Weekly Wisdom #259 - Check Ya'Self

...'Before Ya Wreck Yourself' as the saying goes. Are you being intentional in your thinking, your conversations and what you focus on? Here's some food for thought on how that is affecting your success and your happiness.

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Such a great weekly

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Such a great weekly wisdom-we love the part where you said "just cause someone's stuck & laying in a ditch, it doesn't mean you gotta lay there with them".
We unfortunately have a lot of that around us but we are well aware of it. Thanks for the energy that you send our way every week!!
Jim & Paula

Check Ya'Self

Dean your WW reminded me of my POP back in the 60's. He start his day reading the obituaries.

One day I ask Pop why he did that, his reply was priceless and never forgotten!

He said; I look for my name and see if there's any write up on me...


Hummm... How bout that... Nothing there. Well back to work!

I know people like that

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I know people that no matter what the conversation is will bring up something negative. They are the same group that say I have changed just because I don't think the way they do or entertain their negativity. Since they haven't changed I don't spend much time around them anymore. We still talk but not as much as in the past and I'm fine with that. This weekly wisdom really hit home Dean thanks!

Oh how right you are!

We do not have to stay in the ditch, stuck in a rut (98%'ers)because we have choices. It is so sad but I had to end a phone conversation last evening with someone I care deeply about because the person wanted to stay on a subject that was going no where. I said, "tell me is there anything you can do to change it?" The obvious answer was no. I had to say I was sorry but I need to get off this call. I felt bad as I really wanted to talk with this person. I was already down in the dumps and frustrated with myself for not doing what I know I need to be doing. REI It will happen.

Working on last weeks homework was and is a great assignment/
1. living in and with always broke poverty mindset
2. being controlled by past mistakes
3. impaired vision and dreams
4. seeing myself as not good enough and undeserving
5. indecision and lack of focus
6. self imposed prison and breaking the chains of bondage
1. making obscene amounts of money
2. ability to buy things I need, pay off all debt, give to the poor
3. learn lots of new skills and ways of thinking
4. possibility of making some friends
1. massive instructions and training materials
2. unfair advantage
3. a part of something bigger
4. GOD in control of my life plan
5. I AM WOMAN -- I AM STRONG and determined

Thanks for your weekly wisdom Dean. I do take this very seriously. I have been keeping to myself because I will not allow the negativity. That said I would like to find some 2%'ers to hang with and converse with. Have a good week.

Yes, Guilty of that this week

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even was to another DG member! My frustration with that person was high and I should have taken it directly to them. Good way to look at it! I should not have been negative or mean, but I own that this past week. I usually prefer to be a person that if I don't have anything nice then say nothing at all. Need to keep myself in Check! Sorry!


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Great stuff thanks guys.

To mourn or to rejoice

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Reality is just your perception - hmmm - think it was you that taught me that. A couple weeks ago, Nick's mother passed away. She'd been bed ridden a long time. Losing a loved one is sad for those of us left behind. The Greek Orthodox tradition makes a big farewell for the body. There is much lamenting. Too many goodbyes. I had to say more than once "I'm so happy for Mom - I see her dancing in heaven - walking with her brothers, Dad meeting her - she had such an amazing life - such a long gifted time on earth. Rmember her cooking and smiling and she lived to see 7 grandkids and and and" We have to celebrate what we have and hold precious the legacy left to us by those who move on before us. Focus on the joyful.

Attitude IS Everything

Hi! This is my very 1st blog : ) Thank you Dean & Co. for all you do!! Positively great message this week, as always. Growing up my dad was a tap dancer & my mom loved to sing. So they would sing together the song "You've Got To Accentuate the Positive & Eliminate the Negative" and that's the story of, that's the glory of Life! What wonderful memories & your blog reminded me of that time. Over the weekend I mailed out around 100 letters to recent cash buyers & today put out 11 of the 25 bandit signs. That took alot longer than I thought because I wanted to reach a large area so tomorrow I'll finish up.

Shut up?!!

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great Weekly reminder to be positive and to keep moving up and forward!

What negative people say and do is a projection of their own reality; we cannot let that be our reality.
I love how you said to your family to stop it and to just shut up! That's what we need to say to negativity every time it finds a way into our lives!

Positive thoughts=positive words= positive results!

weekly wisdom #259 Check Ya Self

Hi, I really have to laugh a little bit to myself while watching your video blog, because myself and my daughter live with my family members and we hear this EVERYDAY! ALL YEAR LONG! And Yes It Wears On You.

Thank you Dean for this video blog it was very up lifting to hear that you don't have to stay in the ditch
with people who are like this.

We already know this, but it's nice to hear it from someone else too.
Thanks much!

