


Have Great Fun & Enjoyment out of putting the Bandit Sign Kit to great use!

You Are So Welcome!


Thanks JJD

Thanks for the cards,and the signs.


Re: Thanks JJD


You are Soooooooooooooo Very Welcome!

Enjoy in Great Health!
Great Success on Your Journey As Well,


Thank you

Thanks so much for sharing your advice and links. Being new to the business, this certainly helps in beginning to find your way...

Re: Thank you

b_marie wrote:
Thanks so much for sharing your advice and links. Being new to the business, this certainly helps in beginning to find your way...


You are very welcome!

Another Great place to find a wealth of information for anyone starting out is:




Thanks Jason for sharing your cards & signs with us !

How generous!

This is a fantastic assortment of graphical ad tools, and website tool! I look forward to utilizing them, JJD.

Thank you for sharing your talents, skills, and works of labor, its greatly appreciated.



"Imagination is everything. It is the perview of life's coming attractions."
Albert Einstein

RE: CARDS & SIGNS / How generous!

Clif, Kim,

You guys are Ever-So-Welcome!

ENJOY in Great Health!
Great Success on Your Journey!

Thanks so much!

First, Thanks for taking the time to come to my page and welcome me. And thanks for these great signs to use! I make a great flyer, so once I get in a little further and make a few deals, I develop some and post for others. I look forward to giving back, but just not able to yet.

On behalf of all the newbies, we all appreciate your encouragement and help.


Mystical Marti

Persistence wins over Resistance, Every Time!

Re: Thanks so much!


You are ever so Welcome!
Good Luck and Great Success on Your Journey!

All of Us here can't wait to hear about your adventures.
We look forward to seeing what you create for us!


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