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Donna Palmer
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It's time to change my user profile as much has happened since I first joined this wonderful group of folks two years ago!

At this time, I'm continuing building my investors' list. Have several already, but looking to expand!(always) I have plenty of short sales, foreclosures for you investors out there. Most are 40-50% below FMV in the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton SC area! I really enjoy many great deals out there, I can't buy them all myself!!! I work nationally so let me know what you're looking for...all due diligence are completed including: locking up purchase price, court docs, comparibles, negociations with the banks/sellers.

That's where I'm at....So look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from those before me and helping those behind.....Here's to everyone's success!

Thanks Dean for doing what you do and sharing with common folks so we can make our dreams a reality. We love ya!

Real Estate Investing (of course), creative problem solving, research, research and more's not even work to me! Kitchen & Bath Designer by trade, HGTV, DIY daily, singing, art,

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Real Estate Investor, Kitchen & Bath Designer
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Excited about this site! Any

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Excited about this site!

Any detailed advice on how to obtain a home with bad credit? Do have descent paying job. (for 3 months)

Any lease option advice?



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hello donna, i recieved your e-mail, i guess first we will talk about the PRE-FORECLOSURES:here are several ways to FIND them; LOOK for motivated SELLERS, watch for AD's that say: MUST SELL!!, or anything that sounds motivated. (2) go to your county court house and ask for the LIS PENDENS: which means people that are being sued by BANKS, you will want to send these people some kind of letter for them to call you.(3) just look for plain old DISTRESSED PROPERTIES and find out who the homeowners are and send them a letter also.

RE-AASIGNS: In order to get paid for RE-ASSIGNING a property to another investor, you will first need to "LOCK IT UP" meaning: get the property under CONTRACT with you, lets say you find a PRE-FORECLOSURE and you and the homeowner strike up a deal, you and the homeowner will need to both sign a AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE CONTRACT, with the proper CLAUSES with an close date of 60-90 days,thats how much time you have to RE-ASSIGN the property to another investor. CLASS DISMISSED,SULLY.

i think your question was....

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"what do you do if you cant find a buyer for a ASSIGNMENT OF CONTRACT?" Do you have to close?

ANSWER: This question is a good one, this is exactly why the wording in your contracts is vital, you "protect" yourself by making your offer "CONTINGENT UPON THE BUYER OBTAINING FINANCING SUITABLE TO THE BUYER". This contingency is a GREAT one, because it's a way to exit the deal without penalty. Your probably wondering, yeah but, how does that apply to me not being able to find a buyer in enough time? This contingency IS relavent, cause all you need to do is apply @ one bank(lender) for financing and just say that the "TERMS" were NOT suitable for you, consequently your now "FREE" from the contract. YOUR HERO, SULLY.

question #2.....

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i think your question here was "Do you need a PRE-APPROVAL LETTER in order to put an offer in even if your going to RE-ASSIGN?

ANSWER: Yes and No, hhmmmm, the reason why it's both is because, on MOST deals a PRE-APPROVAL LETTER is NOT required to put an offer in, now the other deals that do require the PRE-APPROVAL LETTER are going to be Bank Owned(REO), VA, HUD, AUCTION PROPERTIES. If you have any other questions, just ask....YOUR HERO, SULLY Sticking out tongue

Sully...You are the Bomb!

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Just returned and plan on staying as I was laid off from a job that required a 70 hour work week. That combined with raising two teenagers didn't leave much of me to attend this wonderful site!

You are so forthcoming in answering questions "clearly". This site would not be the same without you!

To everyone...
I was at a garage sale (I'm buying and resaling on internet) and I found a great pre-foreclosure opportunity for assigning. Couple of ?'s for anyone to answer...1)Where do I find my investor? Anyone reading this want a great return...let me know. (I'd buy it myself, but still working on cleaning up credit for best interest rates and I'm broke!) Anyway, 2) I'm not real clear...Do I use two separate documents? One between myself and seller and then the 2nd for/between myself and investor? At closing, is my profit disclosed to my investor or anyone else for that matter? Or would this transaction require two different closings? If so, how does that work, being that I have no money? You seasoned RE folks...pls advise!!!
Thanks so much. Glad this is now my job. Getting laid-off (I think) was a "Blessing" in disquise!



