It All Began 5 Years Ago Today...

It All Began 5 Years Ago Today...

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would send out a post today. It was 5 years ago today that I did my very first real estate deal....I has been a crazy ride!

5 Years ago life was very hard. Basically I had nothing going for me except for the fact that I just wanted more out of life. I was willing to do the work, I just didn't know what work to do.

I was always told that I would always have a car payment, I would always have rent payments, and that I would always be broke.

I really don't know the exact number of deals I have under my belt. Maybe 170? I know that I have closed 10 deals in the last 10 days. I know that I have more money coming in this month than last and the one before that. I know that no one tells me what to do ever. Period.

Winners play hurt.

It wasn't easy--but it wasn't that bad. I would do it all again even if it took twice as long and was twice as hard because the result is absolutely mind boggling. In the last 10 days I have been on a private jet, chartered a private helicopter to fly to the Florida Keys, had dinner at the most exclusive restuarants in Chicago, Miami, and Pheonix. I got hurt along the way. People laughed at me for telling them I would become a real estate millionaire, real estate agents wouldn't work with me, bankers said no, sellers were offended by my offers, and a real estate company in my area started a rumour about me being in a ponzi scheme in order to destroy my good name so that no one would work with me. Those things hurt, but I got up and kept playing because that is what winners do, they just keep playing until they win.

5 years later I am the largest customer in my area at the Lowes Home Improvement and Sherwin Williams. I do more deals than my next 5 top competitors in my area---combined!

By no means have I arrived. I am only 5 years old. Basically I am in my infancy. I have big plans. Huge Dreams. I want to set up a legacy for my kids' grandkids. (I don't have any kids yet-but maybe someday if I find a woman that can put up with me LOL)

This is only the beginning my friends. I haven't reached the destination. It is only the end of the beginning.

My 5 year anniversary gift to myself was a brand new Rolex Daytona. They are very hard to find. In fact, I couldn't find one so I called Rolex directly and they started production on my watch today! Ironic? I think not!

Go out there and take on the world!!! No one can stop you if you just won't be denied!!!

Get it done!

Matt Larson


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!


on your accomplishments. You are a great example why people should never quit on their dream.


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Well done Matt!

If it took you 5 yrs getting to this point then hopefully, well I don't like to hope so if everything goes as planned I will get there less than 5 years for sure! Thanks Matt for everything! and I'll see you at the top!


Chris W - CWI Inc
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Great story, Matt. Continued success.

Congratulations Matt!!

You have set a great example of what can be accomplished by staying focused even when the naysayers are all around you. You are an inspiration to all of us.


Think less, Do more, Get results. - Dean Graziosi

5 Years ago

Congrats Matt

I think what you have accomplished is amazing, and you deserve that Rolex.

I never quit either, I've been knocked down a few times but some how I keep coming back. I just hope this will be the last time.

Again congrats, and enjoy life we only get one shot at it.

Jim Kendrick


We are all understandably in constant of awe of you and your success and are aiming to get there in any way we can and to get to whatever point we define as success.

Here is a new goal for me:

Five years from today, I'll fly out to Cabo San Lucas to have a beer with you (and your wife, maybe!). I'm buying.

Our toast; "To getting it done!"


Kevin A Goldman

Goldman's Gardens Real Estate, LLC
Wholesale Real Estate Investing
Great Success to Us All!
My Journal:

Why do I deserve this? Because everyone should be able to enjoy their life, not struggle through an existence.

That's great!

You are an inspiration to all of us! Keep it going!

Chad Provost

That is the way to do it Matt!

You are such an inspiration to all of us! To hear how far you've come in 5 years is incredible! I will be there with you in a couple of years! You are the great example of the outcome we can ALL have if we work at it and fight past adversities! Way to go MATT!!!! Here's to your next $20 Million. Sticking out tongue

Very Inspiring!!!


I have Read and watched you videos and you are very inspiring! What gives someone the drive that you have? I'll tell you what gives me the drive, I am a father, I will have Grand kids, I listen to Greg Murphy About "What Would happen to my Family if i get hurt" I am a contractor at 46 years old and wonder at this time and age were is my next job coming from? I will not let the economy tell me The way my life is going,I will make that decision! And I found It threw this site and Dean and You And every person that makes that dicision to change there life for the better! So Happy 5th and continue to do what you do and keep helping us all! Thanks Again And Keep it Up!

Jay C


Jay C


Happy 5th Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story and congratulations on your Rolex too Smiling



I don;t know if you remember are not, But my two year anniversary is just around the corner when you made your trip to Bethany MO. Not only have you succeeded in the REI world, But look at what you gave Julie and I. I told her when you pulled out of the driveway their goes one Hell of a guy And the sky is the limit. I may have been sick when you was their but everything we talk about did stick. What you gave me is priceless and is something you didn't have to do. And this is the reason i try to give back. So Matt your legacy is already being passed on in more ways than you know. If someone had told me i would be were I am at today I would have told them they were crazy. I still remember the pie you drew At toot toots. And yes I am working on every little peace of the pie just like you said. Hope to see you around more. Hope to have my 100 deal by march, Maybe we can meet up and it will be my turn to take you anywhere you want to eat. Hope thing keep going well for you, And-NO its not luck but a lot of hard work. THINKS FOR EVERTHING MATT



Just 2 Words Matt


You truly done a great thing here and I am so very happy for you.
Looking forward to seeing you again at the EDGE 2011, all the best...Jan


Next to Dean you are my biggest inspiration on this site.After seeing you on Gain the Edge 10 Dvds,I know this stuff can be done.Happy Anniversary big guy.Keep up all the great success.And dont stop helping and inspiring us all in the DG family.