Thanks Dean! Great reminder

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Thanks Dean! Great reminder to stop using all the negative news as a crutch. My mother passed away unexpectedly 11 months ago and I had a pretty hard time getting back in the game at the time. It took me about a month before I took a step back and realized I needed to accept what happened, use it to become stronger, and push forward! If I can get through that, I can get through anything!

Hey Dean!

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Another perspective, a brighter tomorrow!

I spent today at the San Diego Triathlon Challenge. The BEST day in Triathlon! If anyone needs some life motivation or inspiration, I highly suggest going to this life changing event!! Here's what I saw today:

1.) kids under 10 missing one leg, some missing two but they were running with prosthetics and having fun playing with one another.

2.) kids missing legs or arms (yes ARMS!) swimming 1 mile in the open ocean, then being carried up 50 steps by volunteers so they could cross the finish line

3.) Three Boston marathon victims who had lost their legs in the bombing were walking with prosthetics and moving forward with their lives focusing on a brighter tomorrow.

4.) adults missing legs were swimming one mile, riding bikes 44 miles and running 10 miles

5.) paraplegics who can not walk were being carried down 50 steps so they could swim one mile and then were carried back up the steps so they could be put in their wheelchair and to cross the finish line.

All these positive mindset people were smiling and loving every second of their opportunity just to have fun and be an athlete. None of them were saying poor me and staying on their couch all day. None of them have let their disability change their positive mindset or keep them from believing that they can be and do anything they put their mind to.

We all need to protect ourselves from the negative people that we encounter. The future is brighter for all of us and only we can limit ourselves from accomplishing our goals and dreams!

Thank you Dean for everything you do to help us all become better people living totally fulfilled lives! We are all very blessed to have each other and the resources on this site. We all have the power within us to be extraordinary!

Make it a great week!


Amen? Check Yourself, before you Wreck Yourself!!!

I'm in Mpls, MN. I have three older siblings living in Washington State for the past 10 yrs. Two of my sisters decided to move in together. Things are not working out.

They both call me, their younger sibling to complain about one another. My middle sibling and I have a saying when negativity arises in a conversation we say "Dalhi Lama, Dahli Lama" Which is:


And this means CASE CLOSED! Then we change the subject. .to positivity. Works For Me!!

Signing Out,

Check Ya' Self

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Hi Dean,

Another positive weekly wisdom......I agree with what you said, and continue to say.......Smiling

Negativity will bring a person down.......That's why I try to steer clear of these type of people ( if I can help it )

I would rather see the glass half full, than see that same glass half empty.....Smiling

I Thank You for what you continue to do for your DG Family......You Are The Best....XO

Have a Great Week.....


Lift up

Thanks for the lift up, I'll do my part to squelch the negative!


As Wayne Dyer says, "change the way you look at things and the way you look at things change"
Simple but true. The power of the mind.
You make a difference every day. Glad you got to spend time with you Dad! Have a great week!

No negative conversations

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Hey Dean I'm the same way when I go visit my mom and other family members, I hate to say it but all they ever do is talk about negative conversations and I always switch it up the convo to something positive. I tell them stop focusing your energy on the negative and maybe you guys will see more positive things in your life. And if they don't change the conversation I leave the room. I'm not around for the negative.

You hit it hard

Dean you are so right every one around me is so negative I stopped doing everything with real estate here and else where. I spent the afternoon yesterday crying trying to understand why I let such negative people in my life. I guess I was scared to let go and continue on with my dreams. This has me pushing this morning I am thankful I listened to you every week. Thank You Dean

Cause and effect

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Hi Dean,
Great information, it becomes easy to talk about the negative things as that's what the world survives on, just listen to our news casts. the more you can overcome this dilemma the quicker you life will turn around. I try and read or listen to 10 pages of a good book a day or 10 minutes of positive thoughts and it makes a difference. It may not seem like much but over time it will have an effect. Thanks for reminding us of what can happen in any group of people in an instant and if it isn't stopped right away and the effect it can have on everyone in the group.

I Choose Sanity

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Dean you're absolutely right. Human nature tends to dwell on the tragedies or failures of others to give us a sense of self worth. Negativity truly is one of our Enemies. Enemies seek to destroy us, by holding us back from reaching our God Given Potential. I will not dwell on the negative and will remain positive. Thank you.

#259 Check ean,ya self...

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How true, I heard a similar saying once, "people climbing the ladder find it easier to grab on to your angle then the rung above them".
Why is it human nature to bring things down? It would seem people would want to be happier, I think its lazyness. It like you always say " go out and make...." that takes effort its easier for most to just bring some one else down.
We contracted our first deal today 10/21, so were off to get it to our 20+ buyers, wish us "skill".

Well Said Dean

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I blasted my mother last week when she was going on about one of the people who she had meet through the shelter she works at. This person had gotten into trouble and in a rather violent situation. Now this was a phone conversation and I could see where she was headed with the story after she had given me the "Headline" and that she was just going to keep delivering more gory details of the event so I bluntly interrupted her and asked her "Don't you have any happy stories?"... she hung up on me, but I think I finally got the point across to her that I really don't want to hear all the doom and gloom.