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I didn't realize the above was something I wrote over a year ago.

My point is....I know the answer (and more) to this question I posted! Was going to answer thinking I was helping someone else! LOL

I've learned a "tremendous" amount since then!! YEAH!


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IN S.C. PROPERTIES????? YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Please leave a post as to what you invest in......

Also, anyone with great properties for investor's to consider....please post here.

georgia connection

i'm in georgia and I would like to connect w/people near Georgia. I am looking to increase my investments w/real estate. Let me know if you have some properties for sale or if you have some I can buy.

hi I am in Conway, SC, about

I am in Conway, SC, about 15 min. from Myrtle Beach. I am currently new to Dean's program, but trying very hard to accomplish all that I have learned from him. There are some homes that I am working on, and either about to rent out or sell not sure yet, but if there are any pointers that anyone can give I will greatly appreciate it. If there is anything that I can help with please let me know I will have no problem helping anyone else.

Hi Georgia Connection

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I live in the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton (Mainland) of South Carolina. (20 minutes North of Savannah) If you are interested in purchasing homes 40-50% below fair market value...I have so many on my list. Let me know exactly what you're looking for and/or what you desire. I probably already have it, but if I don't, I'll get it! The comparables, court docs and all due diligence has been done (in other words...all research is complete)...just let me know your price range, your desired sq. ft, if you intend to hold/rent, or sell immediately for profit etc. so I can forward exactly what you want. Look forward to working with you. I'll be looking for your response.

Much appreciated,

hi Conway, SC

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I'm in Hilton Head/Bluffton SC....What can I help you with? You mentioned that you have homes that you are thinking of renting out or selling...That question would be answered depending on the current market in Conway (assuming that where your houses are) Do you own these homes or you have them locked up in contract or "working on" one of the above?
I'd be glad to help and/or work with you, but I need more info. Feel free to reply with more info. and I'll tell you what I know!

Good Luck and take care!

Finally A Group I Was Searching For

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Hello Donna,

I have been searching for a group to join for a while now, and I'm glad I came across someone that works with investors in SC. I'm just now starting to take action with real estate investing and I'm glad to be within a group with like minded investors. Have a nice day.

Hi Patty....nice to hear from you....

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I have too many properties! If there is such a thing!
So I understand that you are looking to buy, correct?
Several questions so I know how to best serve you...

1. What area are you interested in? Savannah, GA or the Hilton Head, SC area or other?

2. What type of home do you want? (beds, baths,garage, sq.footage etc.)

3. Price Range? Down Payment avail? Monthly payment you can afford? Credit?

4. Need lease option or you ready to buy now?

Just PM me with answers to these questions or you can call me to discuss further. 843-757-3133

Look forward to talking with you!




What does membership entail? We are neighbors [Beaufort] looking to create both our wholesale buyers and seller's lists. Can you share some tips with us that you've learned?

Answers to the questions


Hello, I live in Columbia, SC and just purchased the "Set for Life" program from Dean. I am really ready to dig in and start my investing. I read your post above and would love to know how the above process works. So if you can answer your own questions for me, that will be greatly appreciated.



Need Assistance

Hello. We are part of Dean Graziosi's Inner Circle and have been since 2013. We are still struggling trying to make something of this business but we are still determined. We are looking for any kind of assistance from reliable individuals. We would like to team up if possible and try to make some deals. We are looking in these areas of SC: Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, Mauldin, Abbeville, Simpsonville, etc. We really just need someone who knows what they are doing and are experienced in making good deals. Please consider giving advice, tips or teaming up with us. Thank you.