Matt thanks for being there for us

I look forward to your future postings, and words of wisdom that keeps us moving forward everyday to our ultimate goal of the Great americian dream of freedom. I to will someday lookback on this journey to the top." Matt thanks for sharing".I look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.


""Allways thinking outside the box""

Never give up..

Such an inspiration to all of us.. There are ups and downs and somehow you kept playing the game and managed to win.. I salute you!


Happy aniversary Matt. You are a very big inspiration to us. Growing up in Illinois around a lot of John Deere, when I saw the John Deere sign in the back ground of your video, I knew this man was for real.

Keep up the good work.

Do you know today is the Marines Birthday also 235 years old.

God Bless

Steve and Veronica.

You're the man!

Such an inspiration!


You are seriously one of the biggest inspirational students on this website. I look forward to meeting you at the EDGE this year or next! (I might be on vacation during this years, depending on the date) Keep it up! Can't wait to see what else you can accomplish



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You desreve it!

Congratulations Matt! Wow only 5 years and look how your life has changed! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are because that's why you are where your are now. After seeing you in the videos and reading your exerpts in Dean's books I know why you are so successful; you just have it in you. Your drive, determination and confidence are what's inspiring about you, not just your success. I love to listen to you because I enjoy your thought process and how you go about doing your deals. Your go getter attitude is awesome! Of course I didn't know you before but you appear to carry yourself with such pride and confidence, and I'm sure that's somewhat new. But it's something about you that makes us all want to be like you. So congratulations again, keep it up! I look forward to seeing what your next accomplishment will be.
Best Wishes, Allison


Life is full of choices, and these choices become your reality... YOU are in control of your future! YOU decide the direction your life will take. YOU have to make things happen, no one will do it for you!

When opportunity knocks, will you answer?

5 Years....

will come or go...regardless.
You could have made excuses and let the "hurt" beat you down and you could have pretty much stayed where you were. Five years.
But you chose not to.

Thank you for sharing this post!


"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)" - Mike Spillman

"As long as there is breath there is hope!" - Mike Spillman


I think that "Happy Birthday" might be an even more appropriate salute!

Thank you for sharing your huge success with us and making us KNOW that we too can do it!



"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"

Thank you for giving back

I saw one of your interview with Dean. I was encouraged by your honesty. You shared so much information so freely, that I too am a big fan. When will your System be coming out? Hope soon.

Just what I needed to hear

wow matt thank you so much for sharing that. It was just what I needed to keep going. Seriously amazing thanks again for sharing a part of your life with us all here on

If you can do it after getting a bad name then I know we absolutely can. I will keep pushing.


When you say thank you, you are telling the world that you want more. Say thank you every day! It will bring joy, and it will bring so much more.

Thanks for the inspiring message

Matt, I have always appreciated you posts on this site. Your attitude toward being successful as a real estate investor has been inspirational. It is amazing what you have accomplished in only 5 years. 10 deals in 10 days that is unbelievable success.

I appreciate your toughness and never quit attitude. I am taking your advice and never quitting. I have numerous offers in and still working to develop a buyers list. I will see you at Edge 2011.

Looking forward to learning more about your success. Thanks for all your support of the DG family.


I needed that

Thanks for that. I needed that after today you see
my wife and I found out we are having another miscarriage.
I decided tonight I'm tired of being where I'm at, I'm tired
of being scared. Matt I have told Dean that I wanted to become
my dad him and you. I think your story is amazing and I too feel
like Im in an apt and facing so many obstacles. I said tonight that's
it tonight is the night I stop being scared of success like I won't have
that bad story to hold onto if I succeed. I'm miore scared of losing that
story that I fear the knew one you know? Thank you for your look your words
of inspiration and accountability, I needed it!
Thanks again,

Shawn Downey

Thank You Matt


Thank you for always sharing your story. Your way of telling things like they are keeps everyone so motivated and snaps people back into reality sometimes. I have the up most respect for you and how you run your business and you are a steller example for all of us to follow. I truly can't wait for the day I get to meet you face to face and shake your hand.

Congratulations on all your success and I wish you all the best!

Happy Anniversary,

Greg Rowe
Elk Grove, CA

5 Years

Has gone. What Lessons have we learnt! You shared your wisdom to all. Happy Anniversary Matt, Thanks for all your thoughts and inspiration. I love how you Tell It Like It Is. I am following your foot steps very closely. Because of you NO is errased from my vocabulary and my entire Being. Matt I am very silent here But I am looking forward to meeting with you and Dean at the EDGE 2011. See you at the top and I did not forget you deserve that Rolex. Please continue telling it like it is.

Happy Anniversary Again

Matt the Machine...

Congratulations on your accomplishments...honestly you have had an incredible Journey. What you have created just has so much momentum it has taken on a life of it's own! Much continued Success...keep on are a true inspiration!


First, happy Veteran's Day to those who served or are serving for this county and for allowing me to do what I can today, thanks. Second, Matt, I can't type what I want to say. It has been a pleasure knowing you(virtually through Dean)and thanks for the inspiration to fight for tomorrow; with a 19 month old baby girl, she is the "WHY" in my life...I got to go, I need to continue working so I can get where you are at before my daughter start school...thanks buddy, "live with passion"


Nice post. Very inspiring. Always glad to hear from you on this site.



Cathy B

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