In total agreement.

Thank you for the positive messages that you share, I persuaded my wife to stop watching the news, it has been two weeks and the anxiety and panic attacks that she was having for years are starting to go away, actually non in the last two weeks. Our next step will be to avoid all the negativity around us as well as to pay attention to our own conversations.

Thank you.

Cesar Q.


Hey Dean great thoughts as usual this is a pattern with a lot people so let the blasting begin if it help them to generate new insight on giving more positive energy off than that of the negative the truth of the matter is they are sad and want everyone they come in contact with to join them in that pity party but like you mention let's pray for the family that's going through it and continue the way we need to go keeping hope and good time alive we all know there comes a time for all things let's not get hung up on the one that's not burning fuel.


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Amen to this one. I have not seen the news in over a year and it is such a high to not have all that around me. This is the year that I finish the work on me and if people can't understand it or will not change what they are doing then it will be drop kick city...Keith

How Right Are You!

Hello Dean, I must say that I do look forward to your weekly wisdom and there are times when I feel as do though am been targeted for not doing deal. Just to let you know, am not just sitting here am working my butt off to get to that place where I would be able to share my success story some day soon.I have been making offers and those that were accepted which were not many I had to walk away because the banks are not really realistic about some of the properties they are selling. But giving up is not an option , I've invested too much to let it go.I'm dedicated and will do what ever it takes because for me there is a light at the end of the tunnel!always hoping for that sunshine tomorrow. Thanks Eurica

Great message

I enjoyed the message,unfortunately,we hear and say all those things that tends to bring down our spirits. Thanks Dean

Thanks Dean

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This happens at my work all the time and I keep telling them to focus on more positive thoughts and conversation, but somehow it keeps going negative. Unfortunately I am in an office where there are several people in the one office so it is very hard to get away from it so I just keep bringing up positive things to try to change the conversation. It comes to the point where I guess they just do not want to be happy or positive. Not quite sure what to do in this situation, but thanks Dean for bringing this up.

Dean, Were you at dinner with us????

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Great thoughts Dean.
Literally, in the past 12 months I have been dealing with either the deaths of my family members or those of people I knew who are, or were, my own age. It sometimes makes you step back and wonder "Am I next?" But with all that, I have tried to stay as connected to my DG and IE family as possible to help keep perspective. But sometimes you need to "Kvetch" (yiddish word for complain)so you can get it out of your system. But then you need to move on.
Just last week, I was back down in Miami to do some RE work as well as visit with my old buddies in the fish business. These 2 guys are my oldest (time wise) friends and we shared some great times over the past 35+ years. HOWEVER, one of these 2 guys can be a real downer these days. Yes he's had a hard time these past few years and I've even needed to "Pull a Dean" and discontinue contact with him for a while during the beginning of my DG experience so as to not contract his negativity. (For example: his standard answer to "How are you??" is "SSDD ( Same Sh*t, different day.) We hadn't been in physical contact for almost a year now so I made it my business to see him and our other buddy for dinner last Thurs. night. When we met up at the restaurant, I asked him "How are you?" and he replied "SSDD". Only this time I said " HOLD IT!!!! Didn't I see online that you had a new job?" Then I asked about his girlfriend. "You still with the same GF?" He replied "Yes, for 2 years now." So I asked him " You always answer me SSDD yet I haven't met this GF and I know nothing about your new job so at some point, SSDD was NOT the appropriate answer!!!! Right???" He thought about it for a minute then said "I guess you're right" and he started to tell us about this new time in his life. My other friend is my conduit into the comings and goings in the pet trade and his conversation started mostly with who we all knew who has died since we last were together. Here's the difference, once we got past that, we started sharing the stories of the good times from our past together. So the sad news took about 30 minutes of our dinner time but the good times took over 4 hours to tell. The topic of bringing in some other people we know to our dinners came up but we all agreed, our friendship and experiences stretch for over 35 years and our time together is so special that in order to do that, we must still have a "just us dinner" as well. I could see a more positive difference in both of them as the night wore on. THAT'S the way I want to be effecting people!
So thank you Dean for helping us keep our heads on straight so we can straighten out others!!!

Till next week Eye-wink

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE Member

PS: Sorry for the long post again Laughing out loud

Real Talk, Real World!

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Unfortunately that's the 99 percent of people we encounter daily and we can and do get caught up ourselves. It's just something that we who now know better must do better to guard our hearts, thoughts, minds and conversations.

Do know we will be different and a walking motivational speaker on the regular because that's exactly what it feels like.

Also know that your conversations will be few because of this.

It's lonely at the Top!

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