Just finalized my 1st DEAL TODAY!!!!

Just finalized my 1st DEAL TODAY!!!!

I just completed my 1st wholesale deal today, and cashed my 1st check! Locked up a property ARV $125,000-$130,000
Needed under $30,000 in rehab, Locked it up for $50,000
And just recived a $5,000 wholesale fee at closing!

Thanks Dean, and the DG Family!
and special thanks to Andrea Weule for her expert guidance as well!



Congrats!! They tell me once you get that first deal under your belt it smooth sailing from then on. I'm still working on getting my first deal done. Keep telling myself where there is a will, there is a way!

Your first deal is encouragement to me that I can do it too!

Again, Congrats on your first deal.


Always striving to move forward toward better times!

Verna (newage8767)


If my lazy shy, quiet a$$ can do it, so can you!
If it wasnt for attending the local REIA, I would still be dreaming of this day. There's the tip of the day!


Awesome!!! Take pics and write it all down.... That's just so you can look back and say " I DID THIS " .......

On to next..


How Did You Get Through It?

Brody, tell me something about your process. That is, did you fly solo or did you have a mentor? What type of deal did you do, wholesale, rehab, buy and hold? What type of closing did you use (regular, dry or wet double closing, something else) Did you use a real estate attorney for your closing?

Where there any particular pitfalls that you had to overcome to complete your deal? Any mistakes or mishaps that you made that you had to correct?

I ask these questions because I think I (and others) can learn from what others do.



Always striving to move forward toward better times!

Verna (newage8767)


I am so happy for you! There is nothing like finally getting that first deal done!

I look forward to reading about many more!



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Woo hoo that's awesome Keep

Woo hoo that's awesome Keep rockin it


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

My long Deal info

OK, Read Dean's books and stay connected in everything hes offers. Lear the conepts of investing and wholsaling.
I Have been markeingin an area almost 2 hours from home, 1, because i plan on moving there, and 2 I see the potential in the area market. 2nd, i joined the local REIA, and figured out who was buying what and at hwat discount. I put out badit signs and I always get calls when they are out, but have not yet closed a deal from them, but MANY MANY leads! WORD OF MOUTH!!!... Tell everybody you are a real estate investor, and what you do. I tell everybody that if they know someone who needs to sell, tell them about me.
This deal that I closed was brout to me by a friend of mine.. it was his moms house. after back and forth, she finally decided she needs to sell fast, and took my offer of $50,000. I locked it up under contract, and sent the info to the most qualified buyer I has on my list, who was actually the organizer of the area RIEA. We 1st were going to do a joint venture with a 70/30 split of profits and he would finance 100% of the purchace price and rehab cost, but I decided to take a wholsale fee so that way I would get paid sooner, and beable to say I cpmpleted my 1st deal... No regrets!
There was some learning in there where I had to get some additinal froms signed to satisfy my buyer. Then the headach came... The seller figured she owed 17,000 on the property and was hoping to get 25-30k at closing, but title search showed that there were a few leans and judgments on the property... nothing major, 1 judgment was from the ex husband, and after trackign down his ssn to find the payoff amount, it was earley !16.000!!, man was the seller shocked! as were we all... It was a stressfull and emotional closeing. The seller was hoping to get 25-30k only got just aover $10,000. she was emotional and almost didnt sign, but after reminded she could either be forced to close, or taken to court for expences the buyer had invested thus far. but at the end of the day, I git paid, and the byer has his new project


Thanks for that deal run down. I learned from your experience is that not only do I need to ask the seller how much is the balance on a mortgage, but also are there any other liens on the property!

Great job! Looking forward to hearing about more of your deals.



Always striving to move forward toward better times!

Verna (newage8767)




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Awesome Brody!

Congrats and way to stick with it! Make sure to celebrate the deal in some way! REI clubs are a excellent way to network and get deals done.
Best to your success!


I am a Professional Real Estate Investor! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of the J.O.B. You've come to fight as free men/women... and free men/women you are! What will you do for that freedom?? Will you fight?!! Lets fight for it together!!!!

Congrats on your first deal!!!

Congrats on your first deal Brody, I bet your confidence level just went through the roof after getting the first deal out the way. Good luck and keep up the good work.


Reynold Orozco

Great job..

I've gotta get my a$$ in gear !!!

Thanx for sharing.


Brody that is wonderful I'm still trying to get my first deal off the floor educating myself again and looking at properties. I think its time to start making offers. Thanks for the incouragement let me ask you something did you use Dean assignment contract????

home run

Congrads on that first one dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations, Brody!! Great work!!


CONGRATULATIONS BRODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

way to get that first one......Brody think about how that $5000 probably seems like a lot of money now. later on down the road you will have done several deals and be making more and you will be saying saying things like oh its a small one i ONLY made 5000 or 10000

all the best buddy,


That's pretty cool man keep the momentum!


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excellent !!! you have stuck it out even after you encountered multiple obstacles .you should be proud !! most beginners would have quit when realizing leins and any obstacle that wouldnt just THROW $$$ into their pocket !! AWESOME job Smiling))))


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Way to go Brody. Congratulations. I see you have a lot of support. Now you can help somebody else with your experience. Keep the momentum going. Congrats!!!!!


On being motivated and sticking in there. Good luck and keep them coming !


To get something you've NEVER HAD
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Congrats Brody!!!

after your first deal, the next ones will seem a lot easier!

Looking forward to hearing more of your deals in the near future!!!



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On to the next one!

You have money more deals coming your way.

Great Job.


God Job Brody, keep up the good work... I'm so excited for you and I didn't even get my first one yet but I soon will.. Thanks for posting I would like to hear more about how you did it?

Brody! awesome

Yes it does feel amazing doesn't it, way to go. Look forward to the next deal you get!



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Thanks for sharing


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All the best!


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I have Deans assignment contract on hand, but the investor I wholesaled it to had a simple one he wrote up and it worked for me... But I know him well, others I may not, and just use deans... If need to, edit and simplify it so you understand it.


Hello, Brody-MH. Congrats to you!

Well done

Brodie congrats on your 1st deal. Have not gotten mine as yet but I will. The obstacles you dealt with seemed intimidating to me right now. Nice job overcoming them. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Action = results!!!

awsome job on to the next!!